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To ask your experience of using a menstrual cup?

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OriginalFlake · 26/04/2020 21:19

Just that really. I've used non-applicator tampons and pant liners for years. I've always hated the waste that periods generate due to being from the coast and seeing sanitary products washed up on our local beach. Until recently I just couldn't bring myself to use a cup, don't know why just something stopping me. So with too much time on my hands lately, I've finally ordered one and some washable pant liners, I'm still terrified of using it though!
So please hit me with your experices and tips good, bad and ugly.

OP posts:
lokoho · 27/04/2020 20:25

Love them, would never go back. I have heavy flow (no endo) and sometimes have to empty very regularly but never flood like I would with tampons. And really really helped with the pain. And so much less hassle! Just better, all round. I've been using them about 10 years I think.

I don't particularly love the actual Mooncup. I buy softer, more flexible silicone ones.

OriginalFlake · 27/04/2020 21:20

OK I managed to get it in, can't for the life of me remove it! I can't feel it and it's comfortable and was easy to put in, however I'm having cramps as soon as I've put it in though (period not due for a few days).

OP posts:
YesPleaseMary · 27/04/2020 21:21

I’ve had an OrganiCup for five years, took a bit of getting used to but would never go back to tampons, so drying and cramp-inducing and bad for the planet. I don’t use it overnight, I bleed heavily for two days but not at all during the night, then that’s it.

Klouise777 · 27/04/2020 21:26

Got a salt, I think. Anyway tried a couple of times, first time didn't put in far enough and second time when too far and very painful. Can't seem to find the right spot for it to go if anyone can help?

bridgetreilly · 27/04/2020 21:29

Honestly, putting it in when you haven't got a period is way harder than waiting until you do, in my experience. To remove it, put a finger in and sort of press from the side into the middle, to break the seal, then grab the end and pull. Don't try pulling without breaking the seal first!

OriginalFlake · 27/04/2020 21:40

bridgetreilly thanks think I have a good idea now. Not as scary as I thought, I think you just need patience with removal. Someone upthread suggested trying it beforehand and I wanted to do that as I'm the type to get stressed and throw a wobbler because I can't do something. Then give up!

OP posts:
user1494055864 · 27/04/2020 21:43

I've binned mine in lockdown, as I'm so fed up with it. Had it about 2 years, and try to get on with it every now and then, but I've had enough. When it's in and it's in the right place, its fine. But then sometimes it's in and it leaks down the side. There's no rhyme or reason for this.
At night it travels higher up by itself, and is really scary trying to get hold of it in the morning.
Its messy. It's not a case of pouring blood down the toilet. It's all stringy clotted bits as well, that you have to wipe out with toilet roll.
It pings against your vaginal walls when you pull it out, and that hurts!

WantToBeMum · 27/04/2020 21:47

I've only had mine a few months. We had a difficult start! The first time I used it it hurt like hell! I found it difficult to put in, once it was in it felt huge and awkward, I had bad cramps, and I worried about it being sucked up into my uterus 😳
Second time, I think my body was in less of a shock, less cramping, I felt reassured it would be sucked up 😂 and I found a better technique for inserting: instead of folding in half and half again, flatten it and wrap around like a corkscrew shape, goes in much easier without popping open mid insertion. I also completely cut the stem off.
Third month it was all a lot calmer and I've relaxed into it. It feels a bit softer after three months worth of boiling to clean. I also now trusted it enough to not wear a pad as well. (Against all advice) I leave in all day and empty once a day in the shower.
I'm glad I persevered with it and feel good knowing I'm saving money and the planet.

Cakecrumbsinmybra · 27/04/2020 21:48

I've used one for a few years. It does leak, but I have heavy periods now (45) and tampons also leaked. As a pp said, it can be really tricky to change it if you are out and about as loads of public loos don't have a sink in the cubicle, so I generally avoid this. They can definitely be messier than tampons, but I prefer them and like the fact that I don't make so much waste every month.

bridgetreilly · 27/04/2020 21:55

@WantToBeMum, that's not against the advice. It's perfectly safe to just empty once a day.

lovinglavidaloca · 27/04/2020 21:57

Love it love it love it.

Really struggled getting it in and out to begin with but it’s a breeze now! You’ll get used to it.

WantToBeMum · 27/04/2020 22:01

@bridgetreilly Good to know, thanks! A friend told me it wasn't ideal but I find it comfortable and so much easier to empty and insert in the shower so it works well for me.

snappycamper · 27/04/2020 22:20

I tried so hard but just couldn't get on with it.

I changed to reusable sanitary towels a couple of years ago and am never going back.

Blackbirdblue30 · 27/04/2020 22:26

The cramp easing has been revolutionary for me. I’m about 6 months into my cup but I had to use tampons for a day last month as I didn’t have time to sterilise it. Full cramps that day. A friend’s theory on that is because tampons kinda suck in all your moisture your body reacts and is trying to expel them as a foreign body? There doesn’t seem to be any research into this, just anecdotal experience of cups easing period pain.

WaltzForDebbie · 27/04/2020 23:41

I didn't get on with one, but I don't like tampons either. They make me feel nauseous and so did the mooncup. However I love cloth pads. So comfortable and no itching.

grey12 · 28/04/2020 06:04

Trick to put it on:

Squat open legged with your back leaning against a wall. Then tilt your pelvis forward.

You have to grt your fingers there but besides that it's such a great thing!! Had to go back to pads after pregnancy Sad missed my mooncup

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