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What is a wet cut at the hairdresser?

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Lilyamna · 29/02/2020 09:42

I’ve been silly and asked for a wet cut but realised I don’t know what that is! Am I supposed to turn up with wet hair? Or will I leave with wet hair? I feel so dumb!!

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AlandAnna · 29/02/2020 09:43

They do everything apart from blow dry and finish 👌

RhymingRabbit3 · 29/02/2020 09:43

They wash your hair and then cut it, but dont dry it. I always go for a wet cut because I think the price they charge for a blow dry is extortionate, especially on a wet or windy day when it immediately gets ruined anyway!

leiaskye · 29/02/2020 09:43

They’ll wash your hair for you. Then cut & dry it.

LynetteScavo · 29/02/2020 09:44

They will wash it for you. And dry it afterwards.

They will cut it while it's wet.

Intelinside57 · 29/02/2020 09:44

You'll leave with wet hair.

Peanutbutteryogurt · 29/02/2020 09:45

I didn't know you left with wet hair! How do you know how it looks?

Lockheart · 29/02/2020 09:45

As evidenced by the responses to this thread OP, the sensible solution would be to ring the salon and ask the people who actually know.

Horehound · 29/02/2020 09:47

Em to me a wet cut is they wash your hair, then cut it, then dry it. I've never seen anyone ever leave with wet hair!
A dry cut is them washing if, drying it and then cutting it.
Cutting hair when wet is better I think

WorraLiberty · 29/02/2020 09:47

I always get a wet cut because I prefer to blow dry it myself at home.

It's just a wash and cut. You'll leave with wet hair, so take a hat/hooded coat if it's cold.

leiaskye · 29/02/2020 09:48

Surprised at PPs leaving with their hair wet? I have done that once or twice, but only when I’ve been in a rush. I wouldn’t do it as a matter of course. Getting your hair dried for you is all part of the experience.

Although, I haven’t been for just a cut, I don’t think for Over 20 years always get it coloured too.

You may need to check if they dry it for you at your salon.

WorraLiberty · 29/02/2020 09:48

Em to me a wet cut is they wash your hair, then cut it, then dry it.

That's a cut and blow dry.

Quicknamechange2020 · 29/02/2020 09:48

Surely no one leaves the salon with wet hair? Surely the key thing here is the difference between a wet cut and dry cut. A dry cut we know is where they cut they hair dry. Surely a wet cut is just the opposite?

Burgerandchipvan · 29/02/2020 09:49

I'd have thought it's leaving with wet hair.

mnthrowaway202020 · 29/02/2020 09:49

Why did you ask for it? Call them back.

It could mean a cut on wet hair, but that’s just standard. I would have thought a dry cut would be the one you need to specify.

If it does mean they won’t dry your hair, I’m sure you can still request a blowdry but need to pay extra.

Lunafortheloveogod · 29/02/2020 09:49

Never have I left with wet hair.

Locally it’s the step between a dry trim and a proper cut n blow dry.. it’s blast dried not round brushed perfectly but enough so you can see it’s sitting right. Not great for a restyle, they only spray it wet here too not a wash.

WorraLiberty · 29/02/2020 09:50

Cut and blow dry - does what it says on the tin.

Dry cut - literally cutting your hair while it's dry.

Wet cut - literally cutting your hair while it's wet (much easier than dry cutting).

Ekefox · 29/02/2020 09:50

Different salons call them different things so some salons just mean it's cut while wet in others it will mean you leave with wet hair so call to ask whether it includes a blow dry.

Pentium85 · 29/02/2020 09:50

You leave with wet hair.

If you want it dried, that’s a cut and blow dry.

Wildthyme · 29/02/2020 09:50

A wet cut is when the hairdresser sprays your hair with water to dampen it down then cuts it. Usually for very short hair or for children who don't usually have a hair wash at the salon. They'll give the hair a quick blast with the hair dryer to dry it but there's no styling involved.

lovingllamaa · 29/02/2020 09:54

Technically, it is meant to be they wash your hair and then cut it, but don’t dry it. But a lot of salons will rough dry it for you anyway as that’s just good business.

A dry cut is where they don’t wash your hair and just cut it.

A cut and blow dry is where they wash, cut and dry it properly into a style, and then often straighten or curl it too.

Leflic · 29/02/2020 09:54

A wet cut is a wash and cut. Every salon I’ve ever been to will offer to rough dry it ( I’ve got long hair).

A blow dry is where it is styled with heat and takes a good hour in my case.

So it’s a timing thing. A quick dry takes minutes, but a proper blow dry is longer so that’s offered seperately.

Choice4567 · 29/02/2020 09:54

I always get a wet cut and leave with wet hair. They wash my hair and then cut it

I hate having my hair blow dried it looks ridiculous on me. And costs a lot more money

clumsygirl · 29/02/2020 09:56

Ex hairdresser here and as previous people have said they will wash and cut your hair but no blowdry. Normally for people with one length styles or who never blowdry their hair anyway.

Lilyamna · 29/02/2020 10:01

Seems likely they’ll wash it then?

It’s happened because I’m used to going for highlights and my usual hairdresser knows me so well I don’t have to say what I want really as it’s the same every time.
But this time is different because I’m away from home and don’t trust a random hairdresser with the colour. So I just want them to wash and cut it. In the past I’ve had a dry cut, which I know I don’t want, so rang up and asked for a wet cut. I am going to feel so stupid ringing up to ask what a wet cut is when I’m the one who asked for it!!

OP posts:
Rosalo · 29/02/2020 10:02

The usually dry it off a bit but don't fully style it.

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