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To be thankful Christmas is over for another year....

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Oakenbeach · 25/12/2019 13:00

Presents opened by 6am.... Dinner eaten and decorations RIPPED down and back in the loft. Roll on New Year.

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Titsywoo · 25/12/2019 13:02

Jeez it's only 1pm - if you hate it that much why bother?


CuntyBumpkin · 25/12/2019 13:03

Just don't celebrate it. It's not a mandatory holiday, many people don't celebrate it.

It's supposed to be a celebration so if you feel that bad 13 hours in then honestly, you'll probably feel better not bothering.


araiwa · 25/12/2019 13:05

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foamrolling · 25/12/2019 13:06

Yes, I have to ask too, why bother? It's not compulsory. And presumably if you're only doing it for other people they probably feel a bit shit about having the decorations ripped down by 1pm.


eveshopper · 25/12/2019 13:06

Sounds like a right good time round yours!


NoSauce · 25/12/2019 13:06

Blimey. Why even bother?


bigchris · 25/12/2019 13:07

Do you have kids ?


DanielRicciardosSmile · 25/12/2019 13:07

What eveshopper said.

Surely it'd be better not to bother?


bluemonkeydots · 25/12/2019 13:08

I'm still drinking my breakfast bucksfizz and dh is still opening and building presents. Christmas Day is only starting here. Why are you having such a rubbish time?


BusterGonad · 25/12/2019 13:10

Crikey you sound like fun....


Justasconfusedwithnumber2 · 25/12/2019 13:10

Bloody hell it's not compulsory you know. Do something else if you don't like the tradition? You could just use the day for something you DO like.... Not sure why I'm having to point that out but anyhow


Oakenbeach · 25/12/2019 13:10

Do you have kids?

Yes, they had their presents. We had our dinner... Time to move on... Onwards and upwards! Prepping for sales tomorrow.

OP posts:

Gogreen · 25/12/2019 13:11

Your house sounds soulless at Christmas!


Oakenbeach · 25/12/2019 13:11

Can’t stand dragging things out.... Does no one else like being efficient?

OP posts:

JigsawsAreInPieces · 25/12/2019 13:11

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

foamrolling · 25/12/2019 13:12

How do you 'prep' for sales? Don't you just go out and buy stuff?


Soubriquet · 25/12/2019 13:13

What a spoil sport

All presents are opened here, but food is still cooking. Dc are enjoying playing with their new toys.

Decorations won’t come down today either.

There’s efficiency and being a grinch


alwaysmovingforwards · 25/12/2019 13:13

If if works for you, then it works!
The opinions of random internet people doesn't really matter does it.


sqirrelfriends · 25/12/2019 13:14

Woah, Christmas doesn't end in this house till after New Years. 🥂


jellycatspyjamas · 25/12/2019 13:14

Bloody hell we’re still in our pjs - Christmas isn’t nearly over yet, it’s only just started.


NoSauce · 25/12/2019 13:14

You’re on the wind up.

Here, have a Wine and a turkey leg.


Whatsforu · 25/12/2019 13:14

Why bother and why the rush?. I haven't even put the turkey in the oven yet!!Confused


LadyAllegraImelda · 25/12/2019 13:15

Poor kids


Floralnomad · 25/12/2019 13:15

Barely started here , had some presents and just about to leave for dsis for dinner . Going to the shops on Boxing day would be my worst nightmare I like a leisurely Christmas . Frankly if I felt like you I doubt I’d bother at all .


SophieSong · 25/12/2019 13:16

Hahaha if you hate it all that much why are you 'prepping' to go out in holiday madness sales tomorrow and spend even more money? You can't even spend a full day enjoying what you already bought for today.

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