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AIBU to ask you about my Christmas outfit?

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Flyingfish2019 · 24/12/2019 07:18

I am thinking about wearing a wool skirt with red and green checks, woolen jumper/cardigan (Navy), wool tights (navy), pearl ear studs.... pearl wristband.
Does wearing a very visible watch at Christmas look stupid (like you cannot wait to get away from people)?

Should I wear this with shoes or boots? How about black ones that look like riding boots?

What kind of coat or jacket? Log all weather coat/jacket, Trenchcoat, light down jacket? (I guess my Camouflage Parka is not a good idea)

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Am I being unreasonable?


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francienolan · 24/12/2019 09:27

I love wearing plaid at Christmas but with that skirt I would wear the green cardigan, nude tights, black riding boots.

A bit confused by the whole watch thing. But in my opinion pearls are almost always appropriate for looking nice.

Dubbadubbadumdum · 24/12/2019 09:29

I don't know where all the naysayers are coming from, it sounds lovely and very appropriate. May I ask what time you will be giving your traditional Christmas speech, Ma'am?

ChristmasEveEveEve · 24/12/2019 09:31

This has made me chuckle GrinOP wear what makes you happy, you will be far more put together than me! I wear jeans and a T-shirt and then pyjamas after Christmas dinner when my gut is exploding.

TheHootiestChristmasOwl · 24/12/2019 10:19

Why are you worried about what older folks think of your outfit? How do you usually dress?

Also, you have a lot of cardigans.

Ohyesiam · 24/12/2019 11:01

What is your normal style, and what age group are you!
I think the green & red plus black tights cardi & black boots sounds best.
But do dress for you not your relatives. No body will notice you have a watch on.

TowelStripes · 24/12/2019 11:12

@Ijustwanttoretire - there is one 🙄

nononever · 24/12/2019 11:16

@treepee you seriously cannot wear that outfit without heels, don't even consider it.

Booksandwine80 · 24/12/2019 11:52


I’m dying Grin

treepee · 24/12/2019 11:53

Im cheating & going for furry wedge boots.

BlueJava · 24/12/2019 11:56

Wear whatever you like OP, but probably your outfit sounds best with black tights if you have them, along with the black boots. Don't worry about the watch. However, I'll be wearing jeans and t-shirt so I'm probably not best to advise on styles.

Hoppinggreen · 24/12/2019 14:31

Op had a previous thread about her FIL trying to force her to wear a Barbour Jacket
Maybe someone has some sort of Princess Anne/Country Casuals fetish?

Lippy1234 · 24/12/2019 14:34

Are you the Queen?

Notsure94 · 24/12/2019 14:35

I was imagining Barbara Woodhouse for a moment! I think it sounds nice actually. I love cosy colourful woollens.

nononever · 24/12/2019 14:38

Im cheating & going for furry wedge boots.

Red with white fur I hope? They have to match your outfit else you run the risk of looking tacky.

Wishimaywishimight · 24/12/2019 14:41

Ah come on now - surely you can manage to dress yourself without advice?? I love the 'Balmoral' comment!!

MeetmeinParis · 24/12/2019 16:59

All sounds a bit corny to me, do you usually dress this way?, if so, go for it, if not, what is it about Christmas day that makes you feel like you have to dress like a 1950s country housewife?. I'm wearing (mega stretchy) leather leggings and an oversized chiffon dress/shirt to allow for mass belly expansion. Just be yourself. As for the watch, you're massively overthinking that one!...

birdsarecute45 · 24/12/2019 18:48

Honestly Op i am not sure why people are being rude. It sounds perfevtly nice, and respectable and appropriate for a christmas with an extended family. I am not sure about green cardigan with red and green checks though- i think the grey sounds nice though.

Yaas · 24/12/2019 19:00

“Op had a previous thread about her FIL trying to force her to wear a Barbour Jacket”

Oh ok, I thought this was a joke, but is this in fact the poster whose FIL was obsessed with her having a Barbour jacket (or maybe it was a tweed jacket)?

The lot of them sound like utter loons - this much is clear.

Who would worry about the “signal” wearing a watch would give off? Grin

CherryPlum · 24/12/2019 20:15

I'd love to know whether this is real or not. Surely it can't be?

Flyingfish2019 · 24/12/2019 22:46

I‘ll be visiting family members and in laws and maybe also go to church. My in-laws are pretty old fashioned and care about what people wear.

OP posts:
IveGotBillsTheyreMultiplying · 24/12/2019 22:53

What's wrong with pearls? Serious question. When am I 'allowed' to wear mine according to mumsnet?

Flyingfish2019 · 24/12/2019 22:57

@IveGotBillsTheyreMultiplying I think there is nothing wrong with pearls. I wear pearl ear studs most of the time. Never got any negative comments.

OP posts:
UndomesticHousewife · 24/12/2019 22:59

No don't wear the watch it would be too much for Christmas Day

LilyPinkNoah · 24/12/2019 23:03

Bit of attention seeking here OP one thinks...a watch?! Ha go for it I think wear a waistcoat with a pocket watch!

Flyingfish2019 · 24/12/2019 23:13

To be honest I think you are being a bit mean, feeling a bit down anyway... and really don’t need people to be mean.

Yes, I see the comment about the watch might sound stupid to older people. I realize that a lot of them wear watches, so of course there are okay. I should have thought about it but I didn’t. Most of my friends do not wear them but always have their mobile phone.

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