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To keep DC off school now until after the Christmas hols?

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FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 16:22

D&V bug ripping through the DC's school, so many kids off. WIBU to just keep them off from now to avoid it? I have two immunocompromised close family members that we would be seeing a lot of over Christmas. Friday is supposed to be their last day.....

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frami · 16/12/2019 18:11

The plan may backfire. Many years ago I kept my daughter off nursery from 1st Dec till after Christmas after an outbreak of chicken Pox. Thought we had got away with it but Santa delivered a dose anyway with DD awaking Christmas morning to a full stocking and spots!

Turbo123 · 16/12/2019 18:14

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BalanchineBallet · 16/12/2019 18:16

Oh sod off @Turbo123 I doubt she’s typing and holding his hair back. There could be another parent there for all you know!

IceCreamFace · 16/12/2019 18:17

Those saying keep them off have absolutely no consideration whatsoever for the ways that school are hauled over hot coals and held to account for attendance percentages they simply can not control.*

Missing 4 days over an entire term surely can't be a huge deal and if it is it's the fault of the education system not a family trying to make sure they can see immunocompromised relatives over Christmas. I do think there needs to be a kick back over this drip down of pressure.

BercowsFestiveFlamingo · 16/12/2019 18:17

Get well soon mini Squawkington Bear

Guess that makes the decision for you OP but I'd have kept them off anyway with relatives that are immunocompromised Thanks

dinkyprawn · 16/12/2019 18:19

Bleach everything, door handles, toilet flush, taps, light switches and wash all clothes on 60 degrees, keep toothbrushes in a closed cabinet and fingers crossed it doesn't spread between you!!!

FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 18:42

Don't worry, I have all the safety measures in place to avoid contamination as best I can (including disposable sick bowls....) And Turbo he's thrown up twice and I've been at with him the whole time. He is now tucked up in bed fast asleep while I sit in my bedroom listening out. DH is eating dinner with other DS, hardly child neglect.

OP posts:
rhubarbcrumbles · 16/12/2019 18:47

Plus they'll only be doing xmas activities and watching dvds most of the week anyway!

This gets trotted out every year, it's mostly rubbish. As a school governor I can tell you now that all the schools I have contact with/have had contact with (10) keep going up to the last day with the core subjects.

Londongirl86 · 16/12/2019 18:50

Hiya hope your little one gets better. I am also tempted to let mine skive as my friends sending her child back tomorrow when she only started with it 24 hours ago. I'm so annoyed! Do I gamble my child getting sick for Christmas???

coconuttelegraph · 16/12/2019 18:54

Plus they'll only be doing xmas activities and watching dvds most of the week anyway!

Is that genuinely what your DC's school is doing or are you trotting out nonsense that it repeated every single year. I refuse to believe that my DCs primary schools were the ones in the country who didn't do this

FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 18:55

Londongirl Keep her off, I wouldn't risk it. You would be on 'vomit watch' the whole of Christmas which won't be fun.

OP posts:
Swirlygirl · 16/12/2019 18:57

Do it. Last year was hideous for us as it took us all out one after the other a day apart. Worst Christmas ever.

FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 19:03

I'm hoping this is early enough that if we do all end up with it we will be on the mend by Christmas Day.....

OP posts:
CarolinaPink · 16/12/2019 19:09

As a school governor I can tell you ...

Grin (couldn't find the crying with laughter emoticon)...

Londongirl86 · 16/12/2019 19:13

Fingers crossed. How frustrating for you all. I wish schools were less focused on attendance above a certain level and based it on individual circumstances. It's scares innocent parents into sending their kids in when they are less than ok. I honestly don't know what to do for the best. 3 days is alot on the attendance sheet. But if I send her tomorrow she's still at risk. I am half tempted to send her in tomorrow and make out she's poorly the next two days and try focus on having a nice Christmas. If we get a letter telling us off then we do. If we get a fine I guess we can pay it. So many people only think of their own children and don't think of the babies and vunerable that are also part of the family. To be honest us healthy folk don't want it either.

Wishing you all a speedy recovery and I'm sure by Christmas day you will all be alot better XXX

WorraLiberty · 16/12/2019 19:18

If he threw up twice and went straight to sleep, hopefully it's not a stomach bug.

Normally they'd be retching for ages.

diddl · 16/12/2019 19:21

Oh dear!

Hope he's feeling better soon.

Fingers crossed for everyone else to avoid it!

Thefaceofboe · 16/12/2019 19:22

They do nothing in their last week anyway, so everyone saying YABU, lighten up

WorraLiberty · 16/12/2019 19:34

Thefaceofboe, you must've missed the bit where the OP said her 10 year old is still doing work?

Shesalittlemadam · 16/12/2019 19:35

@FeatherySquawkington May I please ask roughly what part of the country you're in? I can't risk DC getting it either Confused

Pfefferkuchen · 16/12/2019 19:44

Plus they'll only be doing xmas activities and watching dvds most of the week anyway!

I don't know any school where that happens, where are you based?

You do realise that you can put a Christmas theme on many things and actually teach the kids something... Grin

tobedtoMNandfart · 16/12/2019 20:09

Get the Dettol antibacterial spray and spray all door handles, light switches, banisters, sick bowl etc to try to prevent the rest of you getting it.

To keep DC off school now until after the Christmas hols?

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coconuttelegraph · 16/12/2019 20:41

May I please ask roughly what part of the country you're in? I can't risk DC getting it either

Norovirus is everywhere at the moment, google it with the name of your town and see if any schools near you have been affected

FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 20:46

We are Wiltshire if that's any reassurance @Shesalittlemadam

OP posts:
MamaFlintstone · 16/12/2019 20:50

If it’s in your house now, it’s highly likely to be done and dusted by Christmas so no one will be infectious when you’re seeing vulnerable family members. Not nice though, good luck!

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