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To keep DC off school now until after the Christmas hols?

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FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 16:22

D&V bug ripping through the DC's school, so many kids off. WIBU to just keep them off from now to avoid it? I have two immunocompromised close family members that we would be seeing a lot of over Christmas. Friday is supposed to be their last day.....

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FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 17:36

They both have 100% attendance so far, which is annoying. Would be a shame to lose that when no one is actually ill yet. Although watch this space with the younger one 😬

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msmith501 · 16/12/2019 17:37

Bugger all done in last few day's anyway. Ring in, say got D and V .... only issue with that is the small issue of the children having to lie if / when questioned.

EvaHarknessRose · 16/12/2019 17:39

Is five year old suggestible and have you talked to them about it? Hope they are ok. I would keep off but make sure you tell them if they get I'll they'll be fine, it's just you don't want to pass it on to poorly relatives.

Littlebearstrousers · 16/12/2019 17:39

Hope dc is okay! It is a shame but I always think 100% is a bit optimistic with small ones (my reception age dd has had 4 or 5 days off since September...all unavoidable)

Pfefferkuchen · 16/12/2019 17:40

You're much more likely to catch a nasty D&V bug when you're surrounded by lots of kids

and there's no kids in supermarkets at this time of year?

You are even more likely to be in contact with sick kids because parents take them shopping or out with them when they are not allowed to be back at school for 48 hours...

Pfefferkuchen · 16/12/2019 17:41

Would be a shame to lose that when no one is actually ill yet.

Can I just ask WHY anyone cares about that?

ohfourfoxache · 16/12/2019 17:41

Oh fuck, I really hope little one hasn’t got it

Ds has been off since Thursday with a raging temperature - 13 were off in the 1 class today

MargotMouse · 16/12/2019 17:42

I would keep them off. You could do some reading, writing, spelling, Maths activities with them at home, keep them busy with crafts and baking, etc. For the sake of 4 days, why not. The family members with compromised immune systems is what would swing it for me - it gives you enough time to monitor your DC during what could be the incubation period.

MargotMouse · 16/12/2019 17:42

Just seen your update - hope your DC is ok!!

CarolinaPink · 16/12/2019 17:43

I would keep them off.

BrutusMcDogface · 16/12/2019 17:44

I’m not sure about this...maybe if I had immunity suppressed relatives I might keep the 5 year old off...I have sent my kids to school when I know there are bugs around though, because we have to just get on with life 🤷🏻‍♀️

BlueJava · 16/12/2019 17:45

I think I'd keep them off. It makes me annoyed that in the last year of school (for my two DS) they have very few lessons and lots of carol singing, church attendance and house games. Ridiculous.

Xmasbaby11 · 16/12/2019 17:45

I would send them in. The dc may not get it or get it mildly and be fine by the weekend. 4 days is a lot to miss!

BrutusMcDogface · 16/12/2019 17:46

Also- my children are doing lots of fun activities this week, and they’re excited (albeit tired and ready for their break, really). Think they’d be sad to miss out.

toomuchtooold · 16/12/2019 17:49

You could ask for work for the 10yo?

Redcherries · 16/12/2019 17:51

Compromised immunity is bloody scary at this time of year, there’s the same bug ripping through dd school but she’s a level so can’t miss time.

I don’t think people always realise how serious it is.

I hope ds feels better.

Waffles80 · 16/12/2019 17:56

Those saying keep them off have absolutely no consideration whatsoever for the ways that school are hauled over hot coals and held to account for attendance percentages they simply can not control.

If your child is sick, keep them off. If your child is well you are being totally unreasonable and should send them in.

If they get sick then you have to rearrange seeing your relatives.

Procrastination4 · 16/12/2019 17:59

Did you not enjoy carol singing and games and a bit of a break from “routine” when you were in school? You sound a real killjoy!

MiniMum97 · 16/12/2019 18:03

Keep them off. I wouldn't risk it.

FeatherySquawkington · 16/12/2019 18:05

Ok, we have vomit from the little one Shock So that's him definitely not going until after the holidays! My question seems pointless now.....

OP posts:
IceCreamFace · 16/12/2019 18:06


You surely know you're being silly. There is known D&V at school and the kids are in close quarters there. They get in each other's faces, hold hands, don't wash their hands properly when there's no one standing over them to remind them. Unless the supermarket has had a known D&V outbreak there fewer kids in the supermarket will be carrying the bug and your kid is hardly going to be up that close or holding hands with random kids in the supermarket. You can also make sure they're hygienic when you're actually with them.

Everytime you go out there's a small chance of catching a bug. If you're a ta school where up to 50% of the students are off with D&V that chance is much higher. IN DC's school there were only 3 kids actually in school as the rest were off. It's very unlikely the rate of sickness is that high in a random shop or restaurant.

IceCreamFace · 16/12/2019 18:07

Sorry that should be 3 kids in reception year not the entire school!


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Idratherbeonquora · 16/12/2019 18:08

The 10 year old will be in year 6 and missing their last xmas week before high school. Xmas at primary school is great! Let them go and keep an eye on symptoms.

CarolinaPink · 16/12/2019 18:10


Those saying keep them off have absolutely no consideration whatsoever for the ways that school are hauled over hot coals and held to account for attendance percentages they simply can not control.

Not so. Some of us simply prioritise family safety over the politics involved in our children's schools having to jump through government hoops. Head teachers' responsibility is to look after the school. Parents' responsibility is to look after the child and child's family. If the loss of 4 days over a year of education is a huge deal educationally then there's something wrong.

BertieDrapper · 16/12/2019 18:11

We've just had the bug... DD nearly 4 was sick for one night then ok, just slightly reduced appetite. She was sick Thursday.... I then came down with it Saturday afternoon/evening but was 90% better the next day.
DH had a mild case, also on Saturday evening ... just stomach ache really. But was fine by Sunday morning.
So you may have caught it in time to get it all out the way before Xmas!

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