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To feel my heart sink at DH's anniversary card message?

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Berrie · 23/08/2007 09:20

'You are a great friend and a smashing wife.'

Is it just me?

OP posts:

LilyLoo · 23/08/2007 09:22

What were you expecting?


cazzybabs · 23/08/2007 09:23

Well he is a bloke. I am not sure I would even get a message in Dh's - infact I am not sure I even go tone and we have only been married 1 year.

I see your point but at least he was written something. I think you should take it in the spirt it was meant.


Piffle · 23/08/2007 09:23

I get

love K xx

I'd be overwhelmed if I got your message


EscapeFrom · 23/08/2007 09:23


The poor bloke isn't Shakespeare.


ConnorTraceptive · 23/08/2007 09:23

what's wrong with that?


kitsandbits · 23/08/2007 09:23

I would throughly object at my husband ever using the word 'smashing'.


elesbells · 23/08/2007 09:23

oh i wouldnt let it upset you.

most men are crap at cards lucky if i get one at all!


lulumama · 23/08/2007 09:24


if he is not particularly eloquent or literate, then i think that is fine

if he was poet laureate, then i;d be disappointed


Berrie · 23/08/2007 09:24

Mmmm don't know... an expression of love rather than an observation that I am a good friend... I've got a few 'good friends'...only one husband...oh dear am I ungrateful?

OP posts:

ConnorTraceptive · 23/08/2007 09:25

what did you write in your card to him?


Jenkeylovesdazzy · 23/08/2007 09:25

actually, I think it's quite cute - what would you have preferred? at least it's not - you're a great shag and good at housework


Berrie · 23/08/2007 09:25

but 'smashing'?!?

OP posts:

LilyLoo · 23/08/2007 09:26

i think it is an expression of love though as i would read it as your his friend and his wife altogether ?


elesbells · 23/08/2007 09:26

lol at jenkey


MascaraOHara · 23/08/2007 09:26

What he probably meant is that you are wonderfully fantastic and he adores the very ground you work on because you are his friend as well as his wife.. he just wrote it in man-speak


Berrie · 23/08/2007 09:27

OP posts:

FioFio · 23/08/2007 09:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ConnorTraceptive · 23/08/2007 09:27

my bil wrote a long declaration oflove in my sil card and personally i found it a bit cringey. think your dh's was sweet and honest.


Slubberdegullion · 23/08/2007 09:28

Well I would have have been really touched. I like the word smashing...very blokeish, but I'm sure meant in the most complimentary way.


Berrie · 23/08/2007 09:29

I wrote to my lovely lovely husband, this picture reminds me of our honeymoon. Thanks goodness our real life together is so much nicer (we both got food poisoning and first part of hol, room was double booked) With all my love always...

OP posts:

DoubleBluff · 23/08/2007 09:29

I think it is sweet.
I would be horrified if Dh came over all sloppy.


saggarmakersbottomknocker · 23/08/2007 09:29

Oh Bless him.


Ceolas · 23/08/2007 09:29

I'd cringe a bit at 'smashing' but I think he's tried and the sentiments are sweet.

I'm crap at writing flowery atuff in cards so just don't!


bozza · 23/08/2007 09:29

I think it sounds like he means it and has put it in the words he wants to use. I would be happy with that.


bigmouthstrikesagain · 23/08/2007 09:30

It was our second anv. this year I didn't get a card and he bought me a second hand toilet seat from a car boot

Your card sounds nice - if a little stiff and formal - some people are not so good at declarations.

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