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To try to avoid an Xmas birthday for dc2?

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paintedfences · 28/11/2019 08:19

I always hear people with a Christmas birthday say how crap it was for them as a child, getting 'combined' presents and not many coming to their parties as it's such a busy time.

We're thinking of starting to TTC DC2 in Jan which, if I caught straight away and if all went well, would make DC1 just 2 when the baby was born. That's the minimum age gap we're okay with. But, I am thinking of skipping ttc in Feb/March (no known fertility issues btw) because of the potential for a Christmas birthday, because of how crap it supposedly is for them, but I'm not sure if that's silly or not!

I'd like to hear from people with Christmas born dc and how they handle it - could you just have their birthday party with all their little friends a month or two after or something? Also DC1 is early Nov so potential for jealousy is DC2's birthday party is the only one moved?

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DuchessofWoke · 29/11/2019 01:08

Assuming you don’t have fertility issues and are able to plan a little, the most important thing really is to avoid the summer. July and August are very bad months in terms of schooling. IN GENERAL! We all know Mumsnetters’ children are all born in August and sit their GCSEs at age 12. But you know. In the real world, you really want to avoid July and August.

Personally we deliberately avoided December too.

I really only considered Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb and March to be good birthday months.

Disclaimer: I was lucky I could plan in this way and fully understand lots of people have unpredictable fertility.

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