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Neighbour complaining about our garden lights

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Slave2love · 25/11/2019 11:09

Very petty and silly subject I know but here goes.
We have a small hedge on the edge of our front lawn to separate our garden from the neighbour's driveway. (Only recently planted, very small at this stage) further in on our lawn we have put a few small solar lights. Next doors drive is only just wide enough to squeeze 2 cars side by side and there is very little room to open doors etc. Until we put the hedge and lights in they were opening their car door fully over our garden in order to get out (also stepping on our land at times). Now I appreciate that we have made it awkward for them to open the doors fully now but surely they are not entitled to use our garden in order to get out of their car? They are new to the street but we knew of them previously and children are actually in the same class at school. Neighbour has asked this morning if we can move the solar lights. All has been pleasant with them up until now despite them being quite selfish neighbours. I could understand if the lights were on the boundary line but they are much further in. I feel it is them who have created the problem by parking 2 cars on a drive only really suitable for one. AIBU to not want to move the lights?

OP posts:
chachachachachacha · 27/11/2019 22:52

Why on these threads are people always telling an op to be 'neighbourly' and not be 'mean spirited' when the neighbours themselves are being selfish twats.

It's your land, your garden. You can bet if you started using their land and asking them to adjust it for your benefit they wouldn't be having any of it. Report the decking too.

cannockcandy · 28/11/2019 10:23

I dont think you're being unreasonable at all! It's your garden and you can do what you like with it.
Personally I'd be super petty and point out that you didn't complain to them when they put up their decking in their garden so they have no right to comment on what you do in yours!

Shhimtryingtosleep · 30/11/2019 08:28

Bear trap

MeTheCoolOne · 30/11/2019 12:44

Why on these threads are people always telling an op to be 'neighbourly' and not be 'mean spirited' when the neighbours themselves are being selfish twats

I think a lot of posters who suggest the OP go along with the neighbours requests are suggesting it because sometimes it's easier to stay on ok terms with a neighbour than to get into a dispute with them. It's not to do with being neighbourly it's about doing what's best for you.

I used to work in a career where I'd see the fallout between warring neighbours. Trust me when I say it's the selfish twattish neighbours that you really don't want to fall out with.

Honeyroar · 30/11/2019 13:10

I’d tell them that you like the lights and ought to be able to have what you like in your own garden. Tell them you want to put flowers there but worry that people stepping out of cars there will damage them. Tell them the lights were also meant to be a subtle reminder that there’s a boundary there! Say otherwise you’re going to consider an actual fence.

Or just put a load of horse shit along the hedge line as fertiliser- might make them think twice about stepping there and will be good for the hedges!

di2004 · 01/12/2019 19:10

Hi OP, because your neighbours have already started moaning basically that’s the end of all being nicey nicey with each other.
Just keep your solar lights. YOU like them, so that’s the end of it!

Audrey12 · 07/12/2019 15:17

I if tell them to bigger off park one car and one car out i hate people like that i can totally feel you're pain u wanna slap them.x

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