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To ask if you're still awake.. Why

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RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:23

3.20 am and still awake.
Partly because I always think I can hear noises in the house.. My anxiety and I'm trying to work on that

But mainly 31w pregnant with restless bloody legs.. Can't get comfy.. When i do. Its on my back which I know I can't fall asleep like that as not reccomended.. By my hips hurt from laying on sides.
( normally a belly. Sleeper)

So have been sat trading mumsnet and random stuff. Kicked quilt off to make me really chilly in hope when I get comfy I can pull the quilt up and be all cosy and dose off..

Its been weeks like this.. I wish I could pop a sleeping pill

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RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:24

Reading not trading..

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Shahlalala · 24/11/2019 03:26

I’m the other side. Feeding my ever hungry 3 month old and he is under the weather so only wants to sleep upright on the breast... I have had an hour or so kip here and there though.

YesItsMeIDontCare · 24/11/2019 03:26

The bastard cat woke me up and now I can't sleep because I've got a shitty sore throat and my nose is running.

Shahlalala · 24/11/2019 03:27

I remember the awful uncomfy sleep though, my hips were bad. Have to tried a cushion between the knees? It was the only way I could sleep.

HarrietTheFly · 24/11/2019 03:28

Upset after an argument with dp

glowingtwig · 24/11/2019 03:29

Poor you, have you tried a sausage pregnancy pillow? They ease your hips and pelvis (I'm a tummy sleeper too).
I'm awake because my 5 week old baby is feeding and messing about feeding and my husband is the expert winder but he's sound asleep in the spare room as he has to work tomorrow.
I thought she'd gone to sleep earlier after lots of shushing and rocking but then nope! I got about 7 minutes sleep. Confused

user764329056 · 24/11/2019 03:29

Just the usual insomnia here

RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:30

Yes tried that last night then dh turned over and squashed against my back.. How I could of suffocated him 😂 as I was just dosing off at that point. And took me ages to try shove him over.

I also get a dry hot feet sensation although they're not.. I constantly have to either cream them.or put on wet socks for 20 min.. 9 weeks and counting

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HighNetGirth · 24/11/2019 03:30

That’s rough, Harriet.
I am moving house on Monday. My revolting cough woke me up and now packing panic is keeping me awake.

WallyWallyWally · 24/11/2019 03:31

Had too much fondue and white wine at dinner time and the resulting heartburn is keeping me awake! And we’ve run out of gaviscon...

Selfsettling3 · 24/11/2019 03:31

Feeding baby as usual. This time I had an awful nightmare and woke up the baby wriggling around. I can still remember most of the nightmare, it was truly hideous.

eliope · 24/11/2019 03:32

Too many night shifts and now I'm wide awake eating crisps and watching bad tv.

vixb1 · 24/11/2019 03:32

Also up feeding a newborn, 5 weeks. Attempting a transfer to cot in a minute and hoping it isn't another failed attempt! 🤞
I think the pregnancy none sleep is training for the newborn none sleep! Either way, no one is getting much sleep!

RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:33

Aww sounds awful when they don't settle.. Dd had a week of it last week. She's 20m and woke more time than a newborn.

I can never sleep after an argument.. He can and that riles me lol

Yes tried the sausage pillow but having that in the bed made me feel too claustrophobic.. Silly I know but I woke the first night and freaked.. That was with dd.. But not that long ago

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Greyhound22 · 24/11/2019 03:33

I'm sat up on my hospital bed as I had a hysterectomy yesterday morning. Waiting for my lovely night nurse to come back from his break so that I can have some more pain relief- they are so short staffed it's untrue. Still I am having a better night than last night as I was in agony then.

RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:37

Yes definitely training for lack of sleep. I had 12 yrs between 1 and 2..and it hit me hard.. My teen was good and age was on my side.

Dd is 20m and has had a rough unsettled week last week.. And not once did dh hear her. He's always slept thro even newborn age.. I'd have to put light on physically shaken him.. Slap his cheeks and do wake up it's your turn.. It took so long to wake him in gave up trying.
Makes me so jealous lol

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NannyPear · 24/11/2019 03:38

Feeding 6mo DS2 back to sleep. Past couple of weeks his sleep has been deteriorating and it takes longer and longer to get him back down when he wakes.

Both times I've found sleep during pregnancy so difficult. That hip discomfort ugggh. Used to put as many pillows as I could between my legs!! Then the effort to turn round and realising you were comfier before... Don't envy you!

RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:38

Aw get better soon @Greyhound22. Enjoy the meds..

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Whoopsies · 24/11/2019 03:41

You have my sympathies! People always want to say "oh you'll know what bad sleep really is when the baby is here" but I found pregnancy sleep way worse than with a newborn both times!!! I was so uncomfy and had to wee 4 times a night at least.
Saying that, I am currently awake waiting for my 3 month old to go back to sleep. He fed an hour ago but seems to be pretty windy ad he's just thrashing about the place and chatting away!!

Ilnome · 24/11/2019 03:42

I have rls and have no advice (also am not pregnant) but someone once told me to get two bars of soap wear socks to bed and sleep with a bar in each sock 🤷🏽‍♀️

DinosApple · 24/11/2019 03:43

I slept for about an hour then was woken up by my 8yo kicking like a mule Hmm.

We're sharing a single bed at my parents house tonight, she was meant to be on the floor with other DD who is in my parents room. DH is snoring loudly on a single mattress beside me.
I've been awake since half 12 so killing time on here.

Ellohunny · 24/11/2019 03:43

Yes because I been sleeping all day might go gym in a bit

RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:43

Yes agreed when you have newborn stage at least when you sleep or. Get back into bed you can get comfy..
I want to lay on my belly so much I know I'd go out like a light.. But I can't 😢

OP posts:
NoParticularPattern · 24/11/2019 03:45

Because babies are dicks. I’ve got a toddler in bed with my husband who I know will be getting up in an hour and the 3 month old is currently avoiding sleep for no reason. We’ve done nappy, burp, boob, rocking. Nope.

I sympathise fully with the restless legs. I had it horribly with the latest dictator baby. I can’t say I found anything that helped really. Tonic water sometimes did but very hit and miss. You’ll be pleased to know that it disappeared more or less as soon as I gave birth though.

Oh now I have heartburn. This is fun.

Hippopotas · 24/11/2019 03:45

Just woke up feeling sick with a swollen top lip. Will try to go back to sleep soon.

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