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To ask if you're still awake.. Why

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RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:23

3.20 am and still awake.
Partly because I always think I can hear noises in the house.. My anxiety and I'm trying to work on that

But mainly 31w pregnant with restless bloody legs.. Can't get comfy.. When i do. Its on my back which I know I can't fall asleep like that as not reccomended.. By my hips hurt from laying on sides.
( normally a belly. Sleeper)

So have been sat trading mumsnet and random stuff. Kicked quilt off to make me really chilly in hope when I get comfy I can pull the quilt up and be all cosy and dose off..

Its been weeks like this.. I wish I could pop a sleeping pill

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anxioussue · 24/11/2019 05:21

Sorry to hear about your baby, I hope they improve soon

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 24/11/2019 05:28

Thanks anxious. Bronchiolitis season sucks with a premie :(

Creepster · 24/11/2019 05:30

I used the pillow between my legs to fair effect both before and after I had the hip replacement surgery. A bit of tonic water with quinine helps with the crampy restless legs if your doctor says it is ok. I cant stand the taste so I take the pills instead.
I am a lifelong insomniac and have nothing but sympathy for those who cannot go to sleep or stay asleep. Sleep is a beautiful and precious thing.

chillpill123 · 24/11/2019 05:32

@NoIDontWatchLoveIsland oh my days, is she ok?

thr33andme · 24/11/2019 05:37

DD11 threw up on her mattress and halfway down the wall at 3am. She's been snuggled on the sofa with a hot water bottle and a blanket since then and has been sick once more.

The day before yesterday I had it from both ends. DD3 had it too. DD2 is currently on antibiotics and her fever has just broken from tonsillitis.

DH is the only one healthy but he's probably an incubator! It was my birthday yesterday and we had to cancel dinner plans due to it all. Small problems but I really wanted that steak Grin

Lilimoon · 24/11/2019 05:37

Toothache :(. Have taken all the drugs and still can't sleep.

runsandwines · 24/11/2019 05:44

DS hasn't come home - was supposed to be back at 2am. Been awake since 345. Got text at 4.55 saying he will be back "at some point" - he turned 18 on Weds but has never been out all night before.

anxioussue · 24/11/2019 05:51

Bronchiolitis is awful, been there done that. I do hope the medication helps soon.

Whiteroverbaby · 24/11/2019 06:10

I always think I can hear noises in the house, there have been a lot of burglaries in the area recently and any little noise and I can imagine them breaking in ! So can't sleep for ages then I finically manage to get to sleep and then wonder why my 2 year old isn't waking up in the night (he's always woke at least 3 times plus) so I panic why is he still asleep, what's wrong so I'm constantly checking the monitor so I can't sleep. Then I lie there thinking stupid things and just can't sleep. Restless leg syndrome is awful, I luckily only had it for a few nights but it wasn't pleasant. I was always up having breakfast at 5 (Jeremy Kyle use to be on itv 2) ready to start the day, now I wish I would of just lay there and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Don't worry your restless leg and hip pain will go away but you will be waking up for another reason soon 💕💙

JoannaObrien · 24/11/2019 06:13

I have just heard some strange howling (sounded like a wolf) and I nearly jumped out of my skin! We do live in the countryside so I hope it was just a loud fox.

BarbaraStrozzi · 24/11/2019 06:40

Woke up at 5.30 with abdo pain... Just waiting till 7.00 so I can take my meds.

SmoothOrange · 24/11/2019 07:04

Been up for about an hour, pregnant and needed a wee. Now neighbours sound like they're dragging furniture around a wooden floor. Feeling v angry!!

Oysterbabe · 24/11/2019 07:41

I ended up taking DS into the spare room and lying down with him. He's now asleep, sprawled in the middle of a double bed and I'm up with DD.

PonderTweek · 24/11/2019 08:09

I was up all night with horrible body aches and nausea. Now have a temperature and I'm so achey but can't work out what's wrong with me. Confused Thank F my toddler seems ok watching Paw Patrol whilst I wait for my painkillers to kick in.

Hope everyone has a better night tonight! Brew

RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 08:26

Well I dosed off at 4.10..dd woke at 5am..then 5.20.then 5.30 then 5.55 then 6.20. Then 7.
Laid her in with us. And all she wanted to do was sit on me.. At 7.30 I said go and wake your big brother.. He offered to take her downstairs.. He did. 5.min later she's having a shit fit wanting me to go down.. Never DH.. Who woke and is sooo tired!
So I went down. Currently watching peppa pig in hope she'll just sit and I can dose a bit.

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