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To ask if you're still awake.. Why

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RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:23

3.20 am and still awake.
Partly because I always think I can hear noises in the house.. My anxiety and I'm trying to work on that

But mainly 31w pregnant with restless bloody legs.. Can't get comfy.. When i do. Its on my back which I know I can't fall asleep like that as not reccomended.. By my hips hurt from laying on sides.
( normally a belly. Sleeper)

So have been sat trading mumsnet and random stuff. Kicked quilt off to make me really chilly in hope when I get comfy I can pull the quilt up and be all cosy and dose off..

Its been weeks like this.. I wish I could pop a sleeping pill

OP posts:
chillpill123 · 24/11/2019 03:47

I just can never sleep 😬

NoParticularPattern · 24/11/2019 03:49

And yes. People who say “haha just you wait til baby is here, then you’ll know about no sleep” are dicks. Yes babies keep you awake but you know what they don’t do one they’re here? Occupy half your bloody body and make you hideously uncomfortable. They might not let you sleep much but what sleep you do get is infinitely more comfortable than the sleep you get at 34678 weeks pregnant.

OublietteBravo · 24/11/2019 03:51

I’m awake because DH will not stop snoring.

chillpill123 · 24/11/2019 03:53

@NoParticularPattern 😂😂😂 take it you're heavily pregnant xxx

ThisIsAllaMooPoint · 24/11/2019 03:55

My cat decided that 3.30am is a perfectly acceptable time to play and is galloping up and down the bed attacking her favourite toy...a foil ball

Milanimilani · 24/11/2019 03:56

hippo are you okay?

gonewiththerain · 24/11/2019 03:57

I’m awake because my toddler is full of cold again. The Vicks isn’t having any effect and he just wants to feed but can’t breath and feed. He’s already pulled two all nighters this week with tummy ache.

suzuki650 · 24/11/2019 03:58

Because I got up for a wee at 2.15 & now can't go back to sleep because we're going to Disneyland today! I thought the boy would be the wide awake early one but nope- it's me being very excited. & tired but I can t sleep

darkriver19886 · 24/11/2019 03:58

Hope you drop off to sleep soon OP!
I am wide awake for reasons I am not sure about. The hotel room is really warm so that's probably why. I will be happy to get home to my own bed tonight.

chillpill123 · 24/11/2019 03:58

@suzuki650 amazing!!! Have the best time x

Ticklemeelmo · 24/11/2019 03:59

Same reason! 34 weeks pregnant and 4am is my natural waking time currently. I can usually drift back off by around 6

wondering7777 · 24/11/2019 03:59

I’ve been awake for the past hour - partly because I’m 17 weeks pregnant and it’s given me insomnia, and partly because DH is snoring Angry

Insomniacscientist · 24/11/2019 04:02

@HarrietTheFly I’m here if you want to chat. Things aren’t rosy between dh and I either

cafenoirbiscuit · 24/11/2019 04:07

Can’t get into deep sleep. I’ve been dozing for a few minutes at a time for hours. Most frustrating 😟

suzuki650 · 24/11/2019 04:08

Thanks chillpill, last went 16 years ago as a teen now I've got to be all adulty & parent there- can't wait though 😂

JoannaObrien · 24/11/2019 04:08

I have a medical condition which makes me sleep about 5 hours or 6 hours a night if I am lucky.

Elbeagle · 24/11/2019 04:10

Awake because the 10 month old just woke for a feed, cant get back to sleep as I was out last night, had too much wine and have a headache! Had a pint of water and some paracetamol so waiting for them to kick in! Hopefully will get another bit of sleep before baby is up for the day at 5.30am.

PaperFlowers4 · 24/11/2019 04:12

I got back from Australia on Friday and I’m stuck on Oz time. Usually I don’t get bad jet lag coming back to the U.K., so I don’t know why this time I’m having difficulties resetting my rhythm

Breastfeedingworries · 24/11/2019 04:14

My one year old just randomely screamed the house down. 🤞🏻 She’s asleep again and hope it stays that way. Gave her some calpol and heard an earth shattering fart, so pretty sure she had tummy ache. Grin

Hippopotas · 24/11/2019 04:15

@Milanimilani I think I’m ok. Feel less sick. No idea why my top lip has gone weird.

Notsosimple · 24/11/2019 04:18

Doing a night shift at work 😩

Makinganewthinghappen · 24/11/2019 04:18

My DH came to bed at 3am (He was watching films downstairs- very much a night owl on weekends when work doesn’t make him get up early!)

He came in the room and fell over a paw patrol toy my dd had left at the end of our bed, made a huge noise woke me up really suddenly. Now he’s snoring away and I feel like I may never sleep again.


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chillpill123 · 24/11/2019 04:21

@Makinganewthinghappen 😂 this made me lol, sorry x

MissMarpletheMurderer · 24/11/2019 04:22

After finally catching up on sleep and feeling human again I was a complete dick and drank wine last night resulting in no sleep and heartburn. My are way past waking at night, I kinda miss it.

Doormat247 · 24/11/2019 04:27

Pregnancy related sleep problems here too OP.
Plus the cat is banging on the doors downstairs as she can hear I'm awake Hmm.

There's also a dozy meat fly in the bathroom that's been driving me crazy and I can't get the dirty little bastard out - I hate them and have been chasing it round but it's hiding behind the furniture. Thinking of all the things it's touching will mean I defo won't get back to sleep any time soon Sad

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