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To ask if you're still awake.. Why

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RollOnNextYear · 24/11/2019 03:23

3.20 am and still awake.
Partly because I always think I can hear noises in the house.. My anxiety and I'm trying to work on that

But mainly 31w pregnant with restless bloody legs.. Can't get comfy.. When i do. Its on my back which I know I can't fall asleep like that as not reccomended.. By my hips hurt from laying on sides.
( normally a belly. Sleeper)

So have been sat trading mumsnet and random stuff. Kicked quilt off to make me really chilly in hope when I get comfy I can pull the quilt up and be all cosy and dose off..

Its been weeks like this.. I wish I could pop a sleeping pill

OP posts:
WallyWallyWally · 24/11/2019 04:27


I can recommend a glass of water and teaspoon of baking soda for the heartburn, it’s easing off now.

Night night

Oysterbabe · 24/11/2019 04:29

Awake because of child. About to attempt transfer. Pray for me.

Oysterbabe · 24/11/2019 04:31

Failed. Feeding again.

sawyersfishbiscuits · 24/11/2019 04:32

Woke up with sore throat and snuffles... had horrible fake lemsip... wide awake now 😏

Chocolatethief · 24/11/2019 04:33

Cant sleep and haven't really had a full nights sleep in months think its just stress, made worse as I slept for an hour earlier when I was trying to get rid of my migraine

2beautifulbabs · 24/11/2019 04:37

Been wide awake since 11.30pm and sat downstairs with my DD who's teething she's flat out sleeping now but I'll swap with DH in the next hour or so so I can go back to sleep for a few hours and he can have DD and our DS when he wakes

Dontsayyouloveme · 24/11/2019 04:40

I’ve got shingles and pain relief has worn off.... it’s sooooo sore 😩

CodLiverOil556 · 24/11/2019 04:41

Was drunk on gin and sleeping over at new BF's house and pinged awake half an hour ago and can't get back to sleep at all. Have come downstairs so I don't annoy him - I have a horrible headache

RightYesButNo · 24/11/2019 04:41

@YesItsMeIDontCare It’s okay. You can call your cat a right bastard and we won’t rat you out tell him.

I’m awake because of my bastarding pain. I get so tired of it.

OP, so interesting you mention the dry, hot feet sensation. That’s one of my body’s first symptoms that my potassium is low. Not dangerously so, but enough to show up on a blood test. In case you want to try that route, here’s a list of fortified cereals with potassium:
And then foods high in potassium, since everyone always thinks of bananas, but they’re not really at the top:

Trebla · 24/11/2019 04:42

I live in NZ. Its 5.42pm.

Prevegen4U · 24/11/2019 04:45

I'm in the Pacific Time Zone. It's 8:45 pm

Squeakybubbles26 · 24/11/2019 04:46

Up feeding the baby here. Oh those restless legs I don't miss them. Actually I think I get more sleep now with a baby than during pregnancy, however I would love for a full nights sleep 😞
The things that used to help me was a pillow between the legs, we didn't have room for a big one tho - unless DP got evicted 🤔
Not long left to go OP, then you can tummy sleep again! Actually the best feeling in the world was the first night I could lie on my tummy ☺️

Prevegen4U · 24/11/2019 04:46

8:46 pm Saturday still..

glowingtwig · 24/11/2019 04:47

My baby book says they sleep all the time at this age. I have had NO sleep at all so far tonight... I'm wrecked. I hate the stupid book.

moominmammy · 24/11/2019 04:47

I'm feeding 7mo back to sleep 2.5yo has been up since 1.30am and screams the house down if I try to take over from poor DH, who is seriously losing the will after a few nights of the same.

GnomeDePlume · 24/11/2019 04:48

The dog woke me up to tell me the next door neighbour's rabbit had farted in its sleep or something. I am now awake and the dog is asleep.

Going to go back to bed and pretend to sleep through the dog's next security bulletin.

anxioussue · 24/11/2019 04:49

Worrying about an elderly relative with poorly functioning kidneys who has just been told her potassium levels are very high but hasn't been offered medication to reduce them. The recommended diet to reduce them is opposite to the diet they need for their diabetes.

ChristmasOnTheHorizon · 24/11/2019 04:50

I have a deadline for a huge piece of writing and I'm trying really hard to focus. But my focus is patchy and I'm getting quite stressed about it all, I just cannot wait to meet the deadline and sleep like the dead.

Having a case of imposter syndrome because I seem to write like a 5 year old instead of the highly polished standard it needs to be. FUCK.

If I ever manage to get there the relief will be immense.

Smelborp · 24/11/2019 04:52

Raging anxiety.

TheGlitterFairy · 24/11/2019 04:56

Woke up with period pains so have found some ibuprofens and hoping to sleep again now.

CTRL · 24/11/2019 04:58

Because I’m horny and I’m thinking of calling my neighbour over.... Grin

Bentley111 · 24/11/2019 04:59

I'm glad I'm not the only one pregnant and awake. 33+4, DH woke me up coming to bed at 11ish then the dog woke me up at 2 crying to go outside for a poo & had a poorly tummy... then wouldn't settle so I brought him into bed to cuddle him back to sleep. Pre-baby anxiety then kicked in & I've not slept a wink since. Currently sat on the sofa with the dog stressing about all the stuff we need to do in the next few weeks before the baby arrives 😫


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chillpill123 · 24/11/2019 05:08

@CTRL do it and send the goss

NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 24/11/2019 05:16

In hospital with very poorly baby DD

Would kill to be at home with her snuggles in bed next to me happy and well

flyingspaghettimonster · 24/11/2019 05:19

Its 12.17am here but 5.17 in uk. I'll be awake at least another hour being angry over the waste of an hour and a half watching The Quiet Place. If my husband had only thought to tell me it was Signs, but directed by Michael Bay I could have slept like a baby tonight.

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