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To think the new Dr Who is totally shite

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Bearbehind · 04/11/2018 19:28

The first female doctor - such an opportunity yet it’s been wasted - she’s crap.

Completely overacted in every single episode.

OP posts:

InterstellarScreamingElla · 04/11/2018 20:10

I didn't think I would like a Dr (I am all for really strong female role models normally) but I am loving her - she reminds me a little of Matt Smith's Dr (who is a quite possibly my fave). Capaldi I did actually struggle with as the Dr for some reason for quite a few episodes.

On a side note I actually think Jodie Whittiker is a good actress, I've just watched Assets recently of which she was a main character and she was really good.


AvonCallingBarksdale · 04/11/2018 20:13

I really wanted to like the new series with JW .... but I am struggling. I’m not a huge DW fan but liked the Eccleston and Billy Piper combo and I liked David Tennant. Episodes like Blink with the Weeping Angels were incomparably superior to this series so far. Need a properly scary episode, and quick!


SoupDragon · 04/11/2018 20:14

It's totally crap.


GraceMarks · 04/11/2018 20:14

I like the new Doctor and I don't mind it when the show deals with serious themes but when it's a 50 minute lecture on not being racist and it's not even exciting, there's problem. I still have hope that things will improve and I'm not giving up yet, I just want to go back to being entertained!


dementedma · 04/11/2018 20:15

too many companions who dont really serve any purpose or have any character. they should have kept nana from episode 1 as the companion and ditched the others.
It's all too madly pc and inclusive that it's really rubbish to watch.


redstararnie76 · 04/11/2018 20:15

I'm really enjoying her take on the Dr - I think tonight's episode was a bit weak, but there are always some weaker episodes. This is the series that's got my son interested for the first time too, so we're enjoying it as a family.


SoupDragon · 04/11/2018 20:18

I find her sort of dithering all the time annoying. I thought it was just settling into the new body but it's still going on.


Anothernameanotherday · 04/11/2018 20:22

I just think it's too political, so far we have had the female doctor, racism (Rosa episode), genetic testing/environment (spiders), and now a pregnant man. I just want the old dr who with weeping angels and real bad aliens! The other episodes all seemed clever somehow, these ones are just...simple. I don't know I'm trying to give it a chance but I'm not enjoying :-(


Sowhatifidosnore · 04/11/2018 20:24

YABU - we love it in our house, kids love it. I think people forget it’s essentially a kids show... I heart Jodi


Bibijayne · 04/11/2018 20:25

I really like the new Doctor and companions.


Taffeta · 04/11/2018 20:26

I really really want to like it

Not feeling it yet


rosy71 · 04/11/2018 20:27

"The other episodes all seemed clever somehow, these ones are just...simple. I don't know I'm trying to give it a chance but I'm not enjoying :-("

I found the recent series of Doctor Who very complicated with difficult to follow story arcs. I always preferred the more simple, stand alone episodes. Maybe that's why I like this one more.


RoboticMary · 04/11/2018 20:28

I agree, it’s absolute shit. All previous doctors have had a certain authority and gravitas, but she’s unbelievably scatty and irritating. And I’m sick of how political it’s become. It’s supposed to be escapism. I miss Pertwee Sad


SmilingButClueless · 04/11/2018 20:29

There are just too many new characters - I’m struggling to care about any of them. Shame they didn’t keep Bill and Nardole and just change the Doctor.


notacooldad · 04/11/2018 20:31

anothername. Don't forget 'the guns are bad' lecture.


brizzledrizzle · 04/11/2018 20:31

The first female doctor - such an opportunity yet it’s been wasted - she’s crap.

Completely overacted in every single episode.

Typical, stereotypical female....completely agree. We watched one and then deleted the others unwatched.


Aethelfleda · 04/11/2018 20:32

My kids all love it. We watch together and everyone (especially my six year old) is enjoying the simpler self-contained stories this series. For a family series I’d say that’s a win.


IwantedtobeEmmaPeel · 04/11/2018 20:33

Yeah I agree with you Op. This Dr is always running around and out of breath - all the constant breathlessness and overacting gets on my nerves and I just zone out. It's a shame because she is such a good actor in everything else I've seen her in, so can only assume it is down to the writers and producers. I did enjoy the Rosa Parks episode, but tonight's was so dreary. I think MenstruatorExtraordinaire's suggestion of Helena Bonham-Carter as Dr Who is inspired.


Anothernameanotherday · 04/11/2018 20:33

@notacooldad yes exactly too much crap! I just want a bit of escapism! Not a moral lesson shoved down my throat. Dr who has always had a bit of a moral side to it but in a much more subtle clever way!


Geraniumpink · 04/11/2018 20:35

It’s not awful, but it’s not all that good either. The writing is very self-consciously preachy- could the morals be rammed home any harder? It’s lost some of the dry humour and sheer fun. Jodie W. is alright, but I wish they’d chosen someone with a better voice for the role. It’s a bit like all those new Star Wars films after the original ones - too artificial, plastic and contrived.


MrsBungle · 04/11/2018 20:36

We are really enjoying it.


YouBetterWORK · 04/11/2018 20:41

I'm liking it, think Jodie is good. Personally I couldn't get into the early Capaldi as much as I wanted to as I think he's great. Plots all over the shop, and twatting about with sunglasses and a guitar. Then it got better, but towards the end got crap again. Last Christmas' episode I barely followed plot wise. Loved Matt Smith's doctor.

Agree about too many companions aspect, sometimes it's obvious what they're saying is just a pointless line thrown in so they don't stand there like lemons! Bradley Walsh I actually like too, I'd be happy if it was just him.


TheNavigator · 04/11/2018 20:41

We'll, I'm enjoying it. I like the stand alone epidsodes & I like the Doctor- it seems more in touch with its children's tv roots instead of trying to be all clever for the sake of it.


peachgreen · 04/11/2018 20:42

Imagine complaining about an actor playing the Doctor overacting when David Tennant exists!

This is the first season of new Who I've properly enjoyed. So relieved to be rid of Moffat. And every complaint about Jodie on this thread is misogynistic in tone ("too breathy", "whiny little girl voice", "gushy", "need someone with gravitas") and complaining about it being "too PC" is just embarrassing.


TheFirstOHN · 04/11/2018 20:43

I found the recent series of Doctor Who very complicated with difficult to follow story arcs

I enjoyed the complexity and time paradox stuff.

Apart from 'Rosa' (which had more depth) this series feels more like something you'd see on CBBC. Ideally, Doctor Who is enjoyable for both children and adults.

None of the episodes in this series have been scary, and apart from 'Rosa' (with Malorie Blackman co-writing) none of them have been memorable.

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