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To think the new Dr Who is totally shite

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Bearbehind · 04/11/2018 19:28

The first female doctor - such an opportunity yet it’s been wasted - she’s crap.

Completely overacted in every single episode.

OP posts:

DishranawaywiththeSpoon · 04/11/2018 22:19

I'm not enjoying her as the doctor, I liked the Christopher Ecclestone and Billie piper series, and I really liked peter capaldi as the doctor. For me the doctor needs to be a bit wiser feeling, the doctor is pretty much as old as the universe and has infinite knowledge basically, and should be this wise, eccentric character not a hyperactive child. I think the script is really really bad and it just doesn't feel very developed. It almost reminds me of like a Dr who comic fanfic rather than actual Dr who.

The series is too educational, it does remind me of a dodgy CBBC drama. Dr who needs to have some kind of scary villains, there s always been a PC edge or an educational edge but it should be much more hidden and less obvious, and second to the story. Rather than just 'racism' normally there's scary monster, with a side note of racism.

I loved the gas lamp ghosts, wheeping angels, gas mask children, the clock people. They were proper scary episodes with a bit more texture, this feels too singsongy and silly. And Jodie just waves her screwdriver at things and solves it, I've barely even noted what the monsters are any of the episodes yet.


Genevieva · 04/11/2018 22:23

The script is crap and the storylines are mono-dimensional. The writers should be replaced.

I think Jodie Whittaker's performance is pretty good considering the script she is working with. Unfortunately that won't persuade me to watch another one.


DishranawaywiththeSpoon · 04/11/2018 22:24

Thinking of killing eve i think Sandra Oh would have made a really good dr. Or Jodie comer for that matter

I didn't even really like Jodie Whittaker in broadchruch, she was very high pitched and simpery, her intonation was off she goes up at the end of all her lines. She seems lovely but I'm not sure I like her as an actress.


LucilleBluth · 04/11/2018 22:25

It's's not JW, it's the PC writing. Compare it to Christopher Eccleston in a leather jacket, all crazy eyes. And Billie Piper in her council flat. It is like a different show altogether.


CountFosco · 04/11/2018 22:38

Well my kids are loving this kids programme. DD2 now knows all about Rosa Parks, they were properly scared by the spiders and both enjoyed this one. I refuse to pass judgement so soon but I did like all the timey wineyness of the Matt Smith era (and loved the music) but more in retrospect when I rewatched than I did at the time.


Walkingdeadfangirl · 04/11/2018 22:40

What was the Rosa Parks episode actually about? I challenge any Dr Who fan to name the alien & why (s)he was was trying to stop Rosa Parks sitting in a bus. What the heck did any of it have to do with Si-Fi?

I think this is the end of the franchise. The PC brigade at the BBC have killed it, lets hope they sell it to someone like Netflix.


FissionChips · 04/11/2018 22:48

Donna Noble was the start of the decline of Dr Who.


SoupDragon · 04/11/2018 22:51

The Rosa Parks episode seemed to have promise that there was more depth to the stories and that the alien would reappear in a future episode. Now I feel that actually no, he's just gone.

It's like they've deliberately made it shit so the female doctor fails. There doesn't seem to be any strength or depth.

And she's dressed like a toddler. Any shot that shows her lower half makes me roll my eyes so much.

And the music is shit.


Walkingdeadfangirl · 04/11/2018 23:36

Any shot that shows her lower half makes me roll my eyes so much,
and the music is shit

The BBC does seem to have dressed her like shit and yea the music is also shit. I wonder are they trying to kill it off for some reason.


MsJudgemental · 04/11/2018 23:41

I’m really enjoying it and haven’t previously done so since Christopher Ecclestone. Maybe it’s because I’m a Northener.........


PolkadotsAndMoonbeams · 05/11/2018 00:05

The p'ting looked like a knock-off Stitch (from Lilo and). The end when it cartwheeled off full of energy and grinning...

DP would also like to congratulate the pilot's fictional mother for managing to have two children about 25 years apart...


BehemothPullsThePeasantsPlough · 05/11/2018 00:05

I can’t believe anyone is having a go at Donna! Just been rewatching her series on Netflix with DD and although David Tennant is chewing the scenery for all he’s worth, Donna is a brilliant character.

I think Dr Who is much better at spanning the gap between generations when it’s properly funny and Chibnall simply isn’t as good at jokes as Moffat and Davies. This series is reminding me too much of The Sarah Jane Adventures, but the comparison is not in its favour (I still really miss Lis Sladen).


bumblingbovine49 · 05/11/2018 00:21

I liked Matt Smith but a lot of the episodes were too complicated and made no sense . Ditto David Tennant series. I didn't watch many of the Ecclestone ones so can't really comment on them.
Peter Capaldi was not for me. I wasn't keen and gave up after a few episodes.

I am however really enjoying the new series. Simpler stories without all those ridiculous supposedly clever interweaving plot lines that actually made no sense. I found it irritating in the extreme.


Sweetpea55 · 05/11/2018 00:25

Shes a great actor but not in this, And TBH Dr Who has always been shite


seventhgonickname · 05/11/2018 00:31

The scripts are awful.No humour no good lines for the Dr.and a sonic vibrator that is used all the time.
Not even good children's tv,the Sarah Jane adventures were much better.And no Christmas special!
Unless they find a decent writer this could be the end.
I loved Eccleston and Tenant but doubt I would have done with these scripts.


ErrolTheDragon · 05/11/2018 00:34

What was the Rosa Parks episode actually about? I challenge any Dr Who fan to name the alien & why (s)he was was trying to stop Rosa Parks sitting in a bus. What the heck did any of it have to do with Si-Fi?

What alien? I thought the bad guy was simply a human white supremacist come back from the future to try to throw a spanner in the works of the civil rights movement. Time travel 'muck around with the past' plots are pretty normal sci-fi fare.


Angharad07 · 05/11/2018 01:48

I hate it when the doctor is portrayed as childlike- the person is bloody thousands of years old ffs. I really enjoyed the complexity of the character portrayed by Eccleston and Tennant. The darkness and the humour was spot on (with Tennant being a bit more upbeat). This new doctor is just a child in a long coat, absolutely amazed and amused by everything and I hate it. I absolutely blame the actor as well as the bullshit script.


Oliversmumsarmy · 05/11/2018 02:00

I think it is trying to appeal to 5 year olds.

Dr who despite being a children’s tv programme was never for 5 year olds.

The script is embarrassing. It is more infomercial than sci fi.

Dd had it on in the background and I almost could hear one of those Charlie the cat infomercials from the 60s/70s
“Charlie says we should be kind to all alien creatures even if they try to kill us”

“Charlie says we should be politically correct at all times”

“Charlie says I should always read the script before accepting a job”


AjasLipstick · 05/11/2018 02:17

Olivia Coleman would have made a good doctor.


shearwater · 05/11/2018 02:22

Completely disagree, I enjoy the programme much more than ever before, as do the kids. Absolutely de rigueur viewing for us now.


steff13 · 05/11/2018 02:26

Olivia Coleman is good in everything.

I thought the guy from the Rosa Parks episode was trying to stop her from refusing to leave her seat, so black people could be kept in their place.

That, of course, overlooks the fact that Claudette Colvin had already refused to give up her seat before Rosa Parks, and that Rosa Parks doing it was inspired by Ms Colvin and orchestrated by the NAACP. So presumably if she hadn't been able to do it that day, she would have done it another.

It bugs me that Claudette Colvin doesn't get credit, especially considering she was only 15 years old. 😞


Colabottle10 · 05/11/2018 02:35

We a started re-watching Dr Who from the reboot with Eccleston and have just finished the second series with Tennant and Rose. Where Rose has been locked into the parallel world and will never see the Dr again. To me, the writing in this series was superb and the storylines complicated enough to have to think, but not overly so.

Totally pisses all over the current series. I want to like JW, but she's being let down by the writing and the companions.


shearwater · 05/11/2018 02:36

Viewing figures are way up on the previous series, and more than Tenant and Smith figures so far.


mortgagemoans · 05/11/2018 02:38

She just seems like Dr Who to me - daft, rushing around, saying non-sensical, pseudo-scientific gobbledegook and wearing shit clothes. Just following the tradition. I HATED seeing Peter Capaldi in a hoodie all the time -but liked him as a performer. I do think there's very little 'depth'. Matt Smith arrived with all the Amy Pond backstory but she's just arrived and is dashing around in a shit outfit. But I do like her and I loved the Rosa Parks episode even though I knew I was being played.

The creature in tonight's episode was very cute but did smack a bit of a lack of budget. The guy that played the REAL Dr tonight was fantastic and I was sad to see him go. My DD was confused about how the male man was going to give birth and I never anticipated a time when Bradley Walsh would be a doula.

It's a bloody absurd programme and good when it knows its audience. I just think the demographic it's concentrating on at the moment might have a penchant for blue hair and dicky bows...

I think it is more of an ensemble thing as well this time. I love the supporting cast but it's interesting that they have chosen to go this route with its first female character. Where is David's Rose, or Peter's Bill or Matt's Amy? Be interesting to see whether anything develops beyond the 'gang' relationships.

Bit perplexed about the comments about her 'Northern-ness' as though that was an annnoyance in itself? How many Northerners are allowed on TV at one time before it becomes too much (for certain people)?!


shearwater · 05/11/2018 02:43

I did enjoy the Eccleston/Tenant and Rose episodes, and Matt Smith had some absolute classics as well, but the writing was always hit and miss for me, and even if I did watch every episode I still didn't know what the hell was going in half the time, and it disappeared up its own arse several times.

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