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Spellings that make you cringe

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jarhead123 · 02/11/2018 22:28

I know some people can't help it, I get that.

BUT I've just seen a photo on FB of a Mum & daughter and someone has comment 'so pressures' - I am assuming they mean precious!!

Any other classics you've seen?

OP posts:

SoMuchToBits · 02/11/2018 23:06

Ds and I were out on a walk today at Felixstowe, and saw a sign which said "Caution, verticle drop"! Shock

It was a proper sign from the Environment Agency too, not just a hand written sign!

We were both rather incredulous.


M0reGinPlease · 02/11/2018 23:07

'We're on route'

Makes my head want to explode every time I see it.


Clarabell33 · 02/11/2018 23:17

Lovely friend of mine writes 'awe' instead of 'aw' on Facebook, as in 'awe, how cute'. She says it every bloody post a lot and I always think 'wow, she's pretty easily awed by things.'


IfeelFloopy · 02/11/2018 23:18

Threw instead of through.


PatchworkElmer · 02/11/2018 23:19

Another for Chester drawers here!!


SassitudeandSparkle · 02/11/2018 23:20

Que (queue), not on MN but crops up a lot on a FB group. Sometimes get cue instead, which is a word.


MasterSensei · 02/11/2018 23:22

Mixing up advice and advise!!! Ugh
Or adding a k onto traffic... traffick 😐


GallicosCats · 02/11/2018 23:24

Your not you’re is my pet peeve.

Correct use of apostrophes: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.


Bringbackbertha · 02/11/2018 23:25

EverythinK.... everythink has been sorted....

Cum out tonite.... it's 1 extra letter to write come and tonight...... ffs Grin


PositiveVibez · 02/11/2018 23:26

Not a pet peeve, but I did see some refer to a brat on here as a 'Pre Madonna'. It was ages ago, but always stick with me.


PippilottaLongstocking · 02/11/2018 23:28

On here earlier I saw someone say they ‘swam to sure’ instead of ‘shore’


Athena51 · 02/11/2018 23:28

Self-depreciating instead of self-deprecating

Not a spelling but I had a meeting with a woman who said pacific and pacifically instead of specific and specifically.



Pieceofpurplesky · 02/11/2018 23:32

Noah fence


Onemorefortheroad · 02/11/2018 23:32

Chat a box.

It's chatterbox 😂


SoMuchToBits · 02/11/2018 23:33

Gallicos, correct use of apostrophes is always good, as is correct use of capitals, e.g. the difference between

Helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and

Helping your uncle jack off a horse.


PippilottaLongstocking · 02/11/2018 23:33

I’ve just seen ‘wright’ instead of ‘write’ in a thread on here too


dustarr73 · 02/11/2018 23:33

Anol,instead of and all.


DaysOfCurlySpencer · 02/11/2018 23:34

Baited breath.


TurkeyBear · 02/11/2018 23:38

Aks instead if ask. It's just fucking utterly nonsensical and makes people sound about 40 IQ points lower.


nbee84 · 02/11/2018 23:40

Makes my teeth itch when I see 'proffesional'

No, you don't come across as very 'professional' if you can't spell the word!


bellanotte22 · 02/11/2018 23:40

Swop. Eye bleeding territory.


Ijustwannatalktosomebody · 02/11/2018 23:43

Pheonix and Pheobe

I know why this happens but they’re just wrong!


dustarr73 · 02/11/2018 23:43

I have a sil who will post on FB.And its all letters.You basically have to decipher what she means.

And i would not mind but some of the words are only short of a letter or 2.But the way its written,hurts my eyes.


CommanderDaisy · 02/11/2018 23:43

He come around....instead of came around
I was sat...instead of sitting
Could of , would of, should of - instead of could have, would have , should have
there instead of they're
Where, were and wear all being mixed up
Principle instead of principal
Stationary instead of stationery
Draws instead of drawers

And for the worst - My Dh and me were.. DS and me - instead of Dh and I, DS and I etc .....drives me nuts. Take the other person out of the sentence folks, and see if using me on its own makes sense e.g Me were - not hard.


CoughLaughFart · 02/11/2018 23:46

Lovely friend of mine writes 'awe' instead of 'aw' on Facebook, as in 'awe, how cute'. She says it every bloody post a lot and I always think 'wow, she's pretty easily awed by things.'

I posted a pic of an old school friend on FB a few weeks back and her mum commented ‘Arrggh, you look lovely X’. I did wonder why her daughter looking lovely would make her scream Grin

Definately, definatly, defiantly... anything that isn’t definitely 🤬🤬

I also hate it when people can’t get a simple expression right. A woman at work who gives out corporate freebies always emails us telling us it’s ‘first come first serve’. Grrrrrr!!! Or ‘The proof’s in the pudding’. No it isn’t!!!

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