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To say it's NOT pronounced like this?

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DaanSaaf · 11/10/2018 21:31


Not cuttle-ree

Sets my teeth on edge. What pronunciations annoy you?

OP posts:
Diva66 · 12/10/2018 22:06


EmperorTomatoRetchup · 12/10/2018 22:31

Jai as in Kai? I live in Scotland and I have never heard this

Standard pronunciation in East Central Scotland

Cellardoor23 · 12/10/2018 22:41


In terms of the word mocha, I used to work with someone who said moh-ca instead of mo-ca. I know dialect has a lot to do with it, but saying moh-ca sounds so pretentious to me. How does everyone else say it? Unless I've been saying it wrong for all these years!

umizoomi · 12/10/2018 22:42

Scots saying that it's J to rhyme with I, rather than Jay.

How would you say JFK (as in the president or airport) ?

Lozz22 · 12/10/2018 22:42

Year pronounced yerr!! It irritates the hell out of me. My gorgeous other half pronounces it like that and I want to punch his fecking lights out when he does!!

pineapplepromises · 12/10/2018 22:54

My MIL says Primart!!!!! Does my head in!!! There’s blatantly no T in Primark however you pronounce it!

Catmeat · 12/10/2018 22:56

How else can YEAR possibly be pronounced?? Confused

umizoomi · 12/10/2018 22:58


Not yerr

PurplePenguins · 12/10/2018 23:00

My name is Jacqueline (Jack a Lin).
I have it when people say Haitch instead of aitch for the letter H.

PurplePenguins · 12/10/2018 23:02

Year can be pronounced year (one syllable) or yee-a (2 syllables) Catmeat

categed · 12/10/2018 23:04

I'm Scottish as are all my family and we say jay like say.
I've heard some people use jai like kai and some say h like hate ch but it isn't that common where i grew up or live now.
So much depends on where you are from and where your parents are from. My dh says berry for burry or to go to a berrial i say burial.

ihopeyoubitchesareready · 12/10/2018 23:05

my mil says. Matt-ta-ress also coo-rt instead of court and coo-r-se instead of course.

ihopeyoubitchesareready · 12/10/2018 23:11

someone should start a Scottish words thread coz ther are so many different phrases and word that have meaning to only us scots. and depending on region dialect is totally different would be interesting to see what things people say in different parts of Scotland.

amusedbush · 12/10/2018 23:33
MrPoppysGF · 12/10/2018 23:52

wink1970, thanks - still around, and considered pretty cool by DS; although a lot more expensive than it was in the late 80's/early 90's!

Noteverythingisabingthing · 13/10/2018 00:42

Not sure if it has been said but Witherspoons not Wetherspoons!

ManaFleet · 13/10/2018 00:56

@tillytrotter1 They mean to different things. You pay homage (hom-idge) to someone with an homage (om-age).

ManaFleet · 13/10/2018 00:57

@tillytrotter1 Sorry - two not to obviously... typing over breastfeeding baby with one eye closed...

BumDisease · 13/10/2018 01:23

" 'I'm awa' to clean the torlet wi'a J cloth' type of thing."
Wtf is a J cloth??

treaclesoda · 13/10/2018 03:35

Christ on a bike someone help me work out how to say drawer not draw, when referring to a chest of drawers, but in a one syllable way with a silent e.


I think this is the rhotic Vs non rhotic thing. In my accent it is very definitely not draw. There is a very distinct 'r' sound at the end.

On the opposite end of the spectrum I think some accents add an R to the end of the word 'draw'. I remember when I was a child and Caron Keating became a Blue Peter presenter and there were complaints to the BBC Points of View programme about her terrible uneducated Hmm accent and my mum spluttering furiously 'if I wrote to Points of View to complain about every time they do a craft demonstration and Sarah Green says you need to 'drawer' a circle, I'd be writing to Points of View every week' Grin

This whole R thing has obviously been a long term can of worms!

shearwater · 13/10/2018 03:43

Draw and drawer are pronounced the same for most English speakers- that's why the old pun "Winter draws on" worked.

Drawers meaning knickers.

treaclesoda · 13/10/2018 03:55

If you hadn't explained that pun I would never have got it. Just as I didn't know until recently (until it was explained on mumsnet) that Shaun the Sheep is a play on words. Because shorn and Shaun don't sound even remotely similar when I say them.

treaclesoda · 13/10/2018 04:02

I feel like I'm being deprived of a world of puns Sad

Blackoutblinds · 13/10/2018 05:42

Treacle my mind is blown. They don’t even remotely sound the same.

AnElderlyLadyOfMediumHeight · 13/10/2018 07:25

The added R thing is called intrusive R. In a former life I taught English pronunciation to non-native speakers studying to be English teachers and I as actually encouraged to teach it because it mitigated the 'clipped' tendency of their native language. (And it's also a source of puns - anyone read 'Cracking Down on Crime' by Laura Norder?) Interestingly, my daughter (3yo, bilingual, only really hears English from me) does it, although I don't model it - her 'drawing' sounds like either 'droying' or 'drawrrring'. Obviously there's a sense of needing a link in there.

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