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To say it's NOT pronounced like this?

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DaanSaaf · 11/10/2018 21:31


Not cuttle-ree

Sets my teeth on edge. What pronunciations annoy you?

OP posts:
Pusheenicorn · 11/10/2018 21:32

I've never heard cuttleree before...

The ones that really get me are "matrass" instead of mat-ress...

And JAI instead of JAY for the letter j.

Actually makes me feel sick.

ScabbyBabby · 11/10/2018 21:34

Isn’t JAI and JAY pronounced exactly the same?

YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:34

JAI instead of JAY is how I say it, it’s how I was taught in school because I’m Scottish.

These threads always descend into slating regional pronunciations, never end well.

YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:35

ScabbyBabby JAI to rhyme with Kai.

ScabbyBabby · 11/10/2018 21:36

I love the diverse range of accents in the UK so nothing really sets my teeth on edge as such.

But I do prefer words like grass, to be pronounced to rhyme with ass as opposed to arse.

BitOutOfPractice · 11/10/2018 21:36

I don't know the difference between the pronunciation of Jay and Jai Blush

Dementedswan · 11/10/2018 21:37

Sorry but it's cuttleree in Northumberland Blush

whiskeysourpuss · 11/10/2018 21:37

JAI is how I say it - apologies for making you sick PP you might want to avoid Scotland

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 11/10/2018 21:37


mybumpismostlypudding · 11/10/2018 21:38

Whiskeysourpuss jai to rhyme with high? I always get so confused by these threads 😂

MacosieAsunter · 11/10/2018 21:38

Cut -lah -ree

Just to be different!

Duchessgummybuns · 11/10/2018 21:38

Expurnation instead of explanation. Ugh.

DubaiismyBlackpool · 11/10/2018 21:39

A family name is often mis pronounced. Makes me stabby
Jack a leen
Jack lin
Even extended family do this.
If you can't pronounce Jacqueline as in Jackleen, say Jackie.

AliceLutherNeeMorgan · 11/10/2018 21:39


Even my own child says it like that. It’s marshmallow fgs!

Mum2jenny · 11/10/2018 21:39

Draw instead of draw-er for a drawer in a cabinet

ScarlettDarling · 11/10/2018 21:39

Hate it!

ScabbyBabby · 11/10/2018 21:40

So is KAI pronounced more like EYE? Confused. Thank you for trying to explain.

Love the Scottish accent!

DaanSaaf · 11/10/2018 21:40

I say marshmellow Blush

OP posts:
Bacardibabe · 11/10/2018 21:40

Lets not even go to almond and are- mond Hmm then....

YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:41

ScabbyBabby aye that’s exactly it! The letter J is called J-eye rather than J-ay in Scotland.

BanginChoons · 11/10/2018 21:42

It's cuttleree.

People round here say hospickle and bockle.

RedDwarves · 11/10/2018 21:42

If you can't pronounce Jacqueline as in Jackleen, say Jackie.

It's jack-eh-lin in Australia, in the same way that Madeleine is mad-eh-lin, not madleen.

YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:42

BanginChoons are you in Lancs?

SleepingStandingUp · 11/10/2018 21:43

.so you say please close the draw-er said same as the person who drew my picture is a drawer two syllables?

tillytrotter1 · 11/10/2018 21:43

When did homage, hom-idge, become home-arge? Pretentious or what!

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