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To say it's NOT pronounced like this?

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DaanSaaf · 11/10/2018 21:31


Not cuttle-ree

Sets my teeth on edge. What pronunciations annoy you?

OP posts:

RedDwarves · 11/10/2018 21:43

My Kiwi mother says "cuttleree". I hate it.


whiskeysourpuss · 11/10/2018 21:43

@mybumpismostlypudding yeah that's right

My sister now lives in Kent & has an awful accent that's a cross between a Scottish her proper accent & a Kent fake one she puts on accent it does my nut in as she pronounces loads of things in a weird wrong way


SleepingStandingUp · 11/10/2018 21:44

So J is pronounced to rhyme with eye not way in Scotland?


belfastbosoms · 11/10/2018 21:44

I used to say "cutleree". Now I'm all posh and say "cut ler ee" a friend said the former to me the other day and I corrected them. I'm such a snob Blush


Plump82 · 11/10/2018 21:44

I had to start saying Jay rather than Jai (in Scottish) because my customers at work are mainly English and they could never pick up what i was saying when spelling things.


YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:45

SleepingStandingUp aye Grin


Boyskeepswinging · 11/10/2018 21:45

Qatar. Almost always pronounced "catarrh" (long second syllable) when it should be "catter" (two short syllables). Even the BBC consistently mispronounces it (clutches pearls). I guess the Pronunciation Unit was disbanded with all the cut backs and my shouting at the radio for decades made no difference so I moved to LBC. Yet to hear how they pronounce Qatar!


MarklahMarklah · 11/10/2018 21:45

Regional dialects I can quite understand but completely incorrect pronunciation is a different kettle of fish. Which should be consigned to the bonfire.

Particularly - 'pacific' instead of 'specific'; 'aks'/'axe' instead of 'ask' and 'crips' instead of 'crisps'.


Spiderdemon · 11/10/2018 21:46

Surely it's Jack-a-lin and Mad-elin?


YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:46

Or to explain it better, when spelling out the alphabet in Scotland, J rhymes with I not K.


SleepingStandingUp · 11/10/2018 21:46

If a person wrote my name is Jai I'd assume it rhymes with way. It's pronounced the same as Jay lol


whiskeysourpuss · 11/10/2018 21:46

.so you say please close the draw-er said same as the person who drew my picture is a drawer two syllables

It's more like drawer said with only one syllable - the e is sort of silent


YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:46

I assumed it rhymed with Kai, I’ve never seen it as a name. Blush


SciFiFan2015 · 11/10/2018 21:47

I'm Scottish. I say J to rhyme with K not J to rhyme with I (alphabet song)


whiskeysourpuss · 11/10/2018 21:48

@SleepingStandingUp & @YeTalkShiteHen my ex was called Jai pronounced the same as the letter J in Scotland


ScabbyBabby · 11/10/2018 21:48

That's interesting YeTalkShiteHen.
Never knew that.

Be proud of your dialect/accent I say, it's what makes our language so fascinating.


YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:49

Oh my brain is getting pickled reading all this Confused


YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:50

ScabbyBabby I am! I think everyone should be. I love that there are Scots words for things that would take 4 or 5 in English, some there are no literal translations for and we use lots of Scots words regularly in our house and local area.


Thatstheendofmytether · 11/10/2018 21:50

Bought instead by brought and vice versa. I get the regional accents make people pronounce things differently but it's a different spelling because its a different word and they mean different things. Was on a thread recently where the OP actually admitted she didn't know the difference! What?!


bershetmelon · 11/10/2018 21:50

When people say arksed instead of asked! Makes my teeth itch every time


NotTheFordType · 11/10/2018 21:51

How do you pronounce (to everyone on this thread)


umizoomi · 11/10/2018 21:51

This comes up a lot and I have never understood the difference between the word draw and drawer (when spoken)

They sound the same in my accent.


YeTalkShiteHen · 11/10/2018 21:52

Library - library

Wednesday - Wenzzday


Deepbreathsbabe · 11/10/2018 21:52

@Thatstheendofmytether bought and brought really wind me up. Even my own mother does it.


Pusheenicorn · 11/10/2018 21:52

I've lived in Scotland for 15 years and only ever heard it pronounced jai three or four times.

Everyone else says Jay!

I'm quite north though...

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