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Fuck off with your big arsed car!

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chickhonhoneybabe · 02/10/2018 20:17

Kind of light hearted...

Not only am I constantly blinded by their bastarding headlights when driving at night, 9 out of 10 times I come back to my car to find that a big arsed giant fuck off car has parked next to my tiny and mega old in comparison car.

Ok I understand that people can park where ever they want, however it really annoys the hell out of me to the point I feel like asking them why the hell do they need such a big car when they’re the only person in it, and do they actually live on a farm? 😂 (I’ve never actually seen more than 2 people in these things and I tend to see more older and retired drivers so my mind boggles why they’d actually need one)

The reason I get the rage is because these cars take up nearly two parking spaces, and therefore park really close up to my car making it difficult for me to see beyond their car when I’m trying to reverse out of a parking space as my car is so small (I can drive it just naffs me off that they always park next to me).

They also don’t seem to give a shit about how close they’re parked next to me. Twice this week whilst I have been sat in my car they have banged their car door into mine and not even acknowledged it. I know I should have said something but honestly if I did the farm and some other random comment about having a big arse would come out! 😂

AIBU to put a sign on my car saying ‘fuck office with your big arsed car!’ When I park up? 🤔

OP posts:

BuggerOffAndGoodDayToYou · 02/10/2018 20:59

I have a big car. I got it for the safety features and rating. Also need the huge boot. Tax on it is only £30 a year! Always reverse into spaces unless I’m putting something big into said boot.


bridgetreilly · 02/10/2018 21:00

That's also a good point about the headlights. Manufacturers need to stop making them brighter and brighter. It's really dangerous, I think.


thecatsabsentcojones · 02/10/2018 21:01

You've reminded me that I so miss my big arse car. It had so much wrong with it I sold it to my mechanic, and it still hurts badly.

I used to hate 4x4's until I bought the fat arsed one to use as a tow car for my business. Then it got us through renovation, and an auction habit, once you get one you realise how useful they are!


ForalltheSaints · 02/10/2018 21:02

I advocate a separate driving test for large 4x4s. If you had to take your test again or keep a smaller car, I expect sales of 4x4s would plummet.


Flaskfan · 02/10/2018 21:03

Big cars tend to be higher, so when they drive up your arse, they flood the care with light. Not only that, but they don't appear to fit on one side of the road round here, so I inevitAbly have to move right over for them.


John4703 · 02/10/2018 21:08

I drive a VW Tiguan which is a 4x4 and I like it as it is great to tow our caravan. I can fit it into any car park space and make sure it is in the centre to give me, my passenger and the cars next to me space.
OP I think your problem is with crap drivers who can't park not with any size of car.


Bluntness100 · 02/10/2018 21:12

These cars are the automotive equivalent of manspreading

Really cause last time I looked I'm all woman and I've a very big arse car. I live rurally where I need to do three miles of back roads to get anywhere and it's a ballache in winter. I'm also an advanced driver and drive/park considerately . It's also bigger than my husbands, which to be fair is also a rather big arse 4x4.

I chose it. I bought and paid for it. I drive it. And yup, I'm all woman, always have been. 🤣


elephantoverthehill · 02/10/2018 21:13

We have only on street parking on my road. There is one fucker with a big arsed car who purposely parks badly and then moves his car so his partner can park. He looks so bloody smug about it. I want to poke him in the eye. I could kind of understand it if she had children/shopping to get out of the car but the thing is they only seem to park on our road once a week. I don't think they live here they possibly just use our road to go to the railway station and avoid the parking charges. And breathe.


Wolfiefan · 02/10/2018 21:15

I have a big arsed car. (And a big arse too! Grin) I am often the only person in it. But I have a giant hound. I need the space.


Degustibusnonestdisputandem1 · 02/10/2018 21:16

@RedneckStumpy believe it or not I learnt to drive in the snow in alpine regions of Oz, with snow chains, no less! Growing up in rural oz I'm also well used to driving in mud/gravel/torrential rain.... Apols for the derail! ('have to admit though it scares me somewhat to see people doing 80mph on the motorways when it's to the conditions, people! 😨 )


Stephthegreat · 02/10/2018 21:18

They annoy me too.I have a small car and find parking easy until big arsed cars park next to me.

It’s become a ridiculous cliche now that everyone has a white 4x4.If you like in the countryside I see the point but seriously annoyed by anyone who needs one otherwise.


StoneofDestiny · 02/10/2018 21:19

Tonnes of big arsed cars where I live. Trouble is car parking spaces are no longer fit for purpose, most drawn up before big arses were everywhere.
I know what you mean OP, if you are unfortunately parked between two, you can't see over them to get out safely, and can't barely get back into your car. I always reverse into spaces - makes it easier (if I can get back in to drive out that is 😀).


Degustibusnonestdisputandem1 · 02/10/2018 21:20

There probably should be a separate larger vehicle/towing licence though (is there a towing licence?....the way I saw people driving in Cornwall summer before last suggests not...... oooh, it's wobbling, better touch the brakes! 🙄 )


Rainbowtrain · 02/10/2018 21:20

Ridiculous. Those cars are ok in America with all the big roads and long drives for supplies if you live remotely.
Ridiculous here.
Absolutely no need.
Drives me nuts.


sirmione16 · 02/10/2018 21:20

How about when they park in the space BUT really poking out into the driving lane space bit. And so the cars parked in the bay opposite theirs CANT GET OUT because there's not enough room to pull forward and turn at the same time EnvyEnvyEnvyEnvy


EnthusiasmIsDisturbed · 02/10/2018 21:21

It isn’t a city car and few need such a car living in a city but make something fashionable and people will part with their money

And far too many people drive them who really can’t manage or struggle to drive a car that size. I think a different license is needed as I so often see terrible driving, parking and lack of spacial awareness of their car

I wish the mayor of London would up the road tax on them considerably


70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/10/2018 21:21

I get the BAC taking up half my space too. I park nicely , in the lines , leave a bit at the back to open my boot. Deliberately park away from priority spaces.
Come back to find someone has parked riiight next to me , usually their passenger door next to my driver door (so they can get out but I cannot get in Hmm )

I am far to old and knackered to climb across my passenger seat .
And as my car has more dents than panels , I tend not to be over careful when I open my door to squeeze myself in.


Rainbowtrain · 02/10/2018 21:22

And there are plenty of 4x4s that can drive through floods and are actually pretty small.
So the "I need a huge range rover" excuse does not compute.
Yow want. You don't need


HostaFireAndIce · 02/10/2018 21:24

On the plus side, 75% of the parents at DS's prep school drive massive 4x4s to the extent that, when they redesigned the car park, they made all the spaces 20 feet wide. You could actually get two of my dear little car in each space - parking is a dream Grin


70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/10/2018 21:24

Wolfiefan you need to trade your huge dog in for a greyhound , I believe they can fold themselves up so tiny they'd fit in a shoebox Grin


Ninoo25 · 02/10/2018 21:27

OP they annoy me too. In supermarkets I don’t find them too bad, it’s when they’re parked on the road and you have to pull out of your driveway or a side road and can’t see past them. Also the headlights bother me too, it’s not that they’re any brighter than on other cars, but that on 4x4s the headlights are higher up and often seem perfectly aligned with my rear window. It’s a nightmare as I seem to live in 4x4 land! (I live in an affluent suburb NOT the countryside btw)


Santaclarita · 02/10/2018 21:27

I had someone recently who had parked their pick up truck at such a squint angle that the back end of it was partially over the back end of my car, so I couldn't get out. I had to go inside work and get them outside to move it. Was kind of funny, but still if you can't park it don't drive it. I've parked my own pick up truck in said spaces and it fits fine.

Just going to point out though, your car is old. If they have no issue banging their car door off your car, I'd be banging mine repeatedly, you know 'accidentally', everytime I got in it.


chickhonhoneybabe · 02/10/2018 21:27

@Tinkobell haha! I like the sound of that!

OP posts:

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet · 02/10/2018 21:27

I live in the Outer Hebrides, so plenty of monster pickups here. I don't have one because I don't need one (nice road right next to all my fields and we only need a small trailer for the sheep) but if access was more difficult then I would.

I don't mind so much about the 4x4's, It's the absolute plague of massive camper van things that block the roads and make parking impossible that give me the absolute rage. I know someone is probably making a fortune hiring the bastard things out, but the narrow roads here are just not suitable for them once you leave the main road (yes, road singular!). There are very few places where you can park them and actually people do mind if you empty your tanks of piss on the shore and park up on their land for the night. Add in the almost inevitable yappy dog chasing sheep and you are guaranteed to be enraging someone every day.


brokenharbour · 02/10/2018 21:28

Hee hee. I was only saying to my friend the other day that I don't understand why people have to buy a fuck off 4x4 as soon as they have one baby - unfortunately it slipped out before I remembered she had one but she's got two children so hopefully she didn't take it personally 😬

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