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AIBU? REALLY dislike those 'heelies' shoes or whatever they are called....

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americantrish · 30/05/2007 13:45

me and ds were in town today and almost got 'skated' or rolled into several times!!
i just don't think they should be used in a very busy town centre during half-term!

OP posts:

DimpledThighs · 30/05/2007 13:46

tbh they are annoying but I would never get pissed off enough to start a thread about them.

Have a friend in A&E and he says there are loads of accidents because of these so refuse to let my children have them.

alos I saw someone on them unintentionally scare an old lady.


Kaloo20 · 30/05/2007 13:46

boo hiss
kill joy


Kaloo20 · 30/05/2007 13:46

my response was to the OP


yorkshirepudding · 30/05/2007 13:47

Message withdrawn


OrmIrian · 30/05/2007 13:47

Tend to agree. My DS has them and he thinks I'm so unreasonable that he can't wear them in town. But same reason as he can't wear blades or ride his bike on the pavement.


Marne · 30/05/2007 13:47

I hate them too, kids zooming around, not looking where they are going and knoking into people


americantrish · 30/05/2007 13:52

oh no, by NO means do i NOT mind them in places where it is safe for children to use them...but on a busy sidewalk or busy shooping centre, i don't think it's appropiate to be zooming about, knocking into people..... there's definitely a place and time to use them.

OP posts:

elasticbandstand · 30/05/2007 13:52

they really really annoy me too, i don't think they should use them in the shops. go to the park!


americantrish · 30/05/2007 13:54

dimpled> i'm not pissed off enough about them to start a thread, i was reading the AIBU threads and thought about it! it takes a LOT these days to really rile me up!!

OP posts:

Lilymaid · 30/05/2007 13:58

Fun at home - a menace in a supermarket/shopping centre - but that goes for children in shops generally!


hana · 30/05/2007 13:59

hate them too
but Im probably just sour old bag
for all the reasons already stated, they do scare me when I child is walking then suddenly glides past, freaks me out a bit


elasticbandstand · 30/05/2007 13:59

children in shops, what a disgrace, should be left at home.. alone


Chopster · 30/05/2007 14:03

I really hate them. They aren't even as obvious as roller skates, so all of a sudden a kid just glides towards you.
dd loves the look of them, but there is no way she is getting them. They can't be good for the foot, trying to skate at that angle. Because they look like shoes people seem to think it is fine to take their kids wherever whilst wearing them. Whatever is wrong with proper skates?!

Mind you I hate seing scooters everywhere too. I'm always shocked at the number of people allowing primary aged school children to scoot to school alongside busy roads. Mine have them, but only for use at the park.


elasticbandstand · 30/05/2007 14:04

i would let them scoot but on the inside of the pavement,same with bicycle


Eleusis · 30/05/2007 14:04

I hate Healy's. I always want to oush the hoodlems over when the skate over my 4 year old at Tesco. Just waiting for the the day she says "Mummy, can I have those?" I'm going to say, "NO!"


thelittleElf · 30/05/2007 14:05

My charges both have them, and i get really annoyed at the amount of black marks they leave on the floor.......especially when i've spent ages cleaning the dam thing! Not only that, they are actually not good for their calf muscles, if used excessively!


Eleusis · 30/05/2007 14:05

And, another thing, they should stay at home with the bloody things until they learn to use them. I think we need licensing for Heely wearers.


kslatts · 30/05/2007 14:44

I'm surprised so many people hate them, my dd has a pair and I think they are cool, I'd quite like a pair myself.


Eleusis · 30/05/2007 14:47

I think it is more to do with the ediquette of where they should not be worn. At my local Tesco kids who can barely stand in them go wizzing by and nok over snall children. That is out of order. If they want to wear them at the skateboard park, I have no problem with that.


tiredemma · 30/05/2007 14:48

Ds1 has a pair- we got them in florida where every child was either wearing Heeleys or Crocs!!

he loves them. I think that they are OK, wouldnt wear them myself of course.

I dont let him 'tear' around in them.


expatinscotland · 30/05/2007 14:48

I fucking hate those damn things.


skibump · 30/05/2007 14:48

Oh I want some too, d'ya think it's ok to get them for a 40th birthday present???


babygrand · 30/05/2007 14:48

When your ds is of an age when she wants them and all her friends have them, then you will think they are fine.


OrmIrian · 30/05/2007 14:49

It's definitely to do with where and when. As I said DS#1 has some but only at home, in our cul de sac or in the park. Not in the High Street. I find them irritating on a crowded pavement in the same way as I would a bike.


twinsetandpearls · 30/05/2007 14:51

I hate them, always some pesky brat getting in my way at the veg counter in sainsburys in them.

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