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For fancying Max Branning?

87 replies

Durdle · 10/05/2007 19:52

Evven though my sister says he looks like a boiled rat..........I luuuurve him...

OP posts:
powder28 · 11/05/2007 17:06

Hey Durdle, you still want to get in his rubbery smelling, greasy, chipolata containing, pants?

nickytwotimes · 11/05/2007 17:06

powder - eeeuuuggghhhh!!
ta for explaination.
i obviously haven't seen as many as you!

powder28 · 11/05/2007 17:07

LOL Nicky

Boco · 11/05/2007 17:13

Oh my God. A greasy sheen to his orange pubes, and a raw chipolata nestled purpley on top.

powder28 · 11/05/2007 17:14

Sounds like he needs to see a doctor!

MrMariella · 11/05/2007 17:41

Leeks. Hmm. Peel back the outer-skin so there is only firm stalk.
Does well coated in butter.

Boco · 11/05/2007 18:26

It's therapeutic to take a leek, peel back the outer layer, lay it gently on the chopping board, sharpen knife, swift sharp chops all along the shaft to the very tip. Fry.

niceglasses · 11/05/2007 18:28

I really like Gordon Brown. Sexily gruff. Yes, I'd do him ( I think!!) He'd find me terribly thick tho. Did you see them all on Newsnight last night saying he was an 'intellectual heavyweight'???

MrMariella · 11/05/2007 18:38


flightattendant · 11/05/2007 19:26

No I missed newsnight. Sadly. Is he going to be PM? That means more of him on telly doesn't it?
I know what you mean though, he'd think I was thick as f*ck too.
Do you think Sarah is very clever? And they talk about inflation at bedtime?
Mind boggles.

Snowboo · 12/05/2007 11:20

Oh dear. This thread is on a slippery slope i'm afraid.

donnie · 12/05/2007 11:23

boak at this thread!

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