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For fancying Max Branning?

87 replies

Durdle · 10/05/2007 19:52

Evven though my sister says he looks like a boiled rat..........I luuuurve him...

OP posts:
Boco · 11/05/2007 12:21


Bananaknickers · 11/05/2007 12:24

Still can't understand how he has a beautiful wife and he is shagging that old scrubber [ yuck] He is not a looker and he is not even charming . I would rather eat a dog poo sandwich without the mayo ( on a diet you see)

flightattendant · 11/05/2007 14:00

Aaaarrgghhhhhhh!!!! I was wondering if anyone IRL actually DID fancy the geezer.
Now I know they do and feel slightly unsettled.

Boco · 11/05/2007 14:51

No don't worry, just one sicko. Other than that it's unheard of.

Fimbo · 11/05/2007 14:55

I am next in line for the sick bucket please

I used to fancy Wicksy (Nick Berry) and had a massive poster of him on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager. I got his autograph in a nightclub once.


flightattendant · 11/05/2007 15:02

PMSL Boco...

suzycreamcheese · 11/05/2007 15:06

ooh..he's really not my cup of boiled rat, would add ginger to that!!

..dont watch it either ...but he used to bring his daughter to playgroup and when he started wearing baseball cap and was on the front of tv listing mags..the penny dropped...

sullen and ginger i would say in rl...takes all sorts i guess

powder28 · 11/05/2007 15:11

I fancy Bradley

powder28 · 11/05/2007 15:11

I used to fancy Martin Clunes and Stephen Fry. I also have a soft spot for Archie the Inventer

Boco · 11/05/2007 15:44

Martin Clunes! Gawd.

I guess someone has to fancy these people. NOt me. NO no.

At least Archie would have his uses as a boyf. He could make you a telescope out of old loo rolls for example.

Laudaud · 11/05/2007 15:46

YAB completely U and extremely misguided

powder28 · 11/05/2007 15:57

Yes, Boco, it is his handiness with a loo roll and a yoghurt pot that does it for me. How the devil did you know?!

Durdle · 11/05/2007 16:39

I'm home from work early and I'm counting down the hours until Eastenders for my nightly dose of max. I can't wait!

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 11/05/2007 16:39


powder28 · 11/05/2007 16:40

I imagine he has a very small greasy penis. Anyone else?

themildmanneredjanitor · 11/05/2007 16:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nickytwotimes · 11/05/2007 16:42

how does a penis get greasy?

Durdle · 11/05/2007 16:43

LOL powder28! That's horrible! How dare you ruin my fantasy! The man is perfect in everyway!

OP posts:
flightattendant · 11/05/2007 16:48

Powder I'm with you on the first three...Bradley is beautiful. Stephen is stunning. And Martin is the Man. (God I really DO fancy Martin, it's got me shaky thinking about him)
But not Archie.
There is something I suspect to be unstable about Archie. It's when he does that surfing song and goes 'Archie yeah' at the end.
I don't know what it is, but it's weirdy I can imagine him being a bit psychotic.

flightattendant · 11/05/2007 16:49

Anyone like Gordon Brown?

nickytwotimes · 11/05/2007 16:49

only his missus

powder28 · 11/05/2007 16:54

Nicky, some penises have a particularly greasy glow to them. They look like uncooked sausages, fact.

flightattendant · 11/05/2007 16:55

Oh took me a minute, I thought you meant YOU liked HER!!!!! (or did you?)
I think he is wonderful.

some more.

flightattendant · 11/05/2007 16:56


powder28 · 11/05/2007 17:05

I bet his pants smell like burning rubber after a days wear and tear....

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