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For fancying Max Branning?

87 replies

Durdle · 10/05/2007 19:52

Evven though my sister says he looks like a boiled rat..........I luuuurve him...

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penmack · 10/05/2007 19:55

i would seek immediate psychiatric help. i think boiled rat is being over generous!

Laurenypops · 10/05/2007 19:55

I agree with your sister!

Durdle · 10/05/2007 19:56

But he's so moody and brooding with a manly swagger...............swoon.....

OP posts:
scatterbrain · 10/05/2007 19:58


Boiled rat preferable methinks !

shonaspurtle · 10/05/2007 19:58

Had to Google him.. but, eeewww yabu!

Durdle · 10/05/2007 19:59

His bushy ginger eyebrows? OH GOD NO EASTENDERS HAS FINISHED! No more max til tomorrow night boo!

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 10/05/2007 20:01

i think i may hurl....
i guess this is what they call an offensive thread title?

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 20:05

These things aren't usually isolated.

Are there any other perversions you wish to be "taken into consideration"?

Washersaurus · 10/05/2007 20:08

Even my DH has just shouted 'YES' totally unreasonable

Quootiepie · 10/05/2007 20:09

oh yuk. I really do not see what everyone sees in him, like he is a soap hotty. I'd prefer Patrick!

tiredemma · 10/05/2007 20:09


southeastastra · 10/05/2007 20:09

he was ok about 20 years ago, what was he in? anyone remember

FlossALump · 10/05/2007 20:11


Durdle · 10/05/2007 20:11

Patrick? Noooooooo!

OP posts:
Durdle · 10/05/2007 20:12

I have another to admit to- Johnny Vegas.

OP posts:
Quootiepie · 10/05/2007 20:13

Patrick vs. Max "bald ginger nut" Branning? Although, Jim vs. Max I'd have to choose Max

allgonebellyup · 10/05/2007 20:13

actually i can see your point, sort of, although his bastard and slimy behaviour has made any feelings there go right out the window..

Durdle · 10/05/2007 20:14

Yeah he is being a bit of a git but sometimes its hard to resist a bad boy.

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 10/05/2007 20:16

this is worse than the gordon ramsay fancying that was going on last night... i'm off for a bath...i feel dirty...

Quootiepie · 10/05/2007 20:16

bad boy = dennis, not Max - yuk! Even Jonny Allen is a bonus compared to Max!

nickytwotimes · 10/05/2007 20:17

i mean dirty as in unclean, btw.
i'm not as sick as you lot!!

Durdle · 10/05/2007 20:18

Nah I never got the Dennis fancying thing- I just couldn't fancy anyone called Dennis (apologise to all those called Dennis)

OP posts:
bonkerz · 10/05/2007 20:19

yuck!!!! now ian beale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 20:19

johnny vegas. You are just being perverse for the sake of it.

Durdle · 10/05/2007 20:21

I'm deadly serious. I have a thing for the 'larger' man. I just really fancy fat blokes.

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