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For fancying Max Branning?

87 replies

Durdle · 10/05/2007 19:52

Evven though my sister says he looks like a boiled rat..........I luuuurve him...

OP posts:
Boco · 10/05/2007 20:23

Durdle i told you you're a freak, now go and have a cold shower.

Durdle · 10/05/2007 20:36

But can I have a shower with Johnny and Max?

OP posts:
scrapper · 10/05/2007 20:54

Go and wash your eyes out with bleach.

[theatrical shudder]

Boco · 10/05/2007 21:22

You'd need to reinforce your floor first, or you'd all end up in the kitchen.

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 21:23

The girl's got it bad. Filling these pages with sexual innuendo. Tsk.

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 21:24

The girl's got it bad. Filling these pages with sexual innuendo. Tsk.

JodieG1 · 10/05/2007 21:26

Yes yabu He is so ugly!

chocolatebirdy · 10/05/2007 21:28

Hes horrible, and he always whispers everything, WHY!

Durdle · 10/05/2007 21:30

Because he's he's baaaaaad, and a bit dodgy, and a cockney. oooohhhhh.

OP posts:
Boco · 10/05/2007 21:44

Yeah God MrM sexual innuendo - who does that!

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 21:48
Boco · 10/05/2007 21:56

I peeled my first mushrooms this evening

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 21:59

No! No!

Snowboo · 10/05/2007 22:00

YUK!!! I think i'd prefer to fancy Bradley!

Boco · 10/05/2007 22:03

And you were right, it did feel therapeutic.

JustTonks · 10/05/2007 22:09

Where is the [vomit] when you need it?

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 22:10

It is!!

It's the delicacy of it. Can get a bit obsessive to do it just right. Not peeling them now would be negligent and slovenly when one knows the goodness of it.

Boco · 10/05/2007 22:15

Absolutely. A rub with a damp cloth or a scrub under the cold tap would feel careless and crude.

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 22:24


Not to say 'cruel'.

SuGaRCoAteDPoiSOn · 10/05/2007 23:23

thank god.. I thought I was the only one

MrMariella · 10/05/2007 23:24

Leeks go well with mushrooms. And fish.

lucyellensmum · 10/05/2007 23:30

ive just watched eastenders, i thought of this post and the answer has to be a resounding YES YABU ,now off you go and find something worth oggling!

Spidermama · 10/05/2007 23:31

I had to google to find out who he was and to me he looks just like William Hague whom I would only have sex with if he gave me three quarters of a million dollars.

maximummummy · 10/05/2007 23:36

more than unreasonable
think you might need to pop down your gp's in the morning
probabally have you safe and tucked up in a secure ward by lunch time

sallyheartshapedstrawberry · 10/05/2007 23:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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