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To want to tell others to do their research before judging!

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Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 10:51

I get stopped every day by other dog walkers.i get rude comments about my parenting because of my choice. I get shocked faces and utter disbelief when asked do I have a pet!
I have a pit bull!
He was not my choice of breed and I didn't even want a bloody dog!
But.... a family member was treating him very badly he was under weight riddled in fleas being hit and attacked by other dogs in the house being given just left over food from whatever takeaway they had that night I observed this for a few months until I was invited to a barbecue five years ago in 30degree heatwave I could hear this dog crying in a room upstairs. I went up to see the dog who was in a boiling room with NO water!
I lost it! And took the dog home that moment to mine !
Iv now had him 6 years he's now a confident gorgeous family pet and we all adore him and he's amazing with my children he sleeps with my 10 year old every night as he hates being alone (naughty I know) and even lives peacefully with two cats!
He's not got a aggressive bone in his stocky body Smile
But nearly every day people stop me and demand I put THAT dog on a lead ( in a huge field) or how could you own such a monster!. Or omg how could you allow such a dog around your children!
I'm so sick of this it makes me so upset Because he's so lovely he's and been given a second chance to be a happy pouch.
I feel like I have to explain his story constantly AIBU to think that people should just mind their own bloody business or do some research on the breed!

OP posts:
Godstopper · 31/07/2017 13:27

It's a pity we can't ban certain individuals who are missing the reasoning part of their brain from various public places.

Oh yes. Jack Russell's. Often vicious little things. Our BT's dog issues began after she was attacked by one. It is often smaller dogs that are the absolute worst.

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 13:28

I took him in six years ago before that I have never owned a dog.
Growing up like Most families we had a Doberman AS A CHILD

OP posts:
Godstopper · 31/07/2017 13:28

Next weekend, Matilda is visiting a major theme park and will be AROUND YOUR CHILDREN during the school holiday's. Best be prepared for a mass dog attack.

YorksMa · 31/07/2017 13:29

I hate breed specific legislation. It is counter-productive, pointless and cruel. But, it is the law of the land, for now. As others have said, if you have an exempted pit bull or pbX, it must be kept on a lead in public. That's the law and you are risking having your lovely dog seized and destroyed by taking it out off-lead. Like I said, the law is stupid, but please don't risk your dog's life by not following the rules. I work with dogs for my job and have seen so many lovely dogs destroyed because owners didn't fully understand/follow the (crappy) legislation

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 13:30

God stopper that Made me laugh

OP posts:
kali110 · 31/07/2017 13:32

Glad you've seen sense op.
You've done a wonderful thing taking him in.
I certainly wouldn't judge you owning him.
However he needs to be on a leash at all times, for HIS own good.
It only takes one person to report him being off lead.
I don't think he's a devil dog simply for being a pitbull mix, however you can see from some of the replies pn here, do you want to take the risk?
He's a lovely dog!
It sounds like he's really coming along with you! Don't be stupid and risk it.

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 13:32

I also found out few years ago that if my dog attacked an intruder he would not be destroyed as he is at home the law only applies when he's out. Which was interesting a police officer told me this

OP posts:
PoppyBucket · 31/07/2017 13:33

Best be prepared for a mass dog attack

With the best will in the world, that's not remotely funny.

Godstopper · 31/07/2017 13:34

How did you survive until adulthood, Mumzzy?

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 13:35

God stopper don't understand post lol sorry

OP posts:
kali110 · 31/07/2017 13:35

We had a Doberman growing up

But I thought you'd never had a dog before.
I really can't keep up here. I'm off.

So you can't see the difference with the person growing up with a dog to owning one? Hmm
Yes going is probably a good idea...

kali110 · 31/07/2017 13:35

Why do people who really hate dogs come onto a dog thread?Hmm

Godstopper · 31/07/2017 13:36

I mean, growing up with a Doberman. Shouldn't you have been savaged to death at an early age?

whereismyparachute · 31/07/2017 13:37

kali110, I just refreshed before posting, I was about to ask if the dog haters have arrived yet.
These threads always attract them. Shocking language used to describe animals too.

Anyone would think that humans are the kindest and least damaging to the planet.

Almostthere15 · 31/07/2017 13:37

Whether the legislation is right or wrong isn't the issue, the fact is your dog needs to be leashed outdoors. And it sounds like he now will, but pp were right to call you out on the inconsistencies.

I don't think the breed is the be all and end all but they are enormously strong and the potential for something to go wrong has bigger consequences if not probability. Especially as he is a rescue with a tricky past. So it's not fair for you to assume that others can feel confident around him (or indeed any dog which many dont).

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 13:37

Oh lol .... well
Good training and patience:) equals good dog :)

OP posts:
PoppyBucket · 31/07/2017 13:38

OK. We had 3 consecutive dogs during my years growing up. I count that as having had dogs, as I was involved in their training, feeding,exercise, vet visits etc.

It's a moot point, I suppose.

PoppyBucket · 31/07/2017 13:39

So you can't see the difference with the person growing up with a dog to owning one? I answered that in a x-post. I don't hate dogs btw.

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 13:41

Can't really train our family Doberman at age 1-10 my mum did not me so he is my first dog that I Myself have owned

OP posts:
Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 13:52

And for everyone saying I took a big risk I disagree. The day I saw him in that room I just saw in his eyes that he was a good boy who ended up in the hands of this horrible abuser! I gave it a weeks trial and saw after just a few hours and a bowl of chicken and rice that he needed me. If I hadn't of taken the risk he would of starved to death I would post a pic of him two days after I had him but it would cause ALOT of distress believe me :( I kept this photo as evidence in case they tried to claim him back ! It was help this dog or leave him to slow death
No one with a heart would of walked away (well I hope not )

OP posts:
Godstopper · 31/07/2017 13:56

More about Matilda (she was spotted in the Fail, and we ended up bringing her home a few weeks later):

Not once have we had an issue. She's had the occasional dog attempt to attack her and done nothing other than trying to get away. Yet she would get the blame. For example, when walking past a house the other week, some type of Jack Russell zoomed out of the garden and tried to bite me, Matilda, and the Border Terrier. You'd think we're safe on the streets, but apparently not. Owner simply said "Sorry about that, she came from traveller's", as if that is self-explanatory.

She's proven herself to be bombproof with children, though we'd never leave either dog unsupervised (children can unwittingly do provocative things).

It is extraordinarily rare for a dog to simply "turn" without any sort of provocation whatsoever, and unfortunately, there is a questionable sort of person who sees Staff's as a status symbol (though it seems to be moving towards Huskies around here ...).

Reality is it's Jack Russell's, Labradors, and Daschunds that tend to top the list of dogs most likely to bite.

StarHeartDiamond · 31/07/2017 13:56

Wrt jaws. Some breeds exert more force than others when they bite and do far more damage. So the potential of serious injury from certain breeds (including pit bulls) is far more than that of other breeds, even if both breeds of dogs attack and bite. Pit bulls have been bred for powerful jaws and have a "hold and shake" bite style which is different to other breeds and causes many more injuries to the same area. A bite from a whippet is not the same as a bite from a pit bull. The arrangement of teeth, jaws and bite style are totally different even if both bite.

Op much as I admire you for rescuing a dog, and he specially sounds lovely, it goes with the territory that pit bill type breeds will elicit more fear and do more damage than other breeds if they do bite. You can't blame the public for not knowing on sight that your pit bull is lovely.

If you met another pit bull would you automatically assume it would not bite, snuggles up to kids etc? Because sadly this and other similar breeds are specifically kept for protection, status and fighting, whereas Labradors and spaniels (for example) are not, generally speaking.

whereismyparachute · 31/07/2017 13:58

Godstopper that story upset me so much, you are a wonderful person, please give Matilda a massive hug from me.

Floggingmolly · 31/07/2017 13:59

He's gorgeous, op, and you did a very kind thing by rescuing him; but you absolutely DID take a risk by taking him into your home with your 4 year old daughter. A huge risk, in fact.
The fact that it's all worked out well does not mean the risk wasn't there in the first place.

kali110 · 31/07/2017 14:02

StarHeartDiamond why would op look at another pitbulland assume it was vicious?
When i see big dogs my first thought isn't that they must be dangerous.

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