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To want to tell others to do their research before judging!

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Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 10:51

I get stopped every day by other dog walkers.i get rude comments about my parenting because of my choice. I get shocked faces and utter disbelief when asked do I have a pet!
I have a pit bull!
He was not my choice of breed and I didn't even want a bloody dog!
But.... a family member was treating him very badly he was under weight riddled in fleas being hit and attacked by other dogs in the house being given just left over food from whatever takeaway they had that night I observed this for a few months until I was invited to a barbecue five years ago in 30degree heatwave I could hear this dog crying in a room upstairs. I went up to see the dog who was in a boiling room with NO water!
I lost it! And took the dog home that moment to mine !
Iv now had him 6 years he's now a confident gorgeous family pet and we all adore him and he's amazing with my children he sleeps with my 10 year old every night as he hates being alone (naughty I know) and even lives peacefully with two cats!
He's not got a aggressive bone in his stocky body Smile
But nearly every day people stop me and demand I put THAT dog on a lead ( in a huge field) or how could you own such a monster!. Or omg how could you allow such a dog around your children!
I'm so sick of this it makes me so upset Because he's so lovely he's and been given a second chance to be a happy pouch.
I feel like I have to explain his story constantly AIBU to think that people should just mind their own bloody business or do some research on the breed!

OP posts:
HappyPixie · 31/07/2017 10:56

Doing research on the breed would not help your argument, I'm afraid.

A quick google reveals "They are responsible for more child deaths than any other breed of dog and following lobbying in many countries have now been banned in most countries and are therefore illegal to own or breed."

KrayKray00 · 31/07/2017 10:56

Yes I agree. I do not have dogs but when I grew up we had a range, Dalmatian, Staffie and a Pit cross. They were the most loving dogs ever. Where as DH family all have Jack Russells, the most yappy dogs ever, they shake when the children are around them and growl I always ask to have them put in another room if we are visiting.

I honestly believe it is the way the dog is raised and ALL dogs are capable of being vicious and can attack regardless of the breed. It's just some people see a "bullied breed" dog and assume they are vicious and illegal.

GeillisTheWitch · 31/07/2017 10:56

Are you in the UK? Because I believe one of the conditions of owning a pit bull (which is a banned breed but there can be exemption) is keeping it on a lead and muzzled at all times in public.

araiwa · 31/07/2017 10:57

Savage reply Shock

whereismyparachute · 31/07/2017 10:58

And in the very same link Hmm

2014 literature review of dog bite studies, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) states that breed is a poor sole predictor of dog bites.[29] Controlled studies do not show pit bulls to be disproportionately dangerous. While pit bull-type dogs are more frequently identified with cases involving very severe injuries or fatalities than other breeds, the review suggests this may relate to the popularity of the breed, noting that sled dogs and Siberian Huskies compose a majority of fatal dog attacks in some areas of Canada.[24]*

MrsMozart · 31/07/2017 10:59

People go by the media, which is always the bad stuff.

We have a GSD and two Rotties. The latter are pups and not going for walks yet, but I know that when they do there'll be some people making comments. We'll counter the comments with our well behaved and gentle dogs' responses. Sadly those that want to see a problem will always see a problem.

MrsMozart · 31/07/2017 11:00

Pressed wrong button. Meant to add - very well done for being kind and compassionate.

Floggingmolly · 31/07/2017 11:01

I think pit bulls are beautiful. But I'd never have one with kids, so on the face of it; I'd be aghast at seeing someone in a park with one accompanied by little kids.

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 11:01

He's a cross (staffy pitt) conditions are neutered and tagged and registered which he is he is not banned or damned to be destroyed! I'm just so sick of people seeing him as a beast! People see them in the media and that's it ! Not all are this way they have a huge stigma attached to them ! Other dogs cause just as much attacks but of course they will not make the news because it's a well known family breed it's bullshit

OP posts:
Awwlookatmybabyspider · 31/07/2017 11:02

Said with the greatest respect, but YABU.
You know or rather believe that he won't hurt anyone, but people in the park with their children don't know that, I'm sure he is a lovely dog, but Even the loveliest of dogs can turn without warning. Plus are they not banned breeds
I don't like to see dogs off the lead either. They are Intimidating.
People will pass judgement due to all the devastating dog attacks on children.
You won't be saying people should mind their own business. If your dog ribbons a child and you end up facing the law, and I stress the word IF.

whereismyparachute · 31/07/2017 11:02

You did a kind thing that a lot of people wouldn't do.

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 11:04

As for the comments about having them with kids that's silly he wouldn't cope without his best friend my 10 year old ! They go every where together

OP posts:
Awwlookatmybabyspider · 31/07/2017 11:05

BTW there's a reserved place in hell for whoever mistreated that poor dog

HiJenny35 · 31/07/2017 11:06

And how many times on the news has the owner said 'the dog never showed any signs of aggression before and was a loving member of the family before it attacked the child and killed it' yes terriers etc can bite however your kid may loose a finger, get a scar, if a pit ball or staff goes for your kid the kid is going to die. Just look at the news, how can you be surprised that people don't want your dog near them and surely you can understand that and should keep your dog on a lead at all times when near other people.

Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 11:07

They asked for him back a few years ago I told them I was willing to go to court to stop that happening people tell me it would be kinder to put him down than take him back to that life ! He would die of a broken heart and my daughters would never get over it ! He's a member of our family now and he knows it lol!

OP posts:
kingfishergreen · 31/07/2017 11:09

In my opinion the problem is not pitbulls (which I have an enormous spot for) it's the type of person who tends to buy a pitbull. Often people who want a fierce looking, tough dog.

They're like plane crashes, air travel is safe but when it goes wrong it goes very wrong.

TheClaws · 31/07/2017 11:09

Mumzzy88 calm down a little! It's clear you love your dog and you did a lovely thing taking him on. However you have to understand that other people don't see him the same way you do as they don't live with him day to day. They see a Pitbull running free around children and, potentially, around themselves. That's frightening. It just is. Do the right thing and keep him on harness in public places.

Notreallyarsed · 31/07/2017 11:10

People make judgments based on what they see in the media. We have a staffy x boxer and people make assumptions about her, despite her being on lead when I walk her (her recall with me is crap, she'll only come back for DP). She's about as fierce as a fly, but demonisation in the media combined with twats making staffs "status dogs" hasn't helped with negative assumptions.
Like any responsible dog owner, I don't leave her alone with my kids, but that's nowt to do with her breed. I wouldn't leave any pet alone with kids.

To want to tell others to do their research before judging!
Mumzzy88 · 31/07/2017 11:12

Any dog can atrack and cause fatal injuries or serious injuries
I'm very aware that my dog is powerful and out of respect I now leash him when I see other dogs and people approaching as i can't be bothered to take more disgust and judgement I don't judge the man with the yappie little jack Russell attacking my dog and ripping an ear! And my dog running away scared no of course not!! But my monster beast of a dog needs muzzling Angry

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 31/07/2017 11:14

If this is why your dog must be registered , neutered and chipped then he should be on a lead when in public. And muzzled. (As a PP said)

Index of Exempted Dogs (IED)
If your dog is banned but the court thinks it’s not a danger to the public, it may put it on the IED and let you keep it.

You’ll be given a Certificate of Exemption. This is valid for the life of the dog.

Your dog must be:

kept on a lead and muzzled at all times when in public
kept in a secure place so it can’t escape

Strawberrybubblebath · 31/07/2017 11:17

I am frightened of all dogs since one bit my brother through his cheek and scarred him for life.
My children are scared of dogs as on three separate occasions as toddlers they were bowled over by neighbours dogs running up and jumping on them and on another occasion sat on a rug having a picnic in a park a dog came up and ate food they were holding in their hands and ran all over the food.
Perhaps dog owners should do their research before they critisise people who don't like dogs! (And also keep their dogs on leads in public places.)

GavelRavel · 31/07/2017 11:21

I judge I'm afraid, purely because of the disproportionate potential for severe Injury from dogs with that type of jaw compared to say a Jack Russell. But then I'm not a dog lover and don't think they should be around young children full stop. I guess you've just got to suck it up and be happy that you are minimising the risk by training your dog well, unlike many people.

DonaldStott · 31/07/2017 11:21

Well I am petrified of dogs and I think dog owners expect people to love their dogs as much as they do.

I would shit myself if I seen a staffie not on a lead.

BouncyHedgehog · 31/07/2017 11:22

Ah you're one of those aren't you? The ones who blithely say 'oh, he's a big old softy, wouldn't hurt a fly' whilst he bounds around off the lead terrifying everyone in the immediate vicinity? The ones who tearfully appear on the news saying 'but he didn't MEAN to maul that baby, if you knew how sweet he was...' Having a pet means taking responsibility for it, understanding that not everyone wants your animal (whatever it is) running around their kids when they don't have any idea what it's temperament is, and accepting that yes, they CAN be dangerous to small kids, even if they don't mean it.

Birdsgottaf1y · 31/07/2017 11:23

""People go by the media, which is always the bad stuff.""

Not everyone does. I had GS. I've mixed with people who have different breeds and understand them.

Every dog is bred for certain qualities, possibly with the exception of greyhounds etc.

Pitbulls have a bit missing (to put it simply) that makes a dog sociable and predictable. This was done deliberately during the initial creation of the breed.

It would be best to let them die out as a breed.

The qualities they have are available in other breeds, which they've been bred from.

You should have him on a lead if other dogs are about and especially if your 10 year old is out with you.

As should the owners of a few other breeds.

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