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The most difficult 'find this song' have been warned

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TinyRick · 29/07/2017 11:48

Late 90's, early 2000s.

British band (from the south) Punk/industrial/rock.

I am pretty sure the song title is 'Generation X'. Lyrics include 'Generation's grown up'

Have googled so much over the years. Only comes up with the old band Generation X.

If someone could find it for me I would be forever grateful.

Challenge accepted?

OP posts:

MargaretTwatyer · 29/07/2017 11:51


mummmy2017 · 29/07/2017 11:54

1977 – "Your Generation" b/w "Day by Day" UK No. 36
1977 – "Wild Youth" b/w "Wild Dub" UK
1978 – "Ready Steady Go" b/w "No No No" UK No. 47
1979 – "King Rocker" b/w "Gimme Some Truth" UK No. 11 (released in five various album covers.)
1979 – "Valley of the Dolls" b/w "Shakin' All Over" UK No. 23
1979 – "Friday's Angels" b/w "Trying for Kicks" / "This Heat" UK No. 62
1980 – "Dancing with Myself" b/w "Ugly Rash" (As "Gen X.") UK No. 62


TinyRick · 29/07/2017 11:54

No :/

OP posts:

FedUpWithBriiiiiick · 29/07/2017 12:00

New Generation by Violent Femmes?


BillyDaveysDaughter · 29/07/2017 12:02

Dubious Brothers?
Mean Red Spiders?


BillyDaveysDaughter · 29/07/2017 12:02

Oh late 90s...sorry those are late 80s. My bad. Blush


MineKraftCheese · 29/07/2017 12:05


DoctorTwo · 29/07/2017 12:06

Is it this? Generation Hexed by Carcass.

VelvetKnickers · 29/07/2017 12:07

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have a song called Generation I think ?


StealthPolarBear · 29/07/2017 12:08

Something by suede


StealthPolarBear · 29/07/2017 12:09

New generation its called


EnidNextDoor · 29/07/2017 12:11

Don't know sorry but it's not the most difficult 'find this song ever as the one I have been wanting to post for a few years is the most difficult one ever. Good luck though!


StealthPolarBear · 29/07/2017 12:13

Go on enid?
Or is it difficult because it's all a tune in your head rather than anything you can articulate?


StealthPolarBear · 29/07/2017 12:14

I have one too but mine is a music video. Posted a couple of years ago but didn't get an answer :(


Veronicat · 29/07/2017 12:16

Pop Will Eat Itself?


AnarchyKitty · 29/07/2017 12:20

Repeat? Manic Street Preachers


Serialweightwatcher · 29/07/2017 12:22

Found this but it's 1982 so probably not right - says 'Baby's grown up' in lyrics


Serialweightwatcher · 29/07/2017 12:33

StealthPolarBear put yours on again


coughingbean · 29/07/2017 12:36

Generation sex by divine comedy?


FreudianSlurp · 29/07/2017 12:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coughingbean · 29/07/2017 12:39

I have a book published in 2000 that has all songs that have ever charted in the uk, 'Generation sex' is the nearest one timewise.


CommonSenseIsNotAllThatCommon · 29/07/2017 12:41

I thought the Divine Comedy too.


MrsOverTheRoad · 29/07/2017 12:50

Hang in there OP! I once asked on here and all I had was literally

"It goes woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah...and give me the something and give me the something"

And someone got it!


StealthPolarBear · 29/07/2017 13:04

Mine is. A music video from the mid 90s I think. A woman with braided hair standing in front of a cliff or maybe a waterfall. Song quite fast paced.
Its not Shakira but that's what keeps coming to mind.


MargotMoon · 29/07/2017 13:07

OP, do you know that they are from that era for certain? Any other clues, e.g. have you seen them live and can describe what they look like, how many members? Or know the names of similar bands in that genre?

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