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To ask what you do of an evening?

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MissBax · 13/06/2017 19:34

What do you all do with your evenings? Once home from work, me and DP cook, eat and then sit in front of the telly for about 4/5 hours! I'd like to say it's cos I'm heavily pregnant, but we've done the same for years. I usually feel too knackered during the week to want to do much, but am very aware how empty it is. I enjoy it, but don't want to confine myself to being a couch potato for the rest of my days.

OP posts:
SovietKitsch · 13/06/2017 23:48

After we've cooked tea, bathed smallest child, got her to bed, got other kids back from clubs, me and DH both work of an evening in preparation for the next day. If we manage to get what we need done by 10.30pm we might watch an hour's TV, but usually working til gone 11pm and often later, so TV is generally only a Friday/Saturday night thing.

toffeeboffin · 14/06/2017 02:25

I love reading these, they are strangely comforting! GrinBrew

Clandestino · 14/06/2017 03:47

When the weather is nice, we would be outside, playing piggy in the middle or soccer or go for a walk in the park.
Other than that, cooking, doing the washing, cleaning, I watched the TV for an hour yesterday but that was mostly because I was so tired I couldn't get up from the sofa while DH brought DD for a swim.

UsedToBeAPaxmanFan · 14/06/2017 03:56

I go to the gym.moat evenings unless I've got a meeting. So, home from work around 5.30,, snack, cook dinner for rest of family (my choice, I love cooking). Sit with family whilst they eat and hear about their day. Leave house at 18.45 to go to gym. I am usually there for 2 hours so get home about 21.15. Then shower, maybe another snack, cup of coffee in front of news at 10, then bed.

Dh usually either works or does housework for 2 hours after dinnet. He does all the ironing. He then goes for a run about 3 times a week, usually about 20.30 then gets back just after me.

Apart from.the news, we never watch TV together. We ocasionally watch things on catch up on our tablet when we're in bed but I invariably fall asleep!

BigYellowJumper · 14/06/2017 04:01

Meet friends for dinner sometimes.

Go for a walk.

Play a game eg Scrabble Monopoly.

Shag Wink

Tidy up a bit or do ironing.

Go to the shops for whatever we need.

Pretty often just chill and watch TV or go online but we're trying to get out of that habit.

We try to do as much boring stuff in the evenings as we can so that weekends are free. Quite hard when my husband works late (usually not home til 9 or so) but it is doable.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat · 14/06/2017 05:46

5pm: express breastmilk while watching 3 kids.
5:30 DP arrives home and I cook dinner.
6pm: Family eat. I feed DTs while eating and DP tries to get DS to eat but he mostly runs around the room.
7pm: pump milk & read to DS while DP gets DTs ready for bed.
7:30: Shower with DS and get him ready for bed while DP feeds babies.
8pm: alternate with DP to do bedtime and stories with DS or bounce DTs to sleep and put them in cribs.
8:30/9pm: Housework.
10pm: pump milk and watch tv with DP, glass of wine for him, ice cream for me.
11-midnight: bedtime.

This is why people say to get out to the cinema or wherever before you have children.

OliviaStabler · 14/06/2017 05:59

Get home about 5:30, I prepare dinner, wash up, do my emails and prepare my clothes and breakfast for the next day. Play with my cat, might have a food delivery or put some washing on, have a bath, have dinner them settle in front of the TV for about 2 hours before bed.

TinyRick · 14/06/2017 06:00

Gaming together usually. Or watch a few episodes of a series.

theclick · 14/06/2017 06:13

Right now I'm pregnant.

Cook or finish cooking what I had prepped at the weekend
Go for a run if DH still not home. Sometimes I go even if he is.
DH returns home. Eat around 7.
Wash up, tidy kitchen.
Watch TV, look at furniture online, waste time on mumsnet etc - 8-10
10pm - go to bed

Usually I would be at the gym after work but now that baby is on the way I just find I don't have the mental capacity and a run is easier.

BitchQueen90 · 14/06/2017 06:58

I'm a single parent of DS 4. I pick DS up from nursery at 3pm. We walk home, get back about 3.30pm and I'll cook dinner while he has some TV time (terrible mother alert). Sometimes he comes in and helps me cook. We eat quite early (4.30-5pm depending on what I'm cooking and how long it takes). Then we usually do something together like building lego, playing a board game, etc. I work nights 2 nights a week so if I'm working I will bath DS about 5.30pm and get him to my mum's for 6.30 then I start work at 7pm. If I'm not working then bath time is a bit later and DS is in bed at 7.15, we read a story then lights out at 7.30.

Then I go and collapse on the sofa and watch TV all evening. Sometimes wine and snacks are involved.

If DS is at his dad's and I'm not at work I see my friends or FWB comes over. Grin

heron98 · 14/06/2017 07:04

No kids here so it depends.

Sometimes I meet friends after work, but most of the time I read, play guitar or go online.

Last night I slept between 630 and 830, got up and had tea and went back to bed!

I am getting up at 430 at the momment for work though so never have much energy.

MyOtherNameIsTaken · 14/06/2017 07:09

Dinner, feed the geese, walk around the (large) garden, read, watch some tv.
I might do some knitting or glass cutting, OH might look at model railway vids. Pretty boring stuff but we're usually cream crackered by the evening anyway so happy to chill.

PeanutButterIsEverything · 14/06/2017 07:23

Crochet/knitting is a great excuse for vegging in front of the TV but you are also doing something constructive!

Blinkyblink · 14/06/2017 07:27

Pre children
Gym or run or yoga
Or out for dinner with Dh
Or meet friends for drink
Or go to a talk (lived in London so always on)
Bit of tv

Post children
TV / read / chill
Occasionally go out

Pleased I've had both experiences because otherwise I think tv/read/chill would now seem a bit stale

Jupitar · 14/06/2017 07:29

I get home from work then have 1 hour until I have to drive my daughter to her gymnastic training, it takes an hour to get there, there's no point going home again so I stay there 2 hours and then drive her home again. Get home at 9 and start making dinner, we do this 3 nights a week, so I look at you coach potatoes with utter envy

Westray · 14/06/2017 07:30

DD has extra curricular activities 5 days a week, needing lifts at 9pm.
I catch up with emails, sometimes watch TV ( but not often) work if I am very busy, or do small tasks like sewing, clothes repair etc.
Saturday evening I drink wine and chat to OH. that's our only time together in the week.

hellokittymania · 14/06/2017 07:39

It really depends, I have very strange sleep cycles. I am going to bed at a normal time this week, and I have two events to attend tomorrow and Friday and would like to go to the voluntary serve workshop day at the weekend, so need to be awake in the morning.

I also don't like being out after dark, which isn't such a problem in the summer. Usually, if I am at home in the evenings, and awake, I will cook dinner, read, I have a few friends who I teach English to on Skype, so sometimes we will have a language class, or sometimes I will watch Netflix.

I like watching YouTube first thing in the morning, or right before I fall asleep. Or Netflix.

thedcbrokemybank · 14/06/2017 07:43

We have 4 dc so life is never quiet and we rarely watch any TV. The dc do activities on most evenings so by the time they are all in bed it is 9. DH or I will be playing sport 1 or 2 nights of the week each. DH is currently working in a project and works most nights until 11 after the dc in bed. I am at uni, have a small business and am a Chair of Governors so will also often work. If we aren't working we will do housework. I am looking forward to a time when we get some proper downtime.

swimmerforlife · 14/06/2017 07:56

I get home at about 6:30, have dinner with DH (who's a SAHD). Then I put the kids to bed at 7:30, read a story etc. By that time its 8pm, then I'll do some chores.

8:30pm, DH and I watch some telly until about 10ish, head off to bed and just relax for an hour in our room (I generally do some sewing in that time, if I'm not too knackered.)

Friday or Saturday night, we might go out with some friends or just as a family. Otherwise we stay at home with a takeaway and a movie etc.

Sunday night I'll go to the pool for some exercise.

teaping · 14/06/2017 08:09

I get home from work about 7.30pm so cook dinner, eat, clear up, usually an hour of tv and then bed. Back up at 6, out the door at 7 and the whole cycle starts again!

nannybeach · 14/06/2017 08:14

This time of the year, dinner around 6 when DH gets home from work, tidy up, water garden, sit in conservatory reading papers (him) book (me) he has to get up at 5 for work, so goes to bed at 9, then if I have recorded anything on TV I will go and watch it after hes gone to bed. Before I retired I worked night with a 90 minute drive, so that was my early evening, started work at 7.30pm

AVY1 · 14/06/2017 08:15

Board game then bedtime routine with DD. We eat then TV or film, do yoga or a YouTube workout together, we craft a bit too - I weave, knit, and spin. He likes making mini models or we do printmaking together. A couple of times a week I go a bit OTT with tidying and cleaning downstairs. We've recently started making the effort to go out one night a week as we've not been having any couple time at all.


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MissBax · 16/06/2017 08:33

Really enjoyed reading these everyone, thanks for getting involved :) think I may start another thread about morning routines. I find people fascinating and love to hear how others live!

OP posts:
confusedofengland · 16/06/2017 08:48

Once DC are in bed (8pm or so) most nights DH & I have dinner & watch TV. Once a week I go swimming, if DH is home in time to look after DC (pool closes at 9, sometimes he doesn't get in until 8.30, pool is 10 minutes away by car, so no point going then). Once a fortnight or so I'll go to Tesco, much easier to shop then than with DC in tow Grin. Occasionally go out with friends (maybe once a month).DH tends to go out once a week or so.

GrapesAreMyJam · 16/06/2017 14:43

I get home from work at 7.30, normally spend a bit of time with DP then play a popular game on the computer for a few hours

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