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To ask what you do of an evening?

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MissBax · 13/06/2017 19:34

What do you all do with your evenings? Once home from work, me and DP cook, eat and then sit in front of the telly for about 4/5 hours! I'd like to say it's cos I'm heavily pregnant, but we've done the same for years. I usually feel too knackered during the week to want to do much, but am very aware how empty it is. I enjoy it, but don't want to confine myself to being a couch potato for the rest of my days.

OP posts:
Firenight · 13/06/2017 20:00

In from work 7-7.30; straight into kids' bedtimes. If I'm lucky they are down by 8.30 - 9, then I grab a shower while DH cooks. By 9.30 I might get to have a bit of evening, usually half an hour with a cup of tea and some sewing before getting packed meals and clothes ready for the next morning.

Would love 4-5 hours free! I would sew and crochet and read and, this time of year, work in the garden.

SharkSkinThing · 13/06/2017 20:05

DS in bed asleep by 8pm.

One night I do yoga and another I swim. Four nights I study until 10pm, then half an hour of tv/internet surfing. Fridays I start drinking at 6pm and have a proper evening off (until at least 9pm, woo hoo!).

MissBax · 13/06/2017 20:07

Gosh I'm glad to hear most people are as idle as me 😉 I'm forever seeing other women I know on instagram or whatever baking with their kids, making crafts, going for 10 mile runs, keeping the house perfect and still looking pristine whilst doing it all. I thought I was a lazy mess in comparison, but now I feel right at home.

OP posts:
JoshLymanJr · 13/06/2017 20:08

From when I get home (6.30) to dcs bedtime (8.30) it's books, homework, board games, baths, supper, washing dishes, tidying up and getting Dcs ready for bed.

After 8.30 I sometimes do the ironing, do 45 mins of weights and get as much PlayStation as the rest of night leaves me with (usually start thinking about bed at 10pm). On Saturdays DW and I open a bottle of wine and watch a film or a few episodes of a boxset.

CaulkheadUpNorf · 13/06/2017 20:11

The gym, or something like bouldering/kayaking/trampolining. I have a fairly sedentary job and hate just sitting round all day.

After that either knitting/sewing/crochet with a film or board games with friends. Sometimes baking or making meals for the rest of the week.

I don't have a tv any more so that makes a difference.

CaulkheadUpNorf · 13/06/2017 20:12

I do two nights of volunteering and two of church meetings/events so that fills up a lot of time. My house is generally a mess still.

sweetbitter · 13/06/2017 20:13

6.30 - 7 Get home from work

7 - 8 Workout /shower or read or play instrument

8 - 9 Cook dinner (I love cooking and try lots of new recipes) with Netflix keeping me company

9 - 10 Eat dinner with DP while watching an episode of whatever TV series we're on

10 - 12 Watch another episode of TV series if we want, or chat, or I have a bath and read and he plays video games

12 - Bed

GreenPetal94 · 13/06/2017 20:21

I do volunteering on a Monday 6-9 (which leaves dh to cook the tea etc). About one other night I go out with female friends to cinema, pub, book group etc.
I speak on the phone to family who are all 100s of miles away.
Help older kids with homework, projects etc.
Watch normally one series 10-11pm with dh.
Play computer games etc..

lazycrazyhazy · 13/06/2017 20:23

Same here though we eat at 7 and go to bed at 10ish so don't have as long an evening. We are morning people though. My friend starts hoovering at midnight but can't get up in the morning. Vive la difference!

Joffmognum · 13/06/2017 20:25

Partner has spent the last 2 hours cleaning his bike Hmm but I've been playing with the baby and going on my phone

Eolian · 13/06/2017 20:30

I love a bit of sitting watching tv, but not for 4 or 5 hours! Dh and I watch an episode of whatever series we've got on the go most evenings. Never watch actual current tv though - we occasionally flick through the channels but can never find anything that isn't crap. We have more like 3hrs between dinner and bed and usually have a bit of work to do, read or something.

AwfulSomething · 13/06/2017 20:32

Shift worker so usually working.... probably get one or two evenings every ten days where I can watch telly, exercise, pub, gigs, theatre etc.

Sandsnake · 13/06/2017 20:35

We both get home after 18.00 usually. DS goes up to bed around 19.00 and is typically down by 19.30 - 45. Then cook and eat dinner before sitting around watching TV / internet / reading before bed.
I keep feeling like I should do more but after work it just doesn't appeal!

Ragwort · 13/06/2017 20:36

I always seem to have endless paperwork as I am on a few committees so it's either a committee meeting or admin; sometimes I go out for a walk which I enjoy now the evenings are so light. I find I can only concentrate on one tv show a night, I can't surf from programme to programme. I spend far too much time on mumsnet Blush.

EverythingEverywhere1234 · 13/06/2017 20:40

I have EDSIII so I'm a bit limited but generally;
Get home
Walk the dog
Unload the dishwasher/laundry if needed
Load the dishwasher/washing machine if needed
Cook for tea
Pilates while tea is cooking
Watch a couple of episodes of whatever box set we're currently on or I write (aspiring fiction author) and he does whatever then off to bed to read for me... him to trawl through ag machinery magazines 😂

I'm 23, he's 25, no children yet.

Tazerface · 13/06/2017 20:42

Tonight I'm painting my nails and playing Xbox.

Most nights involve tv and book at some point.

Rinkydinkypink · 13/06/2017 20:44

Dinner, homework, play, bath, bed by 8pm. Then I either tidy up, put a load of washing in, set bread maker for morning. Get bags ready for dc while dh goes for a run, cleans his bike, faffs on with anything. I'll garden if I can be bothered. We try to watch TV together but we tend to be so tired that by 9 I'm feeling sick and uncomfortable so I go to bed. Dh sometimes comes and has a shower and we read for a bit. Otherwise it's flat out asleep.

PumpkinPie2016 · 13/06/2017 20:46

I get home, makes dinner while doing a few housework tasks and sorting clothes and bags for next day. Bath DS and read him stories in bed.

Then I get on with work - marking or planning.

During the week I rarely have time to do anything else.

TheFrenchLieutenantsMonkey · 13/06/2017 21:00

From when DH gets in at 6pm. We eat, bathe the kids, then I start the bedtime. DD1 (and possibly DS) have ASD and are world class faffers at bedtime. Start at 8pm usually down by 9.30-9.45pm. DH will go on his xbox while i do the bedtime routine then will keep playing til about 10pm ish. I'll play on my phone/Facebook/MN Then we will watch TV/DVD/Netflix from about 10-11.30. Then I'll read in bed or MN etc until maybe 2 or 3 am once I know kids are settled for the night. I'd stay up but DH likes us to go to bed together. Shit.. .my life is dull written down!

witsender · 13/06/2017 21:04

Kids go to bed about 8, we go to bed around 10. I have a tidy and potter for half an hour, then sit down. Am pregnant and this heat is exhausting, especially running around after two energetic, home educated kids all day! Tend to read, crochet, play on the internet, do internet banking etc. Watch a film, listen to music, chat to DH. He does the same.

ScrumpyBetty · 13/06/2017 21:47

Dishes and chores. DC bedtime. Walk dog, sometimes run. Practice piano. Crochet and listen to podcasts/ read or if very tired watch telly.

wooster16 · 13/06/2017 21:47

I regularly work until 8pm and by that time I'm too tired to do anything. Need to sort that out...


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Hisnamesblaine · 13/06/2017 21:49

I've been glues to the box since emmerdale. D.s in bed and d.h just going up. I'm guna catch love island on +1 while finishing the Pringles........... I really must cancel my gym membership. Haven't been for 5 weeks!!!!

leccybill · 13/06/2017 21:49

Planning and marking, about 2 hrs per night, every night. One eye on the TV though.

user1471443504 · 13/06/2017 21:54

After kids are in bed I sort out bags and lunches for the next day and check uniforms and clothes are ready to put on in morning. I might tidy the kitchen and load dishwasher . We always sit in front of the tv but we are both usually doing work on our laptops too which we are doing right now.

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