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Turner away from nursery

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Mulch · 12/06/2017 12:17

I don't know if it's my pmt and I've not had breakfast yet but I've just been to view a nursery to be told they can't show me around and to come back later as their having lunch.

Reason why I ask is after working In a care setting, it didn't matter how busy we were or what we were doing if someone came to visit we'd juggle things round to make time for them. People could turn up at any time.

OP posts:
Tanith · 12/06/2017 20:31

I hate parents turning up at mealtimes: it's so disrespectful!

How would you like someone wandering round and disturbing you while you were trying to eat your food? It's incredibly distracting for little ones.

Amanduh · 12/06/2017 21:27

It isn't a matter of it being 'Inconvenient' to them. It's the law.

Fruitcocktail6 · 12/06/2017 22:15

What's the law?

BillSykesDog · 12/06/2017 22:20
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