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Help - toad screaming in the sofa! AIBU to call DH to come home?

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Aquablu · 12/06/2017 11:53

I know this sounds dramatic, but AIBU? I have a phobia of frogs and toads. I can and have dealt with the odd stray mouse but amphibians - no.

On Friday, I was on the house in my own and I heard what I thought was the kitchen back door creaking on its hinges, but it was a weird noise. I went in there, only to find a massive toad in the middle of the floor. I just froze - I can't even bring myself to look the things! It was making this unearthly squeaking noise and the cat seemed scared of it.

I was late for a wax appt, so I just went and shut it in the kitchen, leaving the back door open and put the cat in the front part of the house so he couldn't get to it.

I also thought I heard a kind of croaking like an echo coming from the living room, but I had to go.

When I came back the thing had gone thank god. There is nowhere it can hide in the kitchen. The dishwasher and cupboards were shut, so it must have hopped outside. DD's Nintendo DS sometimes makes weird noises, so I thought the other noise in the living room must have been that vibrating or some kind of alarm.

We've been away for the weekend, but today, to my horror, there is the same screaming sound coming from the sofa in the living room! There must be a toad in there that was calling to the one on Friday in the way they do across ponds. I can't bring myself to pull the cushions off in case it jumps! It could have been lying flat for god knows how long.

AIBU to call DH to come back from work asap to get the toad out? He's meant to be going to the airport at 4pm, then he's away until Fri. I can't live like this until then! AIBU or is that too ridiculous? I can't ask the neighbours.

OP posts:
ChardonnaysPrettySister · 12/06/2017 14:13

Poor little toad.

Notthecarwashagain · 12/06/2017 14:18

I saw this thread title and didn't want to click on it in case it was bad news for the toad Then I couldn't stop imagining the worst so had to have a look- I'm so glad the toad is ok, and that you are now too!

Well done to your DH!

hoddtastic · 12/06/2017 14:19

i think you are my new fave poster OP :D

MissDuke · 12/06/2017 14:21

Fantastic job, Mr Aqua is definitely awesome. Woo hoo, Mr Toad gets to live another day!

PommePoire · 12/06/2017 14:25

So glad your DH was able to come and the toad has the chance of recovering.

I had this once, the cat brought a toad into the kitchen, and dropped it at my feet as I looked on in total horror, and then sauntered off. I was rooted to the spot with fear. I didn't know toads can't jump and thought it would leap up at me if I tried to catch it. I just watched aghast as it crawled and hid behind the washing machine.

With literally no thought about the fact I was only wearing a nightshirt with a picture of actress, Sarah Lancashire, playing barmaid/supermodel Raquel in Coronation Street on the front, I ran out on to the street and startled the postman with a request for help, which I suspect was largely in gibberish.

He gallantly rescued me from the toad (or maybe the toad from me?) using the dust pan and brush. It took quite a lot of patience and coaxing. I was so grateful and flustered, I hardly knew what to say to him. For some reason I offered to phone the Royal Mail depot to explain he'd been helping me, so that he didn't get into trouble for being late back from his round. His turn to look horrified, he seemed to blush slightly and as he rushed for the front door, he said 'No, please don't do that we're not supposed to respond to invitations to enter a property and they'll assume I've been up to no good!" There was a brief eye meet where the implications of this statement sunk in and I looked down at Sarah Lancashire/Raquel. I think I said something like "I see" in a mortified voice and off he went. Leaving me toad-free and thankful.

You need to give your DearCat a talking to, OP!

TabascoToastie · 12/06/2017 14:25

V tempted to change my username to ToadSecured.

Rachel0Greep · 12/06/2017 14:27

Oh bless your DH. I don't have a phobia about them, but I felt sick for you, iykwim. I would be calling for help too. Glad it's resolved.

Fl0ellafunbags · 12/06/2017 14:28

He's going to Germany now

That's a bit of an overreaction after seeing a toad!

I've got a tattoo of a frog on my back. I won't show you.

Rachel0Greep · 12/06/2017 14:29

Love your story Pomme Grin

kaytee87 · 12/06/2017 14:29

pomme that's brilliant 😂😂

Grandma14 · 12/06/2017 14:30

Glad Mr Toad was freed. Well done Op
I wouldn't encourage any cat or dog to get near one, as our cat found a toad in the garden, tried to pick it up, and ended up foaming at the mouth, and running around in circles, very agitated. Toads apparently ooze nasty tasting stuff on their skin when threatened.
After a hasty late night vet call, I was advised to wash the cat's mouth out with lots of water (!!), to clean the toxins away.
Cat recovered quicker than my scratched and clawed hands and arms did...

BitOutOfPractice · 12/06/2017 14:31

The only frog I want on my sofa

Help - toad screaming in the sofa! AIBU to call DH to come home?
FloofyCat · 12/06/2017 14:31

Vix why would you post a photo of something on a thread where OP (and lots of others!) is terrified of them? It seems a bit thoughtless at best, and dickish at worst.

Ugh aqua I sympathise so much and glad it's sorted. I have a phobia of certain things (can't even type the word!) and when there was one of them in our house I just scooped up DD and ran outside. This was pre mobile days but luckily there were workmen digging up the road and they went in the house and removed said terrifying item Grin

Sadly it was before MN too otherwise it would have been a great thread! Actually inviting workmen into my house, with a toilet there and everything!

My sofa wasn't as nice as yours though

LizTaylorsFabulousTurban · 12/06/2017 14:32

Oh Pomme that's marvellous and I now want a Sarah Lancashire nightie of my very own.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia · 12/06/2017 14:33

I am in London over the weekend if your cat repatriates the toad to the sofa!

I like them, dh brought one in from the garden path to show me once! I took a photo.

Well done to Mr Aquablu!

anotherdayanothersquabble · 12/06/2017 14:34

Superhero DH to the rescue!!!

FoofFighter · 12/06/2017 14:35

@TabascoToastie - or TabascoToadie Grin

Well done OPDH :D

kali110 · 12/06/2017 14:35

Poor thing Sad hope he's ok
would be tempted to get a needle and poke the little shit
Yes because that is a lovely thing to do Angry

Aquablu · 12/06/2017 14:37

Hilarious Pomme Grin

Yes DH is very good with things like this. Only a few weeks ago, he had to take a mouse (alive) to the bottom of the garden. Next thing I see him crouching at the bottom of the garden (in boxers only and no shoes for all to see Confused). He said he had gone back out because the mouse was in shock so he took it some cubes of Edam cheese "to get its strength back" Grin

Thanks hod. What a day and I haven't even been out!

OP posts:
PommePoire · 12/06/2017 14:37

Thank you! LizTaylor, RachelO and kaytee

Beneath her smiling face it bore the legend "Je m'appelle Raquel, et je suis une supermodel." With the benefit of hindsight, I suspect that was the most alarming part for the poor postman.

PommePoire · 12/06/2017 14:38

X Post Aquablu Your DH is a friend to all animals then! How lovely of him.

PeachPearPotato · 12/06/2017 14:39

justmadeperfect she can't ask the postman! Who would believe him 'I was just getting a road out of her sofa' Grin. That would get the neighbours going!

OhGood · 12/06/2017 14:40

Brilliant thread, beautiful sofa, alive toad, lovely DH, happy ending :)

PommePoire · 12/06/2017 14:42

PeachPearPotato Wink Grin

Radishal · 12/06/2017 14:43

Edam for the mouse. Now you're just boasting. He sounds ace.

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