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AIBU to go to someone's wedding and wear white

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BollockyBollocks · 14/09/2015 19:49

When they came to mine in white very recently?
Yes, I know it's petty and I should do the grown up thing but it pissed me off quite a bit.
It was a very white, very wedding type dress.

OP posts:

TheRealAmyLee · 14/09/2015 19:51

Yes you are. They will have been judged and dreamed an ass by 90% of your guests. Most of their guests will do the same to you. Don't stoop to that level.


cocobean2805 · 14/09/2015 19:51

Only if you also wear a veil and carry a bouquet. go big or go home


ImperialBlether · 14/09/2015 19:53

I wouldn't go to the wedding of a woman who wore a wedding dress to my wedding!


DirtyMugPolice · 14/09/2015 19:53

If you're doing it to spite her then yes Yabu. Do you even like this person?!


ShouldHavenotOf · 14/09/2015 19:53

Yes, very.

Rise above it. White rarely looks good on anyone, anyway.


definiteissues · 14/09/2015 19:54

Yes, yabu, being spiteful is not a nice trait


eddielizzard · 14/09/2015 19:54

ah no don't. no point you being in the wrong too.

i would be just as annoyed as you. what a crap thing to do.


ShebaShimmyShake · 14/09/2015 19:55

No no no, don't sink to her level. Just get her a shit present and go to town on the free alcohol.


TestingTestingWonTooFree · 14/09/2015 19:55

You know yabu. She might not mind (she shouldn't unless she's a hypocrite) but most people women will think badly of you.


sooperdooper · 14/09/2015 19:56

If she wore white to yours I'm guessing she just doesn't care about that as a tradition so if you're trying to wind her up its utterly pointless


SchnizelVomKrum · 14/09/2015 20:00

Er... yeah, go for it if it makes you feel better. Personally, I wouldn't even notice, I don't think, but then I never understand the big deal about these things.


Mulligrubs · 14/09/2015 20:03

YABU of course, yes she's pissed you off understandably but if you do the same it'll be you who looks like a bitch. Rise above it and all that.


FinnMcCool · 14/09/2015 20:05

Wear black instead.


TheOddity · 14/09/2015 20:07

Just try and look awesome instead.


Scholes34 · 14/09/2015 20:10

Isn't it time to start an FAQ page for AIBU?


Sunshineandsilverbirch · 14/09/2015 20:10

It's important to maintain the moral high ground at all times I think.

However there is nothing wrong at all with doing your best to look showstoppingly gorgeous (obviously)...


BollockyBollocks · 14/09/2015 20:16

Right. Moral high ground it is. You're right, I'll just have to make sure I look as good as possible and just enjoy the day and yes, I know no one else is bothered by these things but it did bother me. So I'm petty like that. That's fine. I can live with that Smile

OP posts:

ollieplimsoles · 14/09/2015 20:19

How do you know each other op and what was the dress she wore like?


ChipsandGuac · 14/09/2015 20:20

Wear bright red. That's much more eyecatching!


Hepzibar · 14/09/2015 20:22

Of course YANBU, she wore white to yours, so she is is clearly fine with it.


m0therofdragons · 14/09/2015 20:22

Wear black funeral attire with black veil.


annandale · 14/09/2015 20:24

You could make a more subtle point and wear white jewellery like Pat Butcher like pearls or a white enamel brooch.

Or in other news, you could decide to meet your own moral standards while making an effort and looking nice.


Debinaround · 14/09/2015 20:25

I went to a wedding and one of the guests wore a long white dress. She looked rediculous and everyone was taking the piss. The twat. I bet everyone thought the same about your guest.

Rise above it.


tectonicplates · 14/09/2015 20:27

OP, don't forget that most of the people at this upcoming wedding won't know you and won't have been to your wedding, so they won't know the background. All they'll see is you wearing white at someone's wedding, and it'll be you who looks like the bad person.


GloriaHotcakes · 14/09/2015 20:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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