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toffeeboffin · 15/08/2015 17:44

On holiday at the moment, 10 adults and 10 children. 5 of the adults smoke. It's ridiculous, they are chain smoking all freaking day.

AIBU that they stop whilst we are on vacation, or at least cut down? They are smoking on the balcony, which is the main place to sit.

Is it just me, or is this so rude/ antisocial? And so bad for the health! Not to mention there are kids involved too.

OP posts:
lemonade30 · 16/08/2015 12:56

I can't wait to revisit all the 'demonisation of smokers' threads in forty years or so when there are no smokers left in existence and the rhetoric has done the necessary volte face;

they'll have miraculously discovered that smoking is the font of eternal life.
This will in no way be related to seventy percent of the population being over sixty, birth rates having fallen to 0.6 children per family and life expectancy averaging 96 years Wink

L&B will be free on what was previously known as the NHS.
fag breaks will be introduced in to primary schools for those in the junior classes.
tax breaks for smokers will have higher rate tax payers keeping tobacco farmers in a job.

Alisvolatpropiis · 16/08/2015 18:33

Ah, I was close!

I don't like cigar smoke either.

toffeeboffin · 16/08/2015 19:32

So its OK for people to impose their fag smoke on non smokers? Why don't they move, why do I have to?

That's what I don't get.

Just to clarify that both SIL 's each bought their new boyfriends, one SIL doesn't have two new fellas.

Then I would have been moaning Grin

TBH the worst night was when it was pouring rain and we were all on the balcony together and they were still fagging away.

I'm surprised how people have responded though, shows its still socially acceptable.

OP posts:
toffeeboffin · 16/08/2015 19:37

Just for the record, we also went on holiday with the same group last year and the smoking is much worse.

I know I'm moaning lots, but with so many kids around I feel its super selfish, but they seem to have a real blind spot when it comes to smoking. They encourage the kids to eat super healthy, exercise etc but whilst puffing their lungs out!? Hmm

OP posts:
toffeeboffin · 16/08/2015 19:43

Sorry to drip feed, typing in between adjusting my gas mask Grin

OP posts:
Alisvolatpropiis · 16/08/2015 19:44

Yabu, you have been told so multiple times. Stop drip feeding in a vain attempt to get people to agree with you. Get over it, resolve never to holiday with them again.

Funinthesun15 · 16/08/2015 19:45

So its OK for people to impose their fag smoke on non smokers? Why don't they move, why do I have to?

Why do they have to move and not you.

It isn't illegal, as much as you don't like it. Half of the adults smoke and are doing so in one area of a huge house.

WorraLiberty · 16/08/2015 19:50

They encourage the kids to eat super healthy, exercise etc but whilst puffing their lungs out!?

So because the adults are addicted to nicotine, they aren't supposed to encourage their kids to eat healthily and exercise? Confused

Tell that to all the food addicts out there. They should really be making their kids fat and locking them indoors Grin

LavenderLeigh · 16/08/2015 20:50

You are still being unreasonable.
Why shouldn't they encourage their children to be healthy?
if it bothers you so much, just go to a different balcony, seeing there is a plethora of them.
That way you will be away from the smoke and won't have to be so unhappy

MrsTerryPratchett · 16/08/2015 21:20

They have no discretion at all. 30 years ago they would all have been inside smoking. I know because I used to smoke. It was a Golden Age for smokers; pubs; restaurants; buses; even planes. Now these poor souls are all outside, in one place and you are still moaning.

StonedGalah · 16/08/2015 21:35

These poor souls Confused

BooChunky · 16/08/2015 21:57

Why can't you go to a different balcony?

You are being extremely unreasonable (you know that!)... You knew they smoked, they are smoking in one place, they aren't smoking all over your children and you've even holidayed with them before!

Get a grip.

sandycove · 16/08/2015 22:13

I feel sorry for smokers, they literally can't win. I always feel sorry for them huddled outside in the cold and usually having to rush their fag so as to get back inside. I blame the smoking ban for the demise of the pub, they could have just put those extracter fans up. Anyway their smoke is not in a confined space, but why do you want to go on their balcony anyway. It's obviously become the smokers balcony, so best not go out there.

kali110 · 16/08/2015 22:19

I hate cigarette smoke, i hate cigarettes but i still think you are being unreasonable.
There are 3 balconies, if you're not happy then move! I think other posters are right, it wouldn't matter where they were you wouldn't be happy.
They're not smoking in the house or all over the kids, they're sticking to one area.
It comes across that you don't like them and that you're better than them.

Noseypoke · 16/08/2015 22:37

Yanbu OP. very selfish of the smokers particularly around children.

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