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toffeeboffin · 15/08/2015 17:44

On holiday at the moment, 10 adults and 10 children. 5 of the adults smoke. It's ridiculous, they are chain smoking all freaking day.

AIBU that they stop whilst we are on vacation, or at least cut down? They are smoking on the balcony, which is the main place to sit.

Is it just me, or is this so rude/ antisocial? And so bad for the health! Not to mention there are kids involved too.

OP posts:
toffeeboffin · 15/08/2015 17:45

Just to add, that there are kids in their presence, not that the kids smoke.

OP posts:
RainbowFlutterby · 15/08/2015 17:45

I don't think it's that easy to just stop or cut down unfortunately.

SilentlyScreamingAgain · 15/08/2015 17:45

Did you not know they smoked before the holiday?

BackInTheRealWorld · 15/08/2015 17:46

Seriously, you would want to go on holiday with 5 adults going cold turkey on fags? Fuck that.
If you don't want to be around smokers don't go on holiday with smokers. It's their holiday too.

SpaggyBollocks · 15/08/2015 17:46

presumably these are your friends?

lemonade30 · 15/08/2015 17:46


you presumably knew that these people were smokers before you agreed to go away with them.

It's a holiday. smokers will if anything smoke more when on holiday. surely this is fairly obvious?

SerialBox · 15/08/2015 17:46

They are smoking outside. As long as you aren't expected to look after their children whilst they smoker it's not really anything to do with you I don't think.

Wolfiefan · 15/08/2015 17:46

If they could just stop I'm sure they would. You can't all have one room surely. Can there be a non smoking and a smoking balcony.

gamerchick · 15/08/2015 17:47

Yeah that should be fun.. Enforced cold turkey on 5 adults crack on Grin

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle · 15/08/2015 17:47

Totally unreasonable to expect smokers to stop on holiday. They are on holiday, stopping smoking is very difficult.

But there is no way I'd have gone on a villa share holiday with smokers. Its vile.

Salmotrutta · 15/08/2015 17:47

Are you all in the same house because you mention "the" balcony?

Must be a massive house if so...

And YY did you not know they smoked beforehand?

CoogerAndDark · 15/08/2015 17:47

How did you not know they smoked?
They're outside anyway. Their DC will know they smoke, your DC needn't be influenced by it.

SerialBox · 15/08/2015 17:48

And as you knew they smoked, why would you go away with them if you have a big issue? If they could just stop for a holiday they would stop completely. It's an addiction not a hobby Hmm

MitzyLeFrouf · 15/08/2015 17:48


You chose to go on holiday with these smokers.

BackInTheRealWorld · 15/08/2015 17:49

What a shit holiday if you are on mumsnet and everyone spends all day on the balcony. Go out, explore, have fun!

Salmotrutta · 15/08/2015 17:49

I might open a book taking bets on whether:-
A) the OP comes back
B) there's massive drip feeding.

Salmotrutta · 15/08/2015 17:50

Are you all sitting on "the" balcony all day long?

Gileswithachainsaw · 15/08/2015 17:50

That's what happens sadly when groups of people who smoke go away with people who don't.

you will be constantly ditched at tables and be stuck constantly babysitting other people's kids while they swan off. and always behind in the Conversations.

sounds pretty annoying tbh but not much you can do

babyiwantabump · 15/08/2015 17:51
babyiwantabump · 15/08/2015 17:52

If you are on holiday with them you must have known them well enough to know they smoke!

Bubblesinthesummer · 15/08/2015 17:53

Yeah that should be fun.. Enforced cold turkey on 5 adults crack on


You must have known they smoked before you went away.

Half of the adults in your party smoke.

It isn't rude. I'm sure they are aware it is bad for their health.

It isn't illegal.


Funinthesun15 · 15/08/2015 17:54

Another smokers bashing thread

StonedGalah · 15/08/2015 17:56

People tend to smoke more on holidays. But l wouldn't share with smokers tbh, the smell would piss me off.

StonedGalah · 15/08/2015 17:57

It's such a disgusting habit fun and sucks for others. Why shouldn't it be 'bashed'?

MitzyLeFrouf · 15/08/2015 18:02

Smoking is bashed. All the time. Smokers are aware of the contempt a lot of people hold them in.

But the nub of this thread is that the OP chose to go on holiday with smokers. Bit late to complain now.

Next year she'll know to go away with non smokers.

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