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To love Jeremy Corbyn and hope he wins

192 replies

derxa · 16/07/2015 22:59

I'm not a Labour/Tory supporter but this man actually has principles.

OP posts:

butternut22 · 16/07/2015 23:00

I love him! YANBU


Itsallabitwoowoo · 16/07/2015 23:02

Do you live in Islington then?


Yellowbird01 · 16/07/2015 23:02

Not my cup of tea


VivaLeBeaver · 16/07/2015 23:02

I really like him but I worry that he will never win Labour an election. Too left wing for most?


TendonQueen · 16/07/2015 23:03

Sadly I don't think he'll win an election, based on the way politics is going right now. The Tories have a decent lead and are nicking all the most popular policies from other parties. Going to need a centrist alternative to beat them.


VivaLeBeaver · 16/07/2015 23:06

They need another Tony Blair, who lets face it was quite Tory.

I think Tristam Hunt would be good but sadly not running.


derxa · 16/07/2015 23:06

Not Islington- true blue Conservative constituency.

I hate unauthentic politicians.

OP posts:

butternut22 · 16/07/2015 23:06



ssd · 16/07/2015 23:07

I like him too


unmapped · 16/07/2015 23:09

I think he's great. I totally disagree that he's unelectable. There hasnt been a truly left wing candidate for a long time and there are whole swathes of people who are looking for a better life and a better society the one on offer from the right. I really hope he wins


CaptainHolt · 16/07/2015 23:10

The SNP are 'left wing' and they smashed it. Labour lost a lot of their core support by echoing Tory election pledges - the 'We will be tough on immigration' mug being a case in point. I think they need to step a bit to the left to appeal to the 76% of people who didn't vote Tory because the 24% who did will carry on voting Tory, rather than voting for Tories in red ties.


CaptainHolt · 16/07/2015 23:11

He is in the lead as far as CLP votes go.


ilovesooty · 16/07/2015 23:16

I'm very much hoping he wins. He seems like a man of conviction and principle to me. I don't want a Labour leader who's a watered down Tory.


Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost · 17/07/2015 00:21

He seems a nice genuine guy. But I do I dare say quite liked David Cameron before he became PM


antimatter · 17/07/2015 00:22

I also hope he wins.


TriJo · 17/07/2015 00:25

Voted for him in the GE and would love to see him win the leadership vote. Time for Labour to start being a real party of the left.


DavesButt · 17/07/2015 00:33

He's exactly what I am looking for as a labour leader - His voting record in the HoC speaks volumes about his ethics and morality - I've joined the labour party just so I can vote for him.

You know the right wing press is worried when they all they can do is slag him off! His interview with Krishnan Guru Murthy was priceless Grin


wafflyversatile · 17/07/2015 00:42

I'd love to see him become leader. It's about time Labour became an opposition party instead of Tory lickspittles.


Boardingblues · 17/07/2015 00:42

He voted in favour of homeopathy FFS! He may be nice, but he would be the kiss of death for Labour!


TendonQueen · 17/07/2015 00:45

But then why are Tory voters joining as Labour supporters to vote for him, and why are the Tories gleeful that he's doing so well? I actually like what he says but I have serious doubts about his broad appeal across the UK, and as it is I would rather get the Tories out with a less radical alternative than see Labour lose another election. I know it sounds less inspiring. Just reminds me all of the apparent popularity of Ed coming up to May. I don't like being a naysayer but I really want to be pragmatic and get the win.


Boardingblues · 17/07/2015 00:50

But then why are Tory voters joining as Labour supporters to vote for him, and why are the Tories gleeful that he's doing so well?

Really??? What bit of incapacitating Labour by getting a comedy leader elected do you not understand?


TendonQueen · 17/07/2015 01:19

I was responding to 'you know the right wing press are worried..' above, not yours - look at the post times; ours crossed. No need to be patronising Hmm, I can see perfectly well that the Tories think he'd be easy to defeat.


cruikshank · 17/07/2015 01:33

I think he's exactly what Labour needs and will be voting for him come August the 12th. More than that, I think he's what the country needs. Don't forget, Labour lost the election in catastrophic fashion in Scotland to a party that was very far to the left of them. This is what people want. Also, a lot of the voters that went to Labour from UKIP did so because they perceived (wrongly) that UKIP represented ordinary workers. In any case, he can't do any worse than some wanker with a tombstone and a racist mug.


BertrandRussell · 17/07/2015 01:33

I think he's fantastic too. But it will be the end of the Labour Party if he gets to be leader. Conservative administration for the foreseeable future.


UptownFlunk · 17/07/2015 04:32

Those comparing the situation in Scotland to the one in England are completely wrong. Scotland has leaned much more towards the left than England for decades. Just because the SNP did well there does not mean left-wing policies will do well in England. I am a true leftie and it grieves me to say this but I learned the hard way in the eighties that when Labour lurch too far to the left they become unelectable in England. It's a hard, unpleasant fact but it's the truth. The majority of voters in the UK want middle-of-the-road policies and the party dominating the centre ground will win elections. The election of Jeremy Corbyn would be a disaster for Labour, they would be out of power for decades.

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