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to wonder why people complain about noise

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ghostspirit · 28/06/2015 12:51

i can understand it can be annoying. but i thought kids playing and adult having a get together was quite normal. and in the summer time its more likely to go on late because of the lighter nights it feels earlyer than it is. and our summer does not last that long. when i was a kid partys/get togethers went on till 2-3am not just our family others to. now it seems 10pm is late.

OP posts:

DamsonInDistress · 28/06/2015 12:56

I imagine that yours was the family everyone was complaining about then. 2-3 am is utterly unacceptable. But then selfish people do what they want anyway, don't they ghost?!


TheHouseOnBellSt · 28/06/2015 12:58

I've had to learn to deal with my area there are always lots of loud get togethers, kids playing, loud base-ish used to annoy me but now I have learned to tune it out.


Ragwort · 28/06/2015 12:59


I'm nearly 60 and I don't think I've ever been to a party/get-together that went on until 2-3am Grin - I've obviously led a sheltered life.

If you are trying to sleep - noise is obviously very distressing - perhaps you work shifts, are ill or dying - and you just don't want to be disturbed.

I don't complain if there is a lot of noise going on, and fortunately I live in an area when anything after 11pm would be considered 'late' - but I try to be a considerate neighbour.


TRexingInAsda · 28/06/2015 13:01

Because it's noisy and they want to go to sleep? 10pm is really time to go inside if you're having a noisy get-together, 2-3am is just ridiculous.


Bunbaker · 28/06/2015 13:02

Noise becomes intrusive when you are trying to get to sleep or you are trying to get your children to sleep.

It doesn't even have to be loud and is also intrusive when it is repetitive, for example people using rubbish earphones on public transport.

And lastly, it is irritating when it goes on for a long time.

Noise is a nuisance between 11pm and 7am, so a noisy party going on until 2 am constitutes a statutory noise nuisance.


MrsMcColl · 28/06/2015 13:03

Utterly selfish to be having a noisy party outside after about 10pm if your garden is surrounded by other houses and gardens. Are you the gits who were stopping everyone sleeping here last night??


SoupDragon · 28/06/2015 13:03

I seethe quietly, have a small pang of jealousy and get over it. If they are not regular occurrences, I am of the "live and let live" school of thought. If you live in a community, you have to rub along and it involves some give and take and general putting up with stuff.

If you want to have complete silence and free rein to do whatever you want with no interference, you need to move to the middle of nowhere. Obviously this applies to making regular unnecessary amounts of noise and disturbance as well as putting up with occasional disturbances.


WorldsBiggestGrotbag · 28/06/2015 13:03

Why should someone else's fun make your life miserable though? There was a party near us last night, the actual party noise wasn't too bad but they set fireworks off at 11, then 1am. Woke 19 month old DD up both times. She has a broken leg and is struggling to settle as it is, so both times it took me an hour to get her back to sleep. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and absolutely exhausted. We're all so tired today that our day is a write off. Just so some people can have a party?


zazzie · 28/06/2015 13:04

Would it be ok to let my son play in the garden at 6am, having been awake since 4.30?


Beautifulhorizon · 28/06/2015 13:08

Because noise is intrusive and the people creating the noise are imposing it on others. It means you can't spend a warm evening sitting quietly in your garden reading a book. It means you are kept awake until 3am by someone else's 'get together' then your alarm goes off at 4am and you go to work utterly shattered. It means you shut your windows and sweat in the heat to try to block out the noise but still hear it anyway. If it happens a lot you end up with physical stress reactions like adrenalin and a pounding heart.


NurNochKurzDieWeltRetten · 28/06/2015 13:08

Between 11 pm and 7am people have legal grounds to ccomplain about antisocial noise - they do use that right because the noiseastopsthem or their household sleeping oobviously.

People who complain about normal children's play noise in the middle of the day are arses though (the man who shouted at DS1 and his friends for making a noise in the early afternoon in the playground near his friend's house yesterday resulting in his friend's poor quiet not very confident mum taking them all insideto play wii instead :( )


SoupDragon · 28/06/2015 13:10

I bet you all do something that pisses off your neighbours at some point though.


ghostyslovesheep · 28/06/2015 13:10

2-3am making enough noise to disturb your neighbours - it's not normal and it's not acceptable and it never was


Pagwatch · 28/06/2015 13:10

I don't especially mind people just bring outside - a bit of noise is alright.
The bit that drives me batshit is the drunken tossers walking home who have to just scream at each other for no other reason than that they are shitfaced.



ghostspirit · 28/06/2015 13:11

we never got any complaints. we used to let the neighbours know. im talking the late 80s-90s when it went on in my family maybe things have changed since then.

i was just thinkings its just one of them things that happen in the summer. which is not long most of the year the weather is crap so they dye down?

i dont have partys get togethers.

kids are out alot though and can be quite noisey thats till about 8.30pm at very latest

OP posts:

Beautifulhorizon · 28/06/2015 13:11

I've never stolen sleep from my neighbours.


TheHappinessTrap · 28/06/2015 13:13

Yup, 10 pm is cut off time. Your own noise will never be as annoying to you as it is to the neighbours who have no choice but to hear it. I live in a reasonably quiet neighbourhood. In summer we have to sleep with the windows open. I don't begrudge the odd party but if it was a regular occurrence in the summer then I certainly would. The space outside of our houses is shared and therefore a common denominator rule must be employed.


ipswichwitch · 28/06/2015 13:14

Yes, like the fuckwits screeching outside last night at 11.30pm. DS2 has had a vomiting bug and temperature, so needed his window open to keep cool get rid of pukey smell
Was so tempted to take him outside and let him vomit over the whole bloody lot of em.


fellowship33 · 28/06/2015 13:19

It depends where you live though. The landlady of the house next door thinks I'm ridiculous to object to parties (going on til 6am). But she's a rich professional who no doubt lives in a detached house - I live in a terraced house in a closely packed area and have young kids.

My mum had parties when I was a kid - nobody minded but we had a semi with a massive garden. We'd have disturbed two families a few times a year. In my street I can hear parties of about 10 houses plus another 10/15 in nearby streets. At it's worst there were loud parties every weekend and during the week.


MrsGentlyBenevolent · 28/06/2015 13:20

Noise is an irritant. Obviously, during the day most people can zone out most background noise, due to working or keeping generally busy. But between 11pm-7(even 8 am), it is absolutely selfish to deny people a peaceful evening/sleep, because you want to carry on. I think as anything really loud after 10pm (bar very special occasion like New Years), it pushing it beyond belief - I'm looking at you, whoever thought it was OK to let off fireworks at 10.45pm last night, upsetting every poor animal in the area without warning, selfish cunts Angry.

There are appropriate places to have late night parties - in your back garden, or in a built-up residential area is not it.


Beautifulhorizon · 28/06/2015 13:20

Ghostspirit is it possible that you were oblivious as to whether your family's get togethers were disturbing or annoying your neighbours because you were a child at the time?


MrsMcColl · 28/06/2015 13:21

Totally agree re live and let live and not expecting silence - that would be absurd. My next door neighbour drives me nuts with his loud garden equipment, which he uses from morning til night, accompanied by loud tuneless singing - it's just one of those (annoying) things. But I can't see how anyone can justify loud music, shouting and fireworks that go on late into the night - some consideration for neighbours please.


NurNochKurzDieWeltRetten · 28/06/2015 13:21

Our (adult only) neighbors to one side have get togethers (they play the accordion and sing folk songs Hmmwhich we don't complain about. .. They don't complain about our kids being up at 6am (though they might not be able to hear them -we oonly hear the neighbors when they're in the garden, walls are thick...). It's mostly live and let live.

I've been out to have a word with teenagers yelling in the village playground at 10.30pm though... just pointed out the time and asked them to be quiet... luckily teens around here are quite civilised and they apologised and went home :o

Loud parties on a regular basis after midnight especially on a week night and I would complain though. That's just antisocial.


WorraLiberty · 28/06/2015 13:24

I accept I'm weird but I quite like Summer noises Grin

I don't mind parties as long as they turn the music down by about 1am.

As others have said though, it's the shouting/screaming/laughing from the people leaving the parties/pubs that's disturbing. I suppose because it's not constant...just sudden and loud.


PoppyBlossom · 28/06/2015 13:26

The average human needs 7/8 hours sleep. Not everyone has the luxury of getting up at 11am.

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