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For mil to present fil with professionally made cake and dh with a shitty supermarket one

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answersonapostcardplease · 20/06/2015 21:12

Dh have come to visit pil for dh's 40th and fil's 70th, its also father's day on sunday (as you'll be aware)

Its a flight away with 4 dcs in toe and expensive, so an effort.

Mil called everyone to the dining room for cakes, blowing out candles. On the table is a massive professionally made cake for fil and a shitty little morrison's one for dh.Angry

Am I being UR to think this is really unkind?

OP posts:
chippednailvarnish · 21/06/2015 14:49

Ahhh, teddy bear vagina cake, a personal Daily Fail sad face favourite.

NinkyNonkers · 21/06/2015 14:57

I read the op as being they had flown out at MIL's bequest to celebrate a joint birthday, implying a joint party. In that circumstance I would be expecting her to sort cake as she is hosting party, and calling it a joint celebration means equal importance, so her arranging fuck off cake for FiL and an afterthought for DH does seem a bit pointed to me. What's the back story?

Stealthpolarbear · 21/06/2015 15:33

Maybe. I just found " I think the fact that she still likes her husband after over 40 years of marriage is very nice and I'd focus on that if I was you." A really strange reply given that the op is about birthdays not anniversaries. And is it normal to dislike your oh after 40y?

Pagwatch · 21/06/2015 15:52

I've been married 26 years and he is getting quite annoying.

MrsHathaway · 21/06/2015 16:06

On the face of it I think it's a bit weird. DH doesn't need a cake at all (because it isn't his birthday yet) so getting one which looks so meagre by comparison is a bit of an odd statement.

No cake = not his birthday = fine.

Equally amazing cake = celebrating equally loved birthday albeit early.

Afterthought cake = neither one nor the other = not friendly.

If she has form...

teatowel · 21/06/2015 16:10

So on one thread it was wrong for the MIL to make a cake at all- on this thread it was wrong for the MIL to get a cake of inferior quality she should of provided one of equal grandeur .Could someone please point me to the rules and regulations of MIL cake making so I don't get it wrong. :)

SilverBirchWithout · 21/06/2015 16:11

31 years married here, DH counts himself lucky to receive a packet of bourbons Grin

Coconutty · 21/06/2015 16:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maddy68 · 21/06/2015 16:14

Erm she bought her dh a birthday cake which was professionally made and her son a standand one.

I would do that too if I was the mil as I wouldn't want to upstage a cake provided by his wife

I think you are massively unreasonable. She will know you have got him one for his actual birthday

You sound like dil from hell

Custardcream14 · 21/06/2015 16:25

Obviously you're being unreasonable, or did you bring fil a lovely professionally made cake for him?

I don't like shop bought cake though tbh.

Rafflesway · 21/06/2015 16:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

longjane · 21/06/2015 16:42

My exMIL refused to celebrate FIL 70th in march because their ruby wedding anniversary in august was more of achievement.

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