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AIBU? wonder what kind of loon powders her minge?

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badbride · 19/06/2013 07:48

So the "using talc on your nether regions increases your ovarian cancer risk" story is doing the rounds in the media again. (Daily Mail)

There's an argument to be had about how these risks are being communicated in the media. That's not my point. My point is that I'm flabbergasted by the claim that 40% of women feel it necessary to dust their bits with talc on a regular basis.

Is this really true? If so, WHY???? The thought of doing this never even occurred to me. Are these women mad, or am I just a manky old bint?

Apologies for the Daily Mail link. For the sake of balance, here's Cancer Research UK's take on the topic.

OP posts:

SHarri13 · 19/06/2013 07:50

Blerggh, all dry and crusty, no thanks. I don't think I've even seen a bottle of talc for about 10 years!


CoffeeBucks · 19/06/2013 07:51

My DM does this. There's always talc on my bathroom floor when she comes to stay Hmm weird


Sheshelob · 19/06/2013 07:52

One word: itchy.

No, ta.


LifeofPo · 19/06/2013 07:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ParadiseChick · 19/06/2013 07:55

To be fair I doubt many people are talcing internally, more likely to be at the sides?


TheCameliousHumph · 19/06/2013 07:55

It's because if you remove all you pubes your foof gets more sweaty and clammy, increasing the need for powder.


badbride · 19/06/2013 07:56

I use talc between my toes after I've been swimming, largely because the pool seems to incubate every fungal foot infection known to medicine. But the thought of minge-powdering never even crossed my radar until today. I mean, how do you even.... Confused

OP posts:

NandH · 19/06/2013 07:56

Ermm never occurred to me to do this either ...odd.


ChippingInWiredOnCoffee · 19/06/2013 07:57

It is such an old fashioned thing to do Grin

I must ask my friend if she does it still, her Mum was 'older' and had A LOT of funny notions Grin

A lovely lady that I loved and miss

Po Grin


MalcolmTuckersMum · 19/06/2013 07:57

I would worry that it would turn to paper mâché and Dh would have to beat it like a piñata

Oh ffs! Grin I have coffee snorting down my nose now - thanks for that! Grin


RalphGnu · 19/06/2013 07:57

I would worry that it would turn to paper mâché and Dh would have to beat it like a piñata

Best quote of the week! Grin


ChippingInWiredOnCoffee · 19/06/2013 07:58

Bad with a puffy/fluffy thing - I shit you not. Under arms and foof.


TheCountessOlenska · 19/06/2013 07:59

Ha ha! No I don't. Think it's an old lady thing, the modern woman doesn't use talc at all surely!

We were given some baby talc, never used on the baby but DH used it all - never asked him what for Confused


Binkyridesagain · 19/06/2013 08:01

My mother used to do this many years ago, I think it was to keep it smelling fresh all day, like scented San pro.

The way to powder minge, is you put your knickers on, pull them open at the front, sprinkle liberally and then ping them back, creating a satisfying talc cloud. Repeat at the back if necessary.


DrHolmes · 19/06/2013 08:02

I have to admit I do this. But its just a recent thing (one month in) as I get red itchy spots on my bum cheeks and have tried anti biotics and creams etc. So then I noticed I have a sweaty bum and so have tried using talc in the mornings and I have to say it has helped a lot. Less spots and not so itchy. However, I read that daily mail article last night and put it in the bin. I am very worried now and also not sure how I will treat my bum! :(


badbride · 19/06/2013 08:03

Many thanks to Po and Chipping for answering my question about the logistics of the practice.

So you stuff your front bottom with sweeties and plastic toys, cement it together with talc (applied with a fluffy powder puff) and then wait for DH to initiate a game of poonani piñata.

And you say this is a thing with the older generation? Grin

OP posts:

missnevermind · 19/06/2013 08:03

with a puffy/fluffy thing - I shit you not. Under arms and foof

Eugh - same puffy thing?


RhondaJean · 19/06/2013 08:05

Yes it's definitely an age thing, like waist slips.


badbride · 19/06/2013 08:06

DrHolmes I've heard there are alternatives to mineral talcdo chat to your GP or pharmacist about it. It would be a shame to ditch something that's working for you on the basis of a newspaper article. ANd do check out the Cancer Research UK link in my OPit's a good, balanced summary and really puts everything into perspective.

OP posts:

everlong · 19/06/2013 08:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Binkyridesagain · 19/06/2013 08:06

It seems my mother was reet common, she didn't have a puffy thing, I'm quite glad though. God knows what I would have done with it as a small child whilst copying mother.


CoteDAzur · 19/06/2013 08:08

Talc making its way into the vagina, then up the ovaries just doesn't make sense. Surely only sperm manage this and even they can't make it into the ovaries.

Besides, sperm are deposited inside and have flagella to swim with. How is talc supposed to swim upstream? Confused


ExcuseTypos · 19/06/2013 08:10

I can remember my mum always using talc. I never asked her where she put it!

I also remember using talc after a bath, on both my DDs. They are in their early 20s now. Everyone seemed to use it. Do people still use it on babies?


IDismyname · 19/06/2013 08:12


Grin at Binky with "ping them back, creating a satisfying talc cloud"


DrHolmes · 19/06/2013 08:12

I will do some research. Thanks badbride.

I have wondered about the effects of inhaling hairspray. I am sure it cannot be good to inhale liquid plastic.

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