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All these threads about horrible nasty anti-social noisy neighbours .

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marjproops · 08/06/2013 23:17

Theyre everywhere on MN.

but if there are so many why cant anything be done about them? apart from sending them all into space !!

How are they all seemingly getting away with it all?

no amount of calling 101/envioronmental/noise patrol people (?)/police etc etc etc. seems to work according to some of the posts.

Are the services scared of them or something? they just get away with it.

regarding noise-if therers a cutoff time why doesnt anyone stick to it if its the law?

or DIY stuff? or parking on drives/stealing things/throwing things, ive read dont know how many threads just today about them all.

cant ANYTHING be done? they seem to know they can get away with it and relish it.

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Southeastdweller · 08/06/2013 23:23

Councils are generally crap, especially with their limited resources now.

And here in the U.K, I think most people are quite nervous about confrontation and would rather suffer in silence.

I pray that when I move I never, ever have to live next door to scuzzy low-life's like the ones I do now.


SPsCliffingAllOverMN · 08/06/2013 23:24

Seems that way. The tractor nappers show no sign of fucking off.


marjproops · 08/06/2013 23:29

Southeast weve had to move number of times cos of being targetted by these types as DC and I are disabled and they know im a lone parent.

im dreading having to do it again cos i can never afford to buy a cottage in the middle of the welsh countryside or something with sheep as neighbours.

and i know everyone has a right to enjoy and do what they want in their own house but theres also being courteous towards others, no?

I hope so much you find somewhere decent.

i dont even care if a house is too small or whatever its alwasy about the neighbours and the area isnt it?

oh, and how come THEY get away with it but as soon as YOU do the SLIGHTEST thing (usually unintentionally) the council are round like a shot??????

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marjproops · 08/06/2013 23:30

btw by your NN southeast you sound like you live around where I do!!!

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onlyfortonight · 08/06/2013 23:35

Hi SP,
How are the tractor napper's windows - broken yet? I really don't understand why councils seem to let some tenants get away with murder.

Just scared too, I suppose.


StuntGirl · 08/06/2013 23:35

You have to have documented proof that they are causing the disturbance, and then the council have to follow it up, and then they can contact those responsible. However, if you're that much of a tit that you think mowing your lawn at 8am on a Sunday or yelling obscenities throughout the night or playing your music deafeningly loud is fine and dandy then you're probably not going to care much about a letter from the council.


marjproops · 08/06/2013 23:38

Exactly stuntgirl. btw- 'tractor nappers? whats that?

and as for documenting everything...well that just takes the biscuit as it gets to the point you want to either kill them or yourself as you cant take any more!

OP posts:

Lora1982 · 08/06/2013 23:40

Did you get the tractor back?


SPsCliffingAllOverMN · 08/06/2013 23:45

Tractor nappers are the dosser neighbours. Smash their own windows sometimes twice a month yet still there.

Got it back as I went round and took it. They threatened to phone the police Hmm


maddening · 08/06/2013 23:51

It takes a long time through environmental health - the burden to prove "statutory nuisance" is big and it is hard to prove - neighbours making the noise are warned of the potential for noise recording taking place during a finite period as it is a legal requirement so they can keep quiet then.

Eh are reluctant to go to court for noise abatement notices unless it is ridiculous noise - far beyond the point where it is an actual nuisance - as they have to bw sure of a conviction.

And by reporting home owners are screwed as it will impact any future sale (and value) as it has to be reported (well you should report any complaint but it is only "provable" if you make the complaint officially.)


OrangeLily · 09/06/2013 00:03

Our was solved!

Our neighbours kept partying on weekdays starting at early a.m and going until we were leaving for work in the morning.

I tried repeatedly to knock round and just have a quick chat with them but they used to just peep at me through their peephole and I could hear them taking the piss out of me on the other side of the door.

Called the specialist noise team through the police control centre the next time. Team did Thurs - Sun night and their final party was a Sunday thankfully.

Probably because they panicked about the amount of weed in their flat Smile


HoppinMad · 09/06/2013 00:04

I think when spring/ summer time comes, the noisy irritating neighbour issue usually becomes more obvious and intolerable, as we all love to sit outside in the garden and joy the sunshine without loud music/screeching kids/barking dogs

I have found that the secret is to get as many neighbours onside, because chances are if you are being disturbed, the NFH (neighbours from hell) are probably pissing plenty of other neighbouring families off too.. A lone voice can lead to bullying, worsening of the disturbance, tit for tat etc and being left feeling rather vulnerable as some of these NFH can turn pretty nasty. A group of families complaining can isolate the NFH, or make them feel it at least. And pestering the council collectively can work wonders too occasionally.


AlbertoFrog · 09/06/2013 00:27

We have photographs dating back 10 years now of my neighbours blocking my drive. Anytime we've approached them (politely) we've been sworn at.

Council came out but all they'd suggest was mediation. I refuse to sit in a room and talk with people who think it's okay to swear in front of small children.

Police won't come out. They say it's a civil matter.

We love where we live. We love everyone else who lives here but unfortunately we have a shared access driveway with vile people.

I realise we're very lucky compared to some though. I hope they all get what's coming to them.


Toadinthehole · 09/06/2013 05:39

About noise: is there such a thing as a cheap decibel-recording device?


Southeastdweller · 09/06/2013 07:09

marj, sorry to read what you're experiencing right now.

i dont even care if a house is too small or whatever its alwasy about the neighbours and the area isnt it?

Couldn't agree with you more. Much better to be a bit cramped and live in a nice area with civilised neighbours than the opposite.

Hoe you have a peaceful Sunday.


GalaxyDefender · 09/06/2013 08:14

I agree that it's far better to live in a nice area even if the house isn't 100% perfect.
I'm doing that right now. I'm shifting to a slightly smaller place - finally! - because our downstairs neighbours are just unlivable with. I have literally had anxiety attacks over our issues with them, and I'm so thoroughly sick of having to tell my son off for doing normal child things.

Neighbours from hell don't necessarily have to be doing something illegal/actionable to be neighbours from hell. Which is even worse, at least if they're breaking some rule you've got a chance of getting rid of them!


AuntieStella · 09/06/2013 08:20

They're always much, much more noticeable when the whether is warmer, and open windows let more noise in, and generally being outdoors makes everything's more conspicuous.

I don't (touch wood) have problem neighbours, but there's a house on the next street that appears to be inhabited by colourful characters. And their activities are much more noticeable to passers by in the summer when they use their garden more. Goodness only knows what it's like for their direct neighbours.


EagleRiderDirk · 09/06/2013 08:22

We have massive problems with our neighbours which means we have to get the police out (and when I say massive I mean threatening to kill the kids, flyering the neighbourhood inciting people to attack us, damaging our property). Despite us being the 4th set of neighbours this has happened to, the police aren't interested.

We were told there were no disputes, legally the last one had been so previous it wasn't seen as worth declaring apparently. We just have to hope theory concentrate on the newer neighbours for a while so we can sell in a few years.


likesnowflakesinanocean · 09/06/2013 08:36

we are ha with problems with the area but there is little that gets done. complaints are logged but people carry on regardless. there needs to be a lot of complaints to warrant any action and evicting is lengthy and costly if its extreme. not suggesting they should evict people for DIY but there is little they can do apart from a letter reminding of the points in tenancy apparently


Thisisaeuphemism · 09/06/2013 08:39

No one is prepared to do anything about it. It's the same problem as dog crap all over the streets. People feel they have the right/there are no consequences...


YonisAreForever · 09/06/2013 08:43

Unfortunately it seems there is no consistency over councils.

I think anyone being affected like this and having no joy through official routes should be writing to their MP.

Problem neighbours are blighting peoples lives up and down the country, and its leading to some people killing themselves. What can you do if you cannot take sanctuary in your own home?

Much more legislation needs to be in place to deal with naughty neighbours and bad landlords.

We had massive on going problems, its aged me. It affected my life so much.

In the end I wrote to my MP and said if the issues are not resolved I will go to my council offices, chain myself to them, and invite the media down, and tell them, I am here because I cannot live in my house anymore due to the neighbours, so I will have to live here until they finally do something about it - oh and show them my huge file of letters and evidence of problems!

Put it this way. The problem is being sorted now!

Remember heads will role, if you have evidence of letter to them, and they did nothing and something nasty happens!


washyourhairforgodssake · 09/06/2013 11:15

For us, our neighbors are aggressive, feral,animals. We are far too scared of them to say anything or complain. A previous neighbor did and the feral husband attacked him - he is mad. We are moving instead.

We are in rented property and someone is coming to view it on Monday with the estate agent. I really want to warn the viewers off but can't if agent is there, can I?


PorkPieandPickle · 09/06/2013 12:22

Problems like this with neighbours continue because local authorities simply just don't have enough staff for the number of complaints.
Wage budgets are cut, slashed and cut again, and when staff leave because they're sick of the pressure, their vacancy will be deleted. When someone is doing 10 people's jobs they cannot provide an efficient service.
The ultimate people that suffer is always the public. But that's what happens when local authority funding is cut. Services become crap :(


BridgetBidet · 09/06/2013 12:31

I think you answered the question in your own OP. The reason why there are so many of them is because there's little way of dealing with them. So many people know you can get away with it there is little way incentive for people that way inclined not to behave like that.


marjproops · 09/06/2013 17:26

the thing is with getting more neighbours on board is this-in my street anyway.

i spoke once to the bloke next door (who since died and now we have noisy neighbour) and he said they dont bother complaining any more about the people on the other side cos no one bothers to come and do anything about it.

i suppose it depends on council to council.

yestarday this happened here. guy next door was up at 6am-yes 6am saturday morn starting a bbq. woke DC up (her bedrooms at the back) and he was ALL day on it with his mates. only good thing was at least they didnt have loud music drum n bass blaring out, in fact, no music at all.

his guests finally left at 10.30pm.

at 12.05 just AFTER midnight, the people opposite (gardens backing)had a party with drum n bass rubbish for all the street to hear. now youd think THEIR neighbours or their street would complain, no?

maybe thats the other thing, you assume someone else is complaining so you think ok.

it didnt stop till 4am.

iom thought that was against the law.

i hate the summer!!!!!!

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