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AIBU to not like this male trend for beards that seems to be happening.

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UhOhChongo · 30/05/2013 21:44

As an aside, it also struck me as funny that while women seem to be encouraged at the moment to take on the tiresome task of trimming hair from nether regions, men are currently being let off the bother of shaving.

OP posts:

StuntGirl · 30/05/2013 21:45

As long as the man with the beard likes it, I don't see that it much matters.


MrsWolowitz · 30/05/2013 21:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wigglesrock · 30/05/2013 21:46

I love a bearded man, always have done - I think Ben Affleck may be a little bit to blame.


weirdthing · 30/05/2013 21:47

I love beards too.


round1000 · 30/05/2013 21:48

YABU, men just look better with beards imo. Also a properly maintained beard still needs shaving into shape, trimming and washing.


MisselthwaiteManor · 30/05/2013 21:48

My DH is growing a beard and it looks great.


NewAtThisMalarky · 30/05/2013 21:49

Another beard lover here!


FringeEvent · 30/05/2013 21:49

I've never actually seen DH without a beard...


nosleeptilever · 30/05/2013 21:50

YABU I'm a big fancier of the beard. AND I can't be arsed to be removing hair from anywhere but armpits most of the time.
I'll have to leave dh and go find me a beardy weirdy so we can go live in hairy blissWink .
My dad and all my uncles had facial hair... that must be it.


livinginwonderland · 30/05/2013 21:54

Some guys really suit beards, others look awful. DP looks best clean-shaven and luckily he has to be for work (he works with food - so it's either shaven or cover it). I find beards itchy and horrible when it comes to kissing.


Sallystyle · 30/05/2013 21:54

Clean shaven men do nothing for me.

Bring on a well maintained beard.


HollyBerryBush · 30/05/2013 21:54

Beard wearers are perceived as "untrustworthy" and "hiding a weak chin"

The British Home Office recently submitted prejudice against beards for consideration as a form of discrimination. It is a sad but very real fact that men with beards are looked down upon in modern Western societies. A United States survey found evidence that bearded politicians receive fewer votes than their clean-shaven opponents do. The same may apply across the pond; when Frank Dobson was running for mayor of London in 2000, his strategists recommended that he shave off his beard. He refused to, and lost.


DeafLeopard · 30/05/2013 21:55

I'm with you OP, don't get these beard fanciers.


Titsalinabumsquash · 30/05/2013 21:56

I can't stand beards!

DP looks far better clean shaven which luckily he is every morning


UhOhChongo · 30/05/2013 21:59

Round 100 that's a good point, re maintenance of beards.

OP posts:

TheCatIsUpTheDuff · 30/05/2013 22:00

I like a nice furry beard, and DH has had one since before it was fashionable. Incidentally, he trims his nethers more religiously than I do.


mamaliv · 30/05/2013 22:00

Got to be clean-shaven for me- if DH comes to bed all scratchy I'll kick him out again. I think Brad Pitt's new (actually a few years old now) beard must have something to do with the trend...


redwellybluewelly · 30/05/2013 22:03

Oh no, I love a beardy weardy - been married to one for many years, never seen him without it. Adams apples make me go all peculiar, hence why I like beards.

And my DF had a fantastic beard, as do my uncles ans BILs! Beardy family!


ifancyashandy · 30/05/2013 22:05

Like a beard. Like a clean shaven man.

Hate moustaches.


KittensoftPuppydog · 30/05/2013 22:06

Beards are disgusting. What are they hiding?


ifancyashandy · 30/05/2013 22:07

Er... They're are hiding nothing.


LRDtheFeministDragon · 30/05/2013 22:12

YABU. On both counts, in fact.

Although kitten's post does make me think of Mr Twit.


RollerCola · 30/05/2013 22:15

Can I ask those who like them, how do you like them to be 'styled'?

Dh is growing one now & I quite like it but he's a beard virgin so doesn't really know what to do with it to make it look nice instead of scruffy. He's trimmed it down, but does he need to shape it? How far up his neck needs to come off? Any idea?


Thisisaeuphemism · 30/05/2013 22:15

Dh thinks he started the fashion hmmm

I love it - I love it when he shaves it off too - it's like two different men and one of them is Ben ad fleck in Argo.


HerrenaHarridan · 30/05/2013 22:23

Ha! Don't come to my house then op!

I don't even own a razor! I haven't shaved any part if my body in about 7 years! Nor waxed etc

You'd probably have an attack of the vapours in you saw me naked! Grin

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