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to think Primark is the nearest thing to hell?

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JennifersBody · 24/04/2013 18:21

Always packed with people. Every time I enter it there is always someone having an argument, or shouting something.

I will trip over at least three pushchairs, and have a couple more rammed into my ankles.

It will take forever to squeeze past the vast amount of people in the aisles.

We will get shoved and bumped - never get an apology.

If you want to try something on prepare to lose a good portion of your day, if you decide to buy it you will lose the other portion of your day.

All I wanted was a pair of jeans.

OP posts:

aldiwhore · 24/04/2013 18:22

Probably not as hellish as the factories that make the clothes are.

Other than that, YANBU to loathe the bloody place...


NeoMaxiZoomDweebie · 24/04/2013 18:22

Trying things on in Primark is a fool's game. It's not worth it.


LindyHemming · 24/04/2013 18:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Januarymadness · 24/04/2013 18:26



PipkinsPal · 24/04/2013 18:27

The only thing that fits me in Primark are the socks. It's like a darned jumble sale. Why do people think it's fine to mess up all the clothes in Primark. Would they do it in Next or Marks and Spencer? I doubt it very much. Perhaps the better class of shoppers avoid Primark. I know I do Grin


Pobblewhohasnotoes · 24/04/2013 18:27

The one on Oxford Street is pure hell. It's full of tourists cramming clothes into baskets and the queue for the fitting rooms go round the shop. Hideous.


getmeoutofthismadhouse · 24/04/2013 18:28

I would think its the day and time you go in the place. I went shopping there a couple of weeks ago about 4pm and I spent ages in there browsing about , it wasn't overly busy and just a couple of minutes wait at the tills.... saturday afternoons you are mad to go anywhere near a place like primark !!


Mintyy · 24/04/2013 18:28

I don't shop in Primark. Have been in there once or twice when they first started appearing.


Ikea is the nearest thing to hell.

Or Disneyland.


JennifersBody · 24/04/2013 18:29

Perhaps the better class of shoppers avoid Primark. I know I do

Haha maybe. I just get jeans from there. I would lose the will to live if I looked at anything else.

OP posts:

JennifersBody · 24/04/2013 18:29

Mintyy YABU!!!!

Going to Ikea and Disneyland would be the best day ever Grin

OP posts:

DarkTherapy · 24/04/2013 18:32

I asked DH to pick up some pyjamas for the kids as he was working close to the Oxford Street store. It was the week before Christmas. He came home and swore I'd near on tried to kill him by sending him there at that time Grin


classifiedinformation · 24/04/2013 18:34

Primark is a hideous place that sells awful clothing that no self respecting person would be seen dead in. YABU for going in there in the first place.


AgentProvocateur · 24/04/2013 18:36

I've just stated a thread in Teens, praising it for being the only shop I've found that does a 26 waist, 34 leg for tall, skinny boys! I bought six pairs of chinos/jeans that size there today for my DC, and they are a perfect fit. The shop was empty and I spent less that £50.

But generally I agree that it's a shit shop.


wigglesrock · 24/04/2013 18:36

I love it tbh. Clothes especially t-shirts and jeans are great at the minute. Scarves, flip flops, sandals and jewellery are also great. It's busy - I can live with that, I never try anything on in store anyway.


pod3030 · 24/04/2013 18:37

yanbu, it is the fourth level of hades. Ikea is the third, softplay the second.


wigglesrock · 24/04/2013 18:38

Guess my self respect is fucked then Smile


JennifersBody · 24/04/2013 18:38

Primark is a hideous place that sells awful clothing that no self respecting person would be seen dead in. YABU for going in there in the first place

But of a scary overreaction Hmm

I buy jeans from there because of the job I do. I need something that it doesn't matter if it gets messy.

OP posts:

aldiwhore · 24/04/2013 18:39

Ikea and Disneyland... best day ever indeed!! Grin


Sparklingbrook · 24/04/2013 18:40

My local Primark is very neat and tidy. But I have never visited on a Saturday afternoon-usually 9am weekdays. Grin

And no the nearest thing to hell is actually Sports World. Wink


HappyMummyOfOne · 24/04/2013 18:42

It always looks messy and cheap, would rather have supermarket clothes any day. Better quality and the same price.


andubelievedthat · 24/04/2013 18:42

Went to Ikea, once! never in this life will i return , it was hellonearth,trying to find the exit signs/exit.(and i was only collecting people !)hatefull place(imo)


ChocolateCakePlease · 24/04/2013 18:43

I have been there a couple of times and nothing in there seems to fit right. It is all really weird sizing and fitting. Don't bother now because I would rather pay more and get better quality and fit.


NumTumDeDum · 24/04/2013 18:44

Ha! My first ever job was in Primark as a Saturday girl. I was paid £1.91 an hour. There was no air conditioning and we had revolting cobalt blue uniforms and no staff discount. It was pretty hellish. If you want to/have to shop there get there at opening time, never try things on and aim to be done by half past opening time.


YoothaJoist · 24/04/2013 18:44

Never been in there. Isn't it just cheap tat?


thebody · 24/04/2013 18:49

Get a grip!

Our local primark is lovely, neat, clean and definatly not a jumble sale. The summer clothes out now are well made and pretty. Unlike the hideous shite in M&S now.

Think it depends on your local store.

My ideas of hell is Ikea, the furniture is cheap crap and insult to injury you have to practically make it yourself.

Disney land is the work of the devil.

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