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northernrock · 25/05/2011 17:35

Oh well, I suppose it had to die sometimes. Where to go now for good times?

OP posts:
Gster · 27/05/2011 17:07

or Ja even

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 17:12

That's cos we are boys.

BrianAndHisBalls · 27/05/2011 17:26

god i really fancy that bups. This thread has turned me Shock

northernrock · 27/05/2011 17:42
OP posts:
SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 17:48

Err Bups is my threesome with Psammy.

AnyFucker · 27/05/2011 17:50

please don't call the next thread "Swingers"

it makes me think of bad wigs, gold medallions, over-bleached hair, flock wallpaper and scummy prawn vol-au-vents

I will have to flounce if you do that

SaveWaterDrinkWine · 27/05/2011 17:52

Don't put anything saucy in the title of the next thread or it will be hijacked - it is Friday after all and we know what happens on MN on a Friday night... Grin

Gster · 27/05/2011 17:56

I don't know what happens on MN on a Friday. Should I make myself scarce ? Will it scar me for life if I stick around ?

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 17:58

hang on threesomes and i'm not included Sad

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 17:59

Friday night is the night that MNetters turn into sex depraved people

SaveWaterDrinkWine · 27/05/2011 18:01

Ooh it's when all the naughty girls come out to play (and wine flows from the fridge!) - I'm sure we would appreciate your company - a little playmate for our enjoyment. Scarring optional Grin Grin

Gster · 27/05/2011 18:02

TLE you mean it can more depraved than the last five days !?

This I have to see......

Gster · 27/05/2011 18:03

... and what is the next thread going to be called. we don't want three starting up again...

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 18:06

Oh you are so new Gster

Friday nights are legendary.

Gster · 27/05/2011 18:07

Shall I get my Velcro fireman's outfit on ?

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 18:10

ohhhhhh Fireman???

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 18:11

Brainstorming time - Quiche, Celebrity, No Strings etc. I have swinging ishoos too. Too many numbskulls around atm.

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 18:13

Did you say Fireman?

[loves a uniform emoticon]

Any chance of a pic of that Gster?

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 18:13

Quiche R Us

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 18:16

Flying without strings?

Gster · 27/05/2011 18:18

Carpet Burns

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 18:20

Celebrity No Strings attached to my swinging ishoos

Psammead · 27/05/2011 18:22

The dappled deer appreciation society?

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 18:32

I like At The Sign Of The Dappled Deer.

It's all cloak n dagger spy stuff and I love it Grin

Psammead · 27/05/2011 18:37
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