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northernrock · 25/05/2011 17:35

Oh well, I suppose it had to die sometimes. Where to go now for good times?

OP posts:
TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 08:33

Fuck the fuck off and when you get there fuck off some more, that's an AF phrase isn't it?

psammead you do make me smile.

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 08:34

I'll throw in the MN Classic PA response "That was nasty. Did you mean to be that nasty?"

Possibly some spare IQ points would be useful. Also vodka. For when the Wine just isn't hitting the spot.

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 08:36

Can I add a phrase for the manual?

My old chestnut of "kick him in the cock". Not sure zombies would notice it though, or NMers.

cannydoit · 27/05/2011 08:36

do we also love, do be a dear and fuck off, i love that one i think it might be my fav.
i got in to a proper yelly match on the slapping one it was great fun, but i think you have to be there from the beginning other wise it just not the same.

cannydoit · 27/05/2011 08:37

i prefer kick her in the cunt tech has more of a ring to it.

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 08:37

Cake. We forgot cake. And chocolate. HTF did that happen?

I blame lack of sleep. Which I shall now rectify. Oh the bliss of teenage DCs.

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 08:40

Fair enough canny, yours wins out.

Psammead · 27/05/2011 08:43

Ohh, cakee!

Also, you need this poster

cannydoit · 27/05/2011 08:50

hahahahaha there is a little boy i know (not one of mine) who sings the barney i love you song and when he gets near the end, he points his fingers at you makes a gun noise and shouts shut the fuck up. i know its wrong but its so funny.

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 09:04

Right, so is that the filth over with then?

Did Gster and Sarah arrange a date? Who was mystery no 4?

Will Celibate ever get her end away, without intervention from digits or game animals?

northernrock · 27/05/2011 09:06

Wa'gwan brethren? (What do you mean you don't watch Rastamouse?)

What happened on here last night? What Batshit shitstorm?
(No time to trawl thru) Grin

OP posts:
Psammead · 27/05/2011 09:06

Or herpes...

TLD have you not been on MN long? Tonight is Friday night. When good mumsnetters go bad. This has just been foreplay Grin

Besides which, I fear we have become a quiche. Not sure I want to be known as a swinger!

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 09:08

You forgot popcorn!!

You will also need these they are essential for half term.



and DEFINATLY this

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 09:08

Northern, rastamouse? That's my DW and family's standard greeting.

A quiche? You mean cold, cheesy and stink?

Ooooh tonight dd is going to her aunt's for a sleepover. You never know, there may be some Bow Chik a Wow Woooooow for me tonight. Grin

AnyF · 27/05/2011 09:11

I'm not here, ok?

Mums(net) is the word !

Tonight I am going to morph into Mary Whitehouse and pronounce you are all going to burn in hell for your depravity. This cruel world is going to the dogs.

Psammead · 27/05/2011 09:11

Quiche is mumsnet for clique Grin

AnyF · 27/05/2011 09:12

TLD...we don't expect to see you here, then.

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 09:16

Do you think other posters are avoiding this thread?

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 09:17

AnyF don't take my absence as an indication of any horizontal jogging. I'll be having a quiet weekend with DW, regardless.

AnyF · 27/05/2011 09:19

TLES, I am sure they are.

TheLadyEvenstar · 27/05/2011 09:19

AnyF - well thats their loss.

Psammead · 27/05/2011 09:26

Well I am going to miss the fun tonight. I will be checking for updates, but I really have to get on with some stuff.

Let me know the new thread title!

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 09:28

I'll miss you psammead Grin

Psammead · 27/05/2011 09:32

Yeah, I'd rather do almost anything than clean out the bloody office. It's so full of crap. But I am so ashamed of it, it needs doing.

So if anyone sees me back, tell me to fuck back off and get on with it, please.

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 09:34

I can't do that, I'm not so heartless.

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