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northernrock · 25/05/2011 17:35

Oh well, I suppose it had to die sometimes. Where to go now for good times?

OP posts:
FellatioNelson · 27/05/2011 06:36

What on earth is a fever blister? Confused Do you mean a cold sore? If so then there is nothing to be done. And that's herpes that is, so I'm not sure anyone will be wanting you near their genitals with that.

What a shame.

Psammead · 27/05/2011 07:09

Morning all.

I haven't ventured out into the rest of mnn today. I blocked several threads yesterday and I am a bit scared to poke my head out.

Is it still batshitcrazy?

Sorry about your herpes, Cel...

AnyFucker · 27/05/2011 07:17

oh dear, celi

herpes simplex virus type 1

no snogging for you

unless you have a lip transplant...not sure you could arrange one of those in 24 hours

send Psammy in your place...she has great lips

Psammead · 27/05/2011 07:22

No, it's my contact lens I think there's something under it....
FellatioNelson · 27/05/2011 07:28

I heard there was some mad shit going down on here yesterday but I can't find any! Someone tell me so I can read it, then get all pious and say I don't want to read it please.

Celibacyisnotforme · 27/05/2011 07:30

Whaaaat? Herpes?? But I've been getting these ever since I was a kid!! How is that possible? They only come out when super-dooper stressed or when I've been having a snogathon... it can't be herpes, can it? Should I go to the doc? I've never even thought about them before and now you ladies have me worried... Sad

Psammead · 27/05/2011 07:35

Herpes is a virus that sort of lives in a nerve in your cheek. In times of stress it goes down the nerve and manifests as a cold sore. It will go away again, but try not to touch it too much. It never completely goes away, you will always be prone to them. It can also affect the genitals if you are unlucky.

Chicken pox, for example, is also a type of herpes virus. It also lives in a nerve and can come back in times of stress, as shingles.

Psammead · 27/05/2011 07:36

That sounded very contradictory. I mean it will go away from your mouth, but will not leave the nerve.

AnyFucker · 27/05/2011 07:42

celi...don't panic

do some googling about herpes simplex type 1

I get them too, and only on my mouth ! You pick up the virus as a child, usually when being kissed by an infected relative (thanks, mum)

I can see you have reacted to the word "herpes" as if we mean a nasty genital outbreak. It's the same virus, yes, but type 1 affects only the mouth (sometimes nose) as long as you don't go round kissing anybody's genitalia.

Don't kiss anybody's genitalia until the scabs have gone.

anyway, am off to work in a minute, so will probably miss the end of the thread....could somebody post a linkie to any new one when that happens, please ?

AnyFucker · 27/05/2011 07:42

too much sunshine brings out cold sores for me, when I have a cold, or am run-down

Psammead · 27/05/2011 07:45

Yes, no need to see a doctor. But no oral sex, and best not to go kissing, either, although if he, like most of the population, has been exposed to oral herpes, I am not sure it would be an issue infection-wise.

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 08:00

OMG WTF happened out there last night? That Natalie Cassidy thread was a bit Shock. I was too scared to look at any others.

Nice and safe in here. Not leaving.

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 08:01

Morning all, so I wake up to find MN has gone batshitcrazy and herpes is on everyone's lips.

Psammead · 27/05/2011 08:04

I didn't even look at the Natalie Cassidy one. Is that insane too?

I saw a few on a sensitive subject which I blocked outright. I have never blocked a thread before and yesterday I blocked 4!

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 08:08

I must have had my head stuck in here, as well as working of course. I didn't notice any madness. I am a bit thick, though.

Psammead · 27/05/2011 08:13

I think we're safe in here.

Plus Sarah is good at beating people off. With her Looting Stick, people!

Christ. Dirty buggers.

Sarah, do we have a modified Zombie Plan in case of invasion from the other place?
Celibacyisnotforme · 27/05/2011 08:14

For the first time in my life, googling a medical condition has made me go "Phew!" in relief instead of OMG!
Apparently 90% of the population has one form or another, so its not exactly uncommon... crikey, all these years and I never knew... I'm sure I got it from my Mum too, AF! Thanks a lot!!
So I'll email BN2 and let him know... prob best to postpone till next week but I'll probably be a sex-crazed maniac by that stage... let's see what he says.
Boo hoo hoo....

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 08:14

I'm here so I'm not sure how safe that makes you.


cannydoit · 27/05/2011 08:17

hello all what did i miss had there been Biscuit fights going on?

SarahStratton · 27/05/2011 08:19

Err no. An actual invasion of MN never occurred to me . Maybe we should draw one up pdq. Methinks the OFRS will be interesting.
Celibacyisnotforme · 27/05/2011 08:20

Canny - I think I missed it too... what happened?

Psammead · 27/05/2011 08:20

I think so. There's talk of invasion. There's also been a few controversial topics popup. Let's just close our eyes, block our ears and go lalalala.

TechLovingDad · 27/05/2011 08:22

Full moon time soon, isn't it?
Half term next week, too.

What does OFRS mean?

Psammead · 27/05/2011 08:29

In case of online invasion

Pack a virtial OFRS. You will need to include the phrases:

In my very humble opinion...
HTH! Smile
I'm not quite sure I understand your point... Do you mean
Get a sense of humour!
Fuck the fuck off and when you get there, fuck off some more
I've said all I'm going to say and I am hiding the thread now

You will also need:

A wrist cushion because of frantic typing and risk of repetitive strain injury
A Lot of Time

Psammead · 27/05/2011 08:30

Oh fuck ruck sack.

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