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northernrock · 25/05/2011 17:35

Oh well, I suppose it had to die sometimes. Where to go now for good times?

OP posts:
Celibacyisnotforme · 25/05/2011 21:09

Oh Psammead is that what it was? Because we were doing it as if we were actually... doing it... you know... "i'm kissing your neck... nibbling your lips... trailing ice cubes down your breasts... oh baby i can feel you" etc etc and so on and so forth... Grin

It was HOT!!!

Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:10

Wait, what? So he said he was nibbling your lips and so you had to nibble your own lips?

Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:10

And as for kissing your neck.... Confused

BrianAndHisBalls · 25/05/2011 21:11

I'm thinking it may have only been masquerading as a deer anyway....

more likely to have been a moose Grin

Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:11

Or a fierce Wildebeest.

northernrock · 25/05/2011 21:11

Yes deer.

OP posts:
Celibacyisnotforme · 25/05/2011 21:12

nooooo just imagine it... and later there may have been a Rabbit involved... (what is it with me and the wildlife??)

Thingumy · 25/05/2011 21:12

Alright girlies? (that includes techy and ginster)

Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:13

Ooh, ok. I was worried for your neck ligaments.

BrianAndHisBalls · 25/05/2011 21:13

ive never understood cyber sex. seems a bit silly to me Confused

Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:13

Techy and ginster have buggered orf.

Thingumy · 25/05/2011 21:15

Maybe tech has finally got some from mrs tech

(poor woman)

Celibacyisnotforme · 25/05/2011 21:15

Aw did we scare the boys off? All that talk of Pounding Penetrator 3000s is pretty frightening...

(and Brian - I used to feel the same way... perhaps Bachelor Number Two just has the way with words?)

Celibacyisnotforme · 25/05/2011 21:17

Oh crap - DD is awake... do carry on without me... Grin

Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:18

I predict the arrival of FN in 5..4..3..2..1..

FellatioNelson · 25/05/2011 21:19

Thud. Oof. Here I am. Grin

northernrock · 25/05/2011 21:19

When watching programmes on telly about cybersex circa 1998 it always seemed to suggest that there would be..sort of..electrodes involved

I take it that's not the case? So it's basically phone sex with one hand on the unmentionables?

OP posts:
FellatioNelson · 25/05/2011 21:20

Can't join in much though because I have mucho important stuff to attend to this evening.

Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:20

Oh hang on. Not because I think she is celibacy.

Just because she saw the link in chat.

northernrock · 25/05/2011 21:20

Nice timing Fellatio.

OP posts:
Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:20


Psammead · 25/05/2011 21:21

Electrodes? Shock

That wasn't on Tomorrow's World.

northernrock · 25/05/2011 21:21

It was! I'm almost sure it was!

OP posts:
AnyFucker · 25/05/2011 21:22

here you are

and our superstar and thread-originator is here ! yayyyy!

celibacy, are we forgiven lovey ? I will snog you hard, if you say yes Smile

I found this thread via about 3 others

the other one couldn't be allowed to die, it was too much fun

Celibacyisnotforme · 25/05/2011 21:22

In our case, chat sex... so loads of steamy texts over gmail... for three hours... Grin
Promising, right? bodes well for Sat I reckon...

So the plan is I meet him on the platform at sparrow's, we go for breakfast somewhere in town and then head on back to my squeaky-clean house (via the back route) for eight and a half hours of child-free lovin...should I update you during the day or will you be happy with a summary that evening?

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