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MIL christened/blessed my DC

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jubaloo22 · 23/05/2011 19:27

With out me knowing?!

We were talking about the end of the world, good being saved thing on Saturday when MIL says she christened both my children when they were babies so they would be fine! When asked what she ment she said when she was looking after them she rubbed water over their heads in the shape of a cross and said "Jesus i give this baby to you... bla bla" .

Now reading this back its just made me laugh which i should really do, but, i'm not religious and if my children want to be they have the choice to when they're older. I made my point clear about this when they were young and its more of a how dare she! If i wanted to 'Give' my children to Jesus then i would of done it myself with a big party and lots of wine .

AIBU and should i just laugh about it as there not much i can do now anyway?

OP posts:

jordannarikki · 23/05/2011 19:28

Laugh about it and roll your eyes behind her back



PommePoire · 23/05/2011 19:29

Is your mum in any way, shape, or form, a minister of religion? If the answer is 'no' then your children have not been christened.


Numberfour · 23/05/2011 19:29

How VERY peculiar! How did you reply???


pantaloons · 23/05/2011 19:30

I wouldn't wory about it. Unless she's a vicar in which case it's a bit more official but still not massive in the scheme of things!Grin


manicbmc · 23/05/2011 19:30

At least it saves you from getting pressurised by her to get them christened.

Sounds a bit mad Grin


MmeBlueberry · 23/05/2011 19:30

A baptism involves pouring water (in lieu of full immersion) three times, in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit.

If your MIL did as she said, they were not baptised.


Seabright · 23/05/2011 19:30

Is she catholic? I am not, but I understand that catholics can baptize people (in emergencies?).

Hmm, not much you can do and I guess if you aren't a believer yourself, nothing really to worry about, specifically.

However, what worries me is she did something to the children and didn't tell you. Is that because she forgot or she knew you wouldn't approve? I guess I'd feel a bit odd around someone who thought it was OK to do what she thought was best, even though she knew I wouldn't want that.


Pictish · 23/05/2011 19:31

How very DARE she christen your children in a fake ceremony carried out by hers truly?

Gawd - ignore that fgs! Like it matters....daft old bat.


ohfuckohfuckohfuckduck · 23/05/2011 19:32

I would hit the roof.

She did something (doesn't matter what) that she knew you wouldn't agree with.

I would be telling her to never ever do anything like that again.

BTW unless she's a vicar, they aren't really baptised, I don't think


ChinnyReckon · 23/05/2011 19:32

My Mum informed me that she would be doing this to DD. I was a bit Confused as I was unaware of any recent ordination but couldnt be arsed to pursue it.

Your DC are not your MILs to give to anyone. People are weeeiird.


pozzled · 23/05/2011 19:34

Yes, of course you should just laugh it off and ignore it, it doesn't mean anything.

But... I'd be bloody fuming. It would go against everything I believe and if I thought someone else had made that decision about my child without consulting me- I'd have a hard time forgetting it.


ChinnyReckon · 23/05/2011 19:34

Wait, what? Catholics actually can baptise people? So my (well meaning) Mum can baptise my DD whether I like it or not? Shock


jaffacake79 · 23/05/2011 19:35

I'd be quite cross with her! How dare she do something to your children that she knew you wouldn't approve of?! And then not tell you! Regardless of what it is.


Georgimama · 23/05/2011 19:36

My mother did this to my brother's two children. I don't think he and his wife know. I don't think they would be very impressed if they did.


zukiecat · 23/05/2011 19:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kaid100 · 23/05/2011 19:40

In fact, it is possible for a Christian to christen someone even if they are not a minister.


jubaloo22 · 23/05/2011 19:42

Yes its more of a how dare she go behind my back and do something she knew i didn't agree with.

She's Christian

Totally crazy! Think i'll just laugh it off tho as its not a real christening Grin

OP posts:

TattyDevine · 23/05/2011 19:42

I would let it go. If you are not religious, then you dont believe it means anything anyway, and you didn't ask her to therefore you are not a hypocryte or declaring yourself anything other than non-religious. You had no part in it. Presumably she's not a vicar so it was even more pissweak-world-christening.

It would have had more impact on them if she'd cut their fringe.

That said, it was out of order in principle, for sure. She might be trying to wind you up a bit too.


jubaloo22 · 23/05/2011 19:43

Kaid is it really!? So are they christened now?

OP posts:

TattyDevine · 23/05/2011 19:44

Next time you go swimming, chuck some water on her head and declare that you give her (your MIL) to Satan. She shouldn't really mind, considering her stance on thrusting religious views on unwilling people... Grin


HannahHack · 23/05/2011 19:44

Do laugh it off won't you? I baptised my DP with whiskey using the same doctrine.

The idea is that if a soul is in mortal danger someone who isn't a priest can baptise them. A common interpretation of this is if there is no chance they will get baptised then their soul is in mortal danger.

I'm a practicing catholic btw and I think this is barmy and rude. Not the first time I have heard of it ahppening though!


AlistairSim · 23/05/2011 19:46

I had a boyfriend who had his cat christened.

By an actual vicar.

People are odd.


jubaloo22 · 23/05/2011 19:46

Grin Tatty i wish i had the guts to do that!

OP posts:

JamieAgain · 23/05/2011 19:48

I'm an atheist, and since I don't believe in God, I don't really see what harm this could do. Clearly God's not going to be taking them. I'd see it as quite a nice thing. A grandmother expressing her love for her GCs in a way that is personal to her.


jordannarikki · 23/05/2011 19:48

As an aside, I think it's weird for anyone to christen a child on the child's behalf before they can really consent to it, to be honest.

No way would I christen a child without their consent - I'd wait til they were old enough to ask and support them if they wanted to do it. But I don't buy that it's a parents decision either.

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