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to have lost it with DD for this impatience.

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ThatVikRinA22 · 15/05/2011 17:50

DD is almost 14

i let her for the first time ever go shopping on her own to a large shopping centre with a friend to buy some clothes
she wanted a pair if Toms
she has bought a pair that are clearly clearly far too small and then in her impatience she has worn them in the shopping centre. they are now dirty and i wont be able to return them. they were £33. i am so angry with her, we have had a massive fall out, she wont come down to eat dinner and ive ended up telling her she can go hungry for the night since her dinner is now in the dog.

i know there is nothing to be gained now, but i am angry with her for not even trying a bigger pair on and then for being so impatient she couldnt wait until she got home to wear them.

aibu in my anger? i know its pointless being angry but its such a waste of money, and im not made of it. she begged for money for some clothes on top of her allowance, because she is going on a school trip to Paris. i couldnt really afford it but i gave her the money anyway.

OP posts:

pjmama · 15/05/2011 17:52

Just make it clear it will be a long time before she's trusted on a solo shopping trip with your money again. And take the £33 out of her allowance.


troisgarcons · 15/05/2011 17:53

Clean them, flog them on eBay


bittersweetvictory · 15/05/2011 17:56

what pjmama and troigarcons says.


ThatVikRinA22 · 15/05/2011 17:56

how much do you reckon they will go for on ebay? do you think we will get our money back? she has the receipt and the box....and the bag.

OP posts:

onceamai · 15/05/2011 17:57

What are toms?


strandedbear · 15/05/2011 17:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

slightlyunbalanced · 15/05/2011 17:58

What are they?! Confused


TattyDevine · 15/05/2011 17:59

God, I'd be livid. Not for the £33 necessarily - if I was bothered I'd sell them on eBay I suppose, though I'd be annoyed at the faff of that - just the getting it wrong followed by the wearing of them, both which could have been avoided, gah.

I'd take them off her, tell her the offer for extras is now withdrawn due to silly use of the money, then sell them quietly and in my own time. I'd never mention it again, nor would I be letting her go shoe shopping on her own again though no doubt!


TattyDevine · 15/05/2011 18:00

Just googled.

£33 for those? Cor blimey


cookielove · 15/05/2011 18:01

I believe Toms are trainers


ThatVikRinA22 · 15/05/2011 18:02

they are a type of trendy canvas shoe that sell at £33 and are worth about £3.99 in reality....

she actually CRUSHED her feet into them. she tried to tell me that your toe is supposed to touch the bottom.....Hmm but they are clearly too small - at least a size too small when you hold them up to her other shoes you can see it, they are an extremely small fit, i could tell straight away as soon as i watched her try and crush her feet into them and whining that they will they wont. not by as much as she needs them to at any rate.
impetuous. thats her. she just couldnt bloody wait to wear them and god forbid she should actually try another size on...that would have delayed the buying of them by all of another 5 minutes.

OP posts:

strandedbear · 15/05/2011 18:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheMonster · 15/05/2011 18:03

WHat awful shoes. I like the ethos behind it though.


TattyDevine · 15/05/2011 18:04

Its really irritating.

I feel for you.

Tell her she'll have to go shopping with her mammy in future!

So annoying.

I guess its typical of the age though eh?


ThatVikRinA22 · 15/05/2011 18:05

oh and she wore them to come home in of in the shopping centre, then on the train, then off the train and into the car. so the soles are dirty. too dirty to return.

im so angry with her and i dont want to be, but i am. she is crying upstairs and has gone without dinner now as she wont come down. im so pissed off.

OP posts:

NoCarbsBeforeMarbs · 15/05/2011 18:05

They're espadrilles.
I'm desperate for DS (4) to wear some but he won't. Grin

Agree with the eBay suggestion- you prob won't get all your money back, but better than a pair of shoes that don't fit and will just be sitting around till they go out of fashion.


FriskyMare · 15/05/2011 18:05

What size are they? My DD is desperate for a pair.


NoCarbsBeforeMarbs · 15/05/2011 18:06

Oops huge xpost, sorry! Have dodgy eyes today and typing v slowly.


ThatVikRinA22 · 15/05/2011 18:07

they are a size 6 but in reality they are more like a size 5. at least a size smaller than they say they are. they are plain navy blue.

OP posts:

TheMonster · 15/05/2011 18:10

What about taking them back and saying they were mis-sold to your daughter? COuld you claim the shop should have checked the size for her?


slightlyunbalanced · 15/05/2011 18:13

£33 Shock Shock

Fuck me.


diddl · 15/05/2011 18:14

TBH I´d be angry with a girl of that age buying something that doesn´t fit.

Still, if she managed to wear them in the shopping centre & to get home, perhaps she´d like to wear them for her Paris trip?


TattyDevine · 15/05/2011 18:15

I dont think that would work BodyOfEeyore. Unless you have paid for a fitting service (extra) then there is no contract really.

If you didn't mind the shop losing money unfairly, you could unpick the seam and say they are not fit for purpose under the sale of goods act. Get a refund not an exchange, then buy new.

But you mustn't do that. It would be very very wrong Wink

Actually winks and jokes aside, that would send the wrong message to your daughter regarding get out of jail free cards. Natural consequences work best in the learning process, I find.


TheMonster · 15/05/2011 18:17

But you don't pay for shoes to be fitted in a shop. It's part of the service.


onceamai · 15/05/2011 18:17

Could she persuade a friend with smaller feet to buy them at a discount, say, 25.00

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