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DH has his judgey pants on and wants to know if HIBU!

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Bogeyface · 25/04/2011 23:28

He manages a bar/leisure outlet and he saw a man and his heavily pregnant wife go to order drinks. The man ordered a pint of lager and a single Jack Daniels chaser. DH didnt think much of it until the man asked the woman what she wanted and she said something DH didnt hear and the man said "And another JD, make it a double with a bit of coke"

He was a bit Hmm about it but knows the rules on drinking in PG and figured that one isnt ideal but not the end of the world. By the time he came home they were on their second round. I am 36 weeks pg btw.

He is digsusted and after being told by me that he would be called Judgey pants on here he wants your opinions on whether he is justified in pulling them up so high he gets a wedgie or whether he should mind his own business!

Personally I think he is NBU but then I would wouldnt I? :o

OP posts:
RamekinSkywalker · 25/04/2011 23:30

was she definitely pregnant?

worraliberty · 25/04/2011 23:30

Well he did mind his own business didn't he? I mean he didn't say anything to them I take it?

I can't imagine anyone saying all that alcohol is ok (could be wrong though)

But interfering would have been wrong imo.

ZillionChocolate · 25/04/2011 23:30

Judge away!

AgentZigzag · 25/04/2011 23:32

They're not rules on drinking during pregnancy, but guidelines.

The thing with advice being given is that it's up to the person whether they take it or not.

Your DH was BU to think it was his business, when they make it illegal to drink during pregnancy, that's the time to put on his Judgey pants (may they chafe his arse crack enough for him to have to use vaseline Grin)

Bogeyface · 25/04/2011 23:34

Yes she "looked nearly as pg as you" so i take that to mean 3rd trimester!

OP posts:
Bogeyface · 25/04/2011 23:35

He didnt say anything, just hoisted his judgey pants well up, vaseline on standby zigzag :o

OP posts:
NimpyWindowmash · 25/04/2011 23:36

Well, not ideal but disgusted is a bit strong. Could have been her first drink for weeks - I wouldnt like to judge really, I always liked a glass of wine or 2, especially towards the end of pregnancy. Tell him to stick his judgey pants in the wash bin and chill out.

squeakytoy · 25/04/2011 23:37

Could have been her birthday and she fancied a couple of drinks.

Bogeyface · 25/04/2011 23:38

I think its because I am pg that he is so judgey, especially as he isnt drinking in solidarity and JD just happens to be his absolute bestest favourite drink in the whole wide world, so jealousy probably didnt help!

OP posts:
AgentZigzag · 25/04/2011 23:38

'I always liked a glass of wine or 2, especially towards the end of pregnancy'

Fucking hell, I needed a glass of wine nearing the end.

I obviously had it much, much harder than you did nimpy Grin

BitOfFun · 25/04/2011 23:40

It's not really his business, but of course he can refuse to serve anybody he believes to be pissed. Is he entirely sure she's not just a bit fat? I'm worried about going into pubs now...

GKlimt · 25/04/2011 23:40

I think it depends if this is a regular occurence which your DH has no way of knowing. Also, 3 units of alcohol isn't binge drinking which is the most damaging to a foetus - and if heavily pregnant it's a baby not a foetus so not as vulnerable.

Probably best to put the judgey-pants on the trouser press?

AgentZigzag · 25/04/2011 23:41

I was thinking the other day about some lad serving at starbucks questioning whether the customer should be drinking coffee because she was pregnant.

The problem I have though is that I can't remember whether it was something I read on here or it happened to me, such was my pregnancy brain at the time Grin

Ishani · 25/04/2011 23:44

There was a landlord who refused to serve a pregnant woman alcohol and she went to the papers but the opinion was that the LL was right and owed a duty of care to the unborn baby.

SJisontheway · 25/04/2011 23:46

I think I'd judge too. 4 whiskeys in a short space of time - not ideal.

Mamaz0n · 25/04/2011 23:51

I would also judge. Not for the drink but because they ordered a double.
It may have been an anniversary or special occasion. They may have considered that baby was big enough now not to cause too much harm.

but a double just seems..i dunno.

whiteflame · 25/04/2011 23:53

i would judge too. so what if it's her birthday??

Ishani · 25/04/2011 23:54

I'd be more worried about falling over pissed at that stage or imagine if you went into labour and the hospital found out you'd been drinking, would it affect the pain relief options.

AgentZigzag · 25/04/2011 23:59

If the amount of alcohol acceptable to individual women to drink while they're pregnant is a debatable point, I think there's no doubt at all that a consensus point could be agreed on MN that 'falling over pissed' would never under any circumstances ever be alright.

LostInSockLand · 26/04/2011 00:05

Stomach problems can make people look pregnant.....? IBS for example.

GKlimt · 26/04/2011 00:06

A single + a double measure = 3 units not 4 if you read the OP.

No evidence in the OP that this was consumed in a brief period of time or that the PG woman was staggering drunk.

Bogeyface · 26/04/2011 00:06

DH is adamant that she was definetely pregnant, he says it was a big bump like mine (36 weeks) not a lardy belly (his words!)

OP posts:
Bogeyface · 26/04/2011 00:08

The man had a pint and a single, the woman had a double then they had another round of those within an hour or so.

OP posts:
Ishani · 26/04/2011 00:09

3 units would floor me, if it didn't have an effect then you'd be worried she was used to drinking that amount, oh well having a newborn will end her fun.

LostInSockLand · 26/04/2011 00:10

IBS doesn't look like a lardy belly, it looks like a pg one due to bloating etc..(says she who has to look at it every day!) Smile

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