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to be pissed off at Quorn

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activate · 12/04/2011 18:36

you are not a sausage - you are a piece of polystyrene with an odd taste and you fooled me into thinking it would be OK when the kids had proper porkinson bangers that I should make myself a couple of Quorn sausages to substitute under my onion gravy

I hate you Quorn

OP posts:

NettoSuperstar · 12/04/2011 18:37

I tried it a couple of times because it was on offer and both times had raging diarrhoea.
Not my favourite way to spend an evening.


harassedinherpants · 12/04/2011 18:38


I really like Quorn sausages, ate loads of them while doing Slimming World, and the normal one tasted slimy for ages. They still do tbh!

I think they're an acquired taste to start with though, which ones have you got?


activate · 12/04/2011 18:39

also half-fat cheese and skinny cow ice creams

screw you

OP posts:

takethisonehereforastart · 12/04/2011 18:40

YANBU. And to think I was considering giving Quorn a try!


LaurieFairyCake · 12/04/2011 18:41

I loathe Quorn mince

it too gives me explosive diarrhoea within the hour

wtf is up with that, it's supposed to be 'healthy' - or does that mean that you're supposed to shit like a train every hour and really all us meat-eaters are constipated with our once-a-day comfortable, predictable, after-coffee, morning shits Hmm


lesley33 · 12/04/2011 18:42

ASDA quorn mince is disgusting.


JjandtheBeanlovesUnicorns · 12/04/2011 18:42

YABU, i love quorn, SW here too, quorn mince is the best in a chilli


Dozer · 12/04/2011 18:42

Yanbu. Recently tried quorn mince in spag bol in attempt to reduce red meat, was horrible and no-one would eat it, urgh!

Harrassedinherpants, maybe the diet has messed with your tastebuds!


activate · 12/04/2011 18:42

oh shit am I now heading for an evening on the loo too?

OP posts:

BeerTricksPotter · 12/04/2011 18:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TeacupTempest · 12/04/2011 18:43


I like Quorn. If you haven't eaten meat for a while they are a good substitute. I can see that if you are used to eating meat then Quorn just wont cut it though.


LaurieFairyCake · 12/04/2011 18:44

maybe activate if you normally eat red meat


Sidge · 12/04/2011 18:44

Quorn is gross.

It's a fungus that has been cunningly disguised as food, but calling it food is stretching the description somewhat.

It is Vegan Beelzebub's droppings.


NettoSuperstar · 12/04/2011 18:45

Half fat cheese?
That's not cheese, that's pretendy nothing'

Laurie, I get the same if I eat lots of mushrooms at once.
It's some sort of fungus intolerance.
Sounds delightful dontcha think?Grin


Vallhala · 12/04/2011 18:45

It's all pretty vile to be honest so no, YANBU.

I think that the problem may come from Quorn using egg in virtually everything it makes.

I don't eat any animal produce so when everyone else is tucking into sausages I opt for Linda McCartney's, which are vegan. They're far nicer imho.

That aside, I'm intrigued. Laurie, how does a train shit, exactly?



Vallhala · 12/04/2011 18:46

Sidge, Quorn is not vegan. :)


TeacupTempest · 12/04/2011 18:47

Quorrn is fungus, true, but so are mushrooms Hmm


ousel · 12/04/2011 18:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrinityIsABunnyMunchingRhino · 12/04/2011 18:48

what is soylent green?

I love quorn, tasty and easy to cook/heat


BeerTricksPotter · 12/04/2011 18:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrinityIsABunnyMunchingRhino · 12/04/2011 18:52

ok I've googled it

sounds like a great film and a pathetic way to describe quorn


LadyWord · 12/04/2011 18:52

Ooh I love quorn, especially the sausages. And I am a meat-eater, but I sometimes get the quorn ones anyway.

The funny taste is part of the joy IMO - a bit like instant mash. It's nothing like what it's pretending to be - you just have to leave that thought aside and appreciate it on its own merits.

Yum I'm going to get some next time I go shopping now.


buttonmooncup · 12/04/2011 18:53

YANBU quorn sausages are vile - Linda McCartneys sausages are soya and much nicer. I do eat quorn mince though because soya mince tastes funny.


CBear6 · 12/04/2011 18:55

Vegetarian sausages are much nicer when used in sausage casserole or the like.


jellybeansontoast · 12/04/2011 18:55

I heart quorn, and I'm not ashamed. Not the chickeny pieces, but everything else. Mmm. I might go and have some now, so sod the lot of yer Grin

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